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10 Replies to “French TV is getting a lot better lately”

  1. The thing about the discussion of mass immigration of Muslims is that there is a time factor. It’s not static. If they can get us to talk and talk and talk while the percentage of Muslims in the population grows and grows they don’t have to do anything except stall in order to win the war. So “talk” is not cheap in this case. Talking without action is equal to defeat. Another word for that would be “losing”…

      • Exactly! All this table talk does is make the inevitable , inevitable. Now is the time for action not words.

        The action is going to happen probably sooner then we expect, the people are getting fed up with the talking heads of the political class telling them not to believe their lying eyes. When the action starts the left will scream about how evil the Europeans are for opposing the change from a European culture to an Islamic Culture. Why is it evil for the Europeans to fight for their culture but it is good for the Moslems to fight for theirs?

        • Why is it evil for the Europeans to fight for their culture but it is good for the Moslems to fight for theirs?

          I’d venture that it’s because the Muslims are more than willing accomplices of the Left in destroying Western Civilization. Once that’s over and done with, look for Liberal heads to roll like bowling balls.

        • The nations that the percentage is 20 or below are in trouble, those with the percentage between 20 and 30 are in for a very hard fight and might lose but will probably win. Those with the percentage above 30 are in fairly good shape and can with with a hard fight but the win is just about guaranteed. Those with the percentage above 40 aren’t in any trouble at all.

    • Make that the French leaders, their soldiers are some of the bravest in the world, it is their political leaders that are the problem just as it is the political leaders in our nations that are the problem. In the US it is only the leaders of the left, in other Western nations it is the leaders on both side of the aisle.

    • As always French people are useless

      Have you ever actually been to France?

      In some ways, I’m grateful that my business trip was to Lyon (in southern France). Instead of being treated like the proverbial “Ugly American”, I was shown consistently gracious courtesy.

      Sort of bewildered, I asked my hosts about the common perception of French people being very snooty towards Americans. Their reply was that sort of behavior is mostly Parisian.

      Visit southern France and your opinion might change.

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