Islam is often a mental illness say the courts: Links 1, July 15, 2018

1. French Court Rules Alleged Killer of Jewish Woman Unfit to Stand Trial

An Islamist migrant who police allege savagely murdered a 65-year-old Jewish woman in Paris is considered unfit to stand trial, according to a psychiatric evaluation.

The case was brought in April, 2017 after Dr. Sarah Halimi was beaten and thrown off a balcony to her death by radical Islamic extremist Kobili Traore. According to investigators, Traore allegedly shouted “Allah hu Akbar!” as he savagely attacked the victim.


Halimi’s daughter said following the murder that Traore called her, the daughter, a “dirty Jewess” two years before the killing when they passed each other in the building.

In January this year, Traore was determined to be fit to stand trial. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital for weeks after his arrest despite having no history of mental illness.

(Funny how often islamic terrorism and murder translates to mental illness.)

2. Las Vegas security footage from the roof of the mass shooting, mass casualty attack.

This is hard to watch. But please keep in mind what we know about this event, theBrad Johnson interview, and a few other odd things like the shooter transferring large sums before hand, to the Philippines, where his ‘girlfriend’ is from, but we don’t know which island. and that shortly before this event, there was a similar event at a Casino in the Philippines.

Brad Johnson on Vegas Pt. 1. Brad Johnson on Vegas Part 2.

3. Jordan Peterson on who is teaching your kids. (Might be a repost but its not like when you go to Church you hear a new gospel either)

4. Documentary on Sweden, and its direction

5. This is a bit of an opinion piece, but its not an unfair opinion. Trudeau clearly does have a policy of concealing islamic terror from the public and has worked quite hard to implement it.

6. Read this report carefully. See if you can find a conspicuous absence amongst the detail of the crimes committed in Kingston On. Kingston, by the way, is where the Shafia family was drowned for not being islamic enough, in the canal.

Note that the criminals have been arrested and charged.

Is this the same case? Or another one?

7. Egypt court sentences 24 Muslim Brotherhood members to life in prison in Zagazig city

(This is interesting in that the US is finally starting the ball rolling on anti-iowan legislation of their own. This was the reason we initially supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 US race, as he had excellent legislation on the Brotherhood drafted that would have solved a great deal of the problems we had at the time, should they have been implemented properly. In retrospect however, things simply could not have gone better than they did. And its shaping up that way for the Ontario election as well. But getting rid of The Muslim Brotherhood, or recognizing it for what it is, would let the fight-back commence.)

A Sharqiya criminal court sentenced 24 people to life in prison on Saturday for inciting violence and joining the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in a trial that dates back to 2014, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

The court also sentenced three defendants to three years in prison.

The 27 suspects were arrested in Zagzig, Sharqiya governorate for organising a march supporting the Muslim Brotherhood group and inciting violence in the Nile Delta city.

The Egyptian government designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in December 2013.

The US position on the Brotherhood:

Thank you all who sent in links. Some of these have been waiting a day or so for me to get to them. So I have lost track of many of the great people who took the time and effort to send them in. Lots and lots to do this week don’t ya know. But thank you all, who read, write, and contribute to this site.

Some good things are happening in the world and being realistic, if it was not for alternative sources of information that all of you contribute to, they never could have. The MSM is pretty much a Narrative pusher, no matter how obviously wrong what they say often is.

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9 Replies to “Islam is often a mental illness say the courts: Links 1, July 15, 2018”

  1. Islam is often a mental illness say the courts

    If so, then why are these countries knowingly admitting all of these mentally ill people who will only require extensive (and expensive) medical treatment?

    This adds up about as well as Bernard Madoff’s ledgers. All of this is merely a way to excuse both Muslim violence, and cover for the EU orchestrated rape of Europe.

  2. Christian-social government lets teachers from all over Bavaria “train” as Islam apologists
    –Teachers from all over Bavaria are now being trained as Islamic apologists. Taught by a trainee Muslim teacher, they have to go to school themselves. The broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is very enthusiastic about the “advanced training” organized by the Christian-social (CSU) government. Topic: “Perception and evaluation of Islamic worlds of life and faith – challenges for schools”.The CSU-led Ministry of Culture organized the event on Thursday together with the Chair of Didactics of History and Public History at Ludwig Maximilian University.
    Read more:

  3. 6. The first case certainly sounds like a typical abusive Muslim household.
    The second does not sound like it is the same as the first. So, another one.

  4. Difficult, painful article. But it paints a picture that’s more in touch with the reality on the ground than most any you’ll read elsewhere. Real information for people who must know: Is it time to leave?

    Melanie Phillips last week came out asking the same question in the far less stressed UK. I was shocked. But she’s putting it out there, that time may be coming. Brian of London – Brian-of-London! – has made aliyah.

    Israel is not exactly an idyllic escape for the “lucky” ones, the “chosen people”.

    You go, you WILL be fighting, your CHILDREN will fight, many will be maimed. Some will die. ALL will experience the horror of war at first hand. Again and again.

    There is no “war to end all wars” for Israel. It’s life between wars that’s precious; you will learn that _life_ is indeed something to cherish.

    Right now it’s hell in the south, you can’t imagine. Arson-kites and balloons launching IEDs. Red-alerts with 15 seconds to grab the kids and huddle in a shelter in the heat, noise, and fear. For 100 days, it’s charred landscape. Iron Dome gets most of the missiles.

    Anyway, another urban-nightmare war in Gaza is coming soon, no matter what.

    And that’s maybe third- or fourth- on the list of existential threats.
    All eyes are on Iran. Even if the regime falls, the military infrastructure is place in Lebanon, and 80,000 now in Syria are sufficiently emplaced to carry on their mission to destroy the “cancer of West Asia”.

    If your average Euro won’t fight for his country, the lefty Jew-ish Euro isn’t any different. He’ll be another dhimmi. He’ll nod along with the Lügenpresse, committed to the party line of lies.

    It’s those fully European Jews, who are what they are, can be nothing else, they’ll be forced out. When their mother is murdered because she has a mezuzah on her door, when their children tortured or shot on their way home from synagogue.

    The rest of you:
    Watch carefully. Jews are canaries, their fate is your warning. You’re not protecting them, they’re being picked off. They’ll be murdered or forced into exile first.

    Christians and all freedom-loving people will then face the same fate. You must fight for your lives, or you will surely perish.

    Soon. Because history turns on a dime.

  5. personally I don’t believe the US will ever consider the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization it is getting bigger and stronger unfortunately and until the moment of writing this comment they are being granted asylum and International protection on a US and UK soil, Real classic Liberalism has died in USA, between Christian Republicans and going-further-left Democrats America is lost . your post is a desperate try of beautifying America today’s regime, the same administration that discussed and requested from partners in the NATO summit few days ago to rescue and bring out the members of the White Helmets (AlQaeda affiliated group) off of Syria with their families.. and the Americans can’t just believe that they are terrorists just because Russia and Assad say so , Kerry Tillerson Pompeo all are same .. on the other side of the Atlantic, the conservative party has just awarded a Libyan brotherhood member and former AlQaeda celebrity 500.000£ tax free and an official letter of apology, oh yeah good things are happening!

    • We were made great by Christian Republicans and Democrats, the fact that we are returning to the faith that helped make us great is a good sign not a bad sign.

      • that’s maybe because you’re a christian. .. but the fact is all what you have for a prosper community was achieved the moment the achievers had put the religion aside … starting from curing the plaque in post industrial revolution era to today’s space invasion …I bet you don’t solve mathematical problems using bible verses … come on, your comment resembles that of the muslim devout . .. your religious liberty is maintained by a civil law remember that

  6. If the Courts and the psychiatrists have realized that Islam is a mental problem, when will the government acknowledge it? After submission, or before?

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