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2 Replies to “AfD explains how the German economy actually works to a Merkel Parliament”

  1. The AfD represents a sizeable proportion of the German population, though whatever proportion, my point would be the same. This point is that it is a disgrace that Merkel should walk out rather than listen to what the opposition has to say. Sure, she learned early in her life about being part of a one-party, “oppositionless” system but that’s no excuse because she’s had plenty of time to learn the ways of democracy. The woman is a disgrace. Germany deserves much better.

  2. I will disagree with him on one point, he said Germany isn’t in trouble yet! On this he is wrong, Germany is in a lot of trouble but not so much that it can’t survive, it can survive but Germany needs to start living in the real world and using realpolitik ASAP, failure to take control of their borders, to reassert their laws on all who are living in Germany and failure to deport those who are rejected asylum will result in Germany disintegrating into the collection of small Germanic States that existed when Bismark united them.

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