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14 Replies to “Sargon of Akkad tries to interview anti-Tommy people, it doesn’t go well”

  1. This is the recurrent theme when fighting Muslims. First, they attack you, then when you fight back they say, “Look! He attacked me!”, and then the mainstream media and the police and the government jumps in and sides with them. It happens every time. They are going to win if we’re not careful.

    A guy comes up and punches you in the face. You throw up your hands and hit him back. The next day the paper tells about how you punched the guy in the face but doesn’t mention that he punched you first, but it’s still a “true” statement because you did, indeed, hit the guy. As long as the official observers always see it the Muslim way there is no way to defeat that. They could conceivably take this right to the end by employing the same tactic over and over again…

    • Umm this has been the standard in the west for a long time and sport is the perfect example. In almost all contact sports it is NEVER the primary offender who is sent off but the one who retaliates just as it was at school when I was there. You can see this in almost every match and you now see it in public demonstrations. it is so common now as to be virtually a law in act if not in fact.
      The cases where it is not applied are few and far between. Here is one:
      My brother was a rugby player but he never “shot up” to 190cm until 18 and so before then was smaller than the others. Thus as a breakaway he was always targeted because of his size and was routinely given black eyes or bleeding noses and he never retaliated and it never stopped. One match his 2nd rower was sent off for daring to hit back at one of the opposing forwards. His obviously swollen eye was ignored. So my brother took his place in the scrum. Within seconds he too had a swollen eye. The next scrum he copped a bleeding nose and was hit so hard he crumpled and the scrum collapsed and they scored. He continued to play with blood everywhere and in the next scrum they hit him again. This was the last straw for him and he jumped out of the scrum grabbed the offender (blood on hands) and absolutely “decked” him with one punch. I almost died of shock when the referee sent off the guy that he had hit instead of my brother as he did it right in front of the referee. Needless to say the referee was harangued by the opposing players and supporters but he ignored them and the penalty won the match. This is the ONLY time I have seen justice in such a situation. As his team walked off they looked like they had been in a war.

      There is now a movement in law to gaol aggressors who “king hit” which is suddenly and without provocation hit someone unawares in the face. This can and has killed not a few and the injuries can be devastating. I know of a girl, pretty but a little rough who had a reputation for fighting other women. Someone walked up to her in a club and hit her suddenly in the face(it was an 90kg Maori woman). It broke her mandible in 8 places and her maxilla in 4 and she lost 3 or 4 teeth. She lived out of tubes for a year and never looked pretty or fought ever again and I am sure that she suffered brain damage as her personality changed totally and it was not mere loss of confidence. She was totally shocked that someone had refused to fight fair and I welcomed her to the real world.
      In my world you hurt me or mine and you will pay well over. When Law does not or will not allow justice then it is time to act yourself.

  2. Well, wasn’t that nice?

    I think that it is pretty clear that the British police must be viewed as being on the side of Antifa, muslims and the globalist government, and in opposition to native British. In short, they are the enemy. Look at their behaviour in Rottenham and elsewhere, with regard to the abuse of British girls. Look at their suppression of free speech online, their willingness to harass Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston and others, to please their islamic and globalist masters. There must be still (one hopes) a few exceptions, but in general they are now nothing but the government’s security detail.

  3. What a horrible state of affairs. The sheer double-talk coming out of the mouths of the cops is itself worthy of an analysis. Consider the conversation @ 1:57

    Cop: “I seen you antagonizing people”
    Sargon: “How am I antagonizing people?”
    Cop: “I seen it.”

    On the basis of the footage shown, which frankly is all we have to go on, it was the ginger-haired protester, self-identifying as a socialist, who confronted Sargon @ 0:40, followed shortly by an demonstration organizer @ 1:12 spewing leftist epithets at Sargon, after which the police swoop in @ 1:27. Man! That’s quick work! Well co-ordinated between the leftist protest organization and the metro police.

    Another I note and have noted at demonstrations in Toronto as well: The leftists always have lots and lots of professionally printed posters. That suggests a reasonably sized budget to foot the printer’s bill. Does this come from government grant money?

  4. Thank heavens that the London police are out in force to prevent anyone being “annoyed.”
    Can’t have any serious questioning of the anti-Tommy protesters, lest they get offended, apparently—even though they agreed to be interviewed on camera. Don’t these police have anything better to do in light of London’s soaring crime rate?

    On the other hand, disappointing to hear Sargon say to police that he’s not a Tommy supporter.

  5. Useful idiots marching with fabricated signs guarded by Paki Mohammedans in police uniforms in the service of Sadiq Khan, the sharia enforcing mayor of Londonistan.

    Its over, Brittania. Its over.

    • A war is never over I suspect. In many ways, we are still fighting WW1 and the Cold War. Except the Muslims and the communists are winning for the moment. And even if they ‘win’, unless they exterminate the idea of non-muslims and non-communists, and they will try for sure, another round of fighting may happen and they could lose the next time.

      Don’t be defeatist. London looks bad now, but history turns on a dime, and is fully unexpected before the event, and then looks totally obvious right after. So hang tight and do all you can to help.

      • Fight ? How ? Who ?
        Muslims knows exactly what they want. Europe has no idea. Muslims are ready to cut us in small pieces with pleasure. Europe is totally scared of bacteria and spiders. Trust me…with the population of Europeans from Europe…I don’t see chances of a fight…not talking about victory. A victory of Europeans will be a direct miracle from god.

      • London looks like MY enemy.
        History’s turning anti-MY America, anti-JEW on a dime.
        Organized resistence, fine, I’ll help. It’ll have to go underground soon, though. Otherwise it’ll be decimated and face “noble” extinction.

    • . Useful idiots
      . marching with fabricated signs
      . guarded by Paki Mohammedans
      . in police uniforms
      . in the service of Sadiq Khan,
      . the sharia enforcing mayor
      . of Londonistan.

      Performers in this sham
      dhimmis among the cucks
      trans trans man
      Are motherloads of trucks.

  6. It appears that the UK is truly an Orwellian state, complete with the deployment of the ‘Thought Police’.

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