Another young man assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat

This is an important story. This is about the new leftist violent tribalism that has infected nearly every walk of life. It has even hit James Woods now that his agent has decided not to represent him anymore, seemingly purely for ideological reasons. James Woods supports the president. And that is the only reason.

I hope its grounds for a suit.

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  1. I understand he was fired by the burger shop.

    If an employee attacks a customer like that there is a major law suit, I doubt if he will get enough money he will never need to work but he will probably get enough that he can pay for his Collage Education from the income.

    • Thanks.
      It’s difficult to imagine someone who has so much hate that they can’t contain their emotions. The hate-filled MSM and Democrats are dangerous.

      • Mighty scary.
        MSM and Dims are weaponizing segments of the population.
        Low-IQ, poor impulse control. A short spell in prison and he’ll go shahada-zombie. Like rabies in a dog, to paraphrase Churchill.

    • They’ve traced his home address, aka doxxing. I guess he’ll have to move. His name will be recognized for some time to come, he’ll probably have a difficult time finding a job unless he moves to Oregon or California.

  2. From The Second Declaration of Havana, (presented to the Cuban people on February 4, 1962, following Cuba’s expulsion from the Organization of American States):

    “The absolute monarchs, the nobility, and the high clergy stubbornly defended their class privileges, proclaiming the divine right of kings and the immutability of the social order. To be liberal then, to proclaim the ideas of Voltaire, Diderot, or Jean Jacques Rousseau, spokesmen for bourgeois philosophy, constituted
    in the eyes of the ruling classes as serious a crime as it does today in the eyes of the bourgeoisie to be a socialist and to proclaim the ideas of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.” – Fidel Castro.

    And yet, under Socialism, Class Privilege becomes Class Preference. “Voltaire, Diderot, or Jean Jacques Rousseau, spokesmen for bourgeois philosophy,” i.e. meritocracy, would still be outlawed for Hate Speech. Equal Opportunity under Socialism, means only Equal Outcome.

    Therefore, a conscious person, with the counterintuition of using two fully-functioning brain hemispheres, would still be murdered under Communism.

    Do not believe their lies of seduction, for in these two half-brain kingdoms, either Shia or Sunni, Right-brain neurosis or Left-brain God-given assurances, the one-eyed-kings over their Obedient Blind Faithful will seek out and kill you. Every infant who recognises the Transexual had no robes remains hungry and imprisoned until the holding up of three fingers means four.

    The kingdoms within must equal their kingdoms without to be sane.

    Because a Royal Birth-Right descends into another demoralized caliphate of pecking-orders to restore their sense of Honor. While the Perfect Diverse Society demoralizes and bankrupts souls who have no honor but offended pride in their virtue-victim status.

    This deceit of the Worm of Marx, who claimed he is Voltaire!

    “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It.”

    • Illegal Immigration: “we are keeping the family together”
      Cohabitation: “we are keeping marriage together”
      Child Abuse: “all sexuals are equal”
      Islam/Socialism/Sodomism: “we are just like you”

      Each compromise you make, the closer they are for killing you.

  3. Ken Kaplan alias KK of the Klueless Kommo Klan (KKK) (see “progressives”). IMO as the real KKK are virtually defunct and the new KKK are far more dangerous we should only use this term to describe them

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