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17 Replies to “Khan shows his totalitarian muscle”

  1. If the BBC claim of hundreds of thousands protesting against Trump is true–and let’s grant this fact momentarily to the propagandists for the sake of devil’s advocacy–it demonstrates clearly the level of postmodern brainwashing in England. If these clear-thinking pro-Trump supporters cannot muster a meaningful critical mass in the face of this tyranny then freedom in the UK is certainly doomed. If not, what does it take? It then ellicits the question how far are other western nations along this path? Socialist governments from Germany to Canada pay lip service when confronted by serious protests, then don’t follow up by deporting rejected invaders. As I think Chris says on another thread, talk is cheap. And I think we will wake up one day soon to find the biggest surprise in the race to Redgreen postmodern nirvana is not France, or Spain, or Belgium, but boring little Canada. Nefarious forces compound in this cultural backwater. What was once the world’s best country is very quickly slipping.

    Off topic but not off topic today I root for Croatia in the World Cup final. With a relatively homogenous population of 4.1 million, against the multiculti behemoth France with 65 million, Croatia is today a symbol of the power of cultural homogeneity. Even if they lose this game, the success of nationalism cannot be obscured by Globalist propaganda. Pride of country is worth an extra player.

    Go Croatia!

    • I am watching the game…They say is the national team of France on the field…But I see no Frenchmen in that team. The Croat team is visible. They will not win the game, but they will probably win their culture.

        • It will be a big surprise if will not be. I have a friend who want to travel to Paris at Disneyland…He is a MMA fighter. And he is very aware about safety of his 2 daughters. He will stay only few hours in France, just to visit that park. He promised to his daughters.

          • Is it just me or do the vast majority of rioters not look particularly French?

            The Gendarmes should consider using rapid-fire paintball guns loaded with an indelible, penetrating UV dye (i.e., soaks through clothing down to the skin).

            Then establish a cordon around the area of unrest and take into custody anyone attempting to exit that doesn’t pass inspection with a UV lamp.

            Alternatively, there’s the Malaysian strategy of hosing down fastidious (but restive) Muslims with water cannons firing raw sewage. That usually gets them on the run pretty fast.

            None of this is anything but an excuse for TMB (Typical Muslim Behavior).

            • PS: The Malaysians also load water cannons (instead of paintball guns) with a brightly colored, indelible dye to achieve similar effects.

              • I remember reading about an anti riot gas (I think they decided not to use it because of possible health damage) called guilt puke gas, it died you either green or bright orange and cause up to throw up all you have eaten in the past week or so.

  2. A friend of mine worked 16 months in UK-London. He’s option was to leave UK. UK (London) is Middle East. London today is just a different Baghdad. He told me that many times while in London was searching real english people to talk with, to hear the real english language, accent. It was pretty difficult to find them. When you find a white person, you have more chances to find out that he/she is from Romania, Poland, Czechia, Hungary…. than english. He said it is visible that state is working against english people and is supporting muslims. According to him, UK (or at least London) is already lost. And the brits accept it.

    • So depressing, takes my breath away:
      The anti-Trump demonstration, spreading poison on London’s streets

      I watched it, saw it live. The young girls who went scrambling for the ‘free Palestine’ stickers’. “I have to get one dad”, one of them squealed, as she dragged her father over towards a table that she believed was giving these stickers away. That was my welcome to the ‘anti-Trump demonstration’, London, 13 July 2018. She wasn’t disappointed. There were people manning several such stalls, all eager to hand these badges of identification over to whomever asked for them.

      I write about this often, because the message is so important to get across. I cannot be sure what exactly drew that particular family to the anti-Trump demonstration. The girl’s background, politics and religion are unknown to me. I am sure however, that there is no reason for that girl to treat the only democracy in the Middle East as if it is a pariah state. Yet she, like many of the young people attending this demonstration are being introduced to the idea that it is ‘cool’, the ‘in-thing’ to ‘hate Israel’.


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