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11 Replies to “Muslims “all about unity” as they attack Tommy Robinson supporters”

  1. When this left-wing plot reaches its culmination there will be so many people fighting so violently that the blood will be flowing down the streets in great streams or rivers deep enough to cover your shoes and slosh around in. “Rivers of Blood”. I betcha the KGB has been behind all this since the very beginning, infiltrating unions and the Labor Party and making it so you can’t discuss immigration without looking like a racist right-wing Nazi.

    • They have changed names, it is now the FSB.

      Yeah Putin has his people doing all they can to cause chaos in the west, however I think it is more home grown leftist nuts behind this not the Russians. I could be wrong but the actions are much more violent then what the KGB did during the time of the Soviet Union.

      Putin and Xi will take advantage of any and all problems in the west but they aren’t causing all of them.

  2. Muslims “all about unity” as they attack Tommy Robinson supporters

    What they aren’t telling you is that this Islamic “unity” is with Antifa and the Left.

  3. I was at the Tommy rally. I saw no fighting. A lifesize photo of President Trump received a roar of approval and a little pink balloon of a pig witha Saddique Khan mask on was being batted around, to laughter and applause.

  4. There is some very significant information omitted here. Sadiq Khan barred protesters who were for Tommy from protesting. So of course the demonstration was smaller. Little detailed biased reporter left out. Also notice how he calls Tommy supporters “far right” but calls Muslim protesters anti-fascist. You wouldn’t know from this that Tommy supporters are anti-fascists and many Muslims are fascists

    • Yes the left plays a language game where “racist” means any supporter of Western civilization, black, gay or whatnot, who is not participating in collective suicide. Anti-fascist is anyone using any tactic whatsoever to deal with “racists” as defined above. Its most definitely a PoMo tactic and one can blame think tanks like the Fabian Society, of which Khan is a member, for this.

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