Canada brands own embassy a “criminal organization: Links 1, July 6, 2018

1. An analysis of how and what President Trump is doing that makes his administration so successful.

2. OANN keeps getting better and better. I hope all cable subscribers have called and asked to make sure OANN is included in their package. Its a real way to fight back in fact.

3. Selective enforcement remains the single most important tool of the Marxist takeover of classical civilization. Just one example:

4. Complaints against Waters for inciting mob violence:

5. Candace Owens:

6. Texas mom shoots attempted carjacker, kidnapper

7. This guy gets it. Leftist incrementalism and the destruction of healthy values.

8. Loser Who Assaulted Teens and Stole MAGA Hat is 30-Year-Old Cosplayer With Long Rap Sheet

The perpetrator who assaulted a group of 16-year-olds in San Antonio, TX restaurant is a 30-year old Dungeons & Dragons cosplaying deadbeat who lives with his parents and has an extensive criminal record.

Kino Jimenez ruined the evening of Hunter Richards and his friends, who were enjoying a late night meal at Whataburger when he stole Richards’ MAGA hat, cursed him out, and left the restaurant in huff.

9. Canadian courts brand Canadian Embassy in Haiti “A criminal organization”.

Canada’s embassy in Haiti was overrun by a criminal organization after more than a dozen locals hired to work at the diplomatic mission in Port-au-Prince swindled more than $1.7 million through numerous schemes and frauds, internal investigation reports reveal.


An internal probe of the embassy’s finances and staffing from 2015 to 2016 uncovered systematic fabrication of documents, fraudulent bills, forged signatures, misdirected cheques, secret commissions and personal use of Canada’s diplomatic license plates.


A Canadian court has now branded the local embassy employees a criminal organization.


The government revealed the amount of the loss last year but the National Post has learned new details of the extent of the frauds. Thirteen locally hired staff were implicated in the schemes and fired after longstanding swindles were revealed; five Canadian employees were disciplined and one was fired; another local worker fled to Canada, where he applied for refugee status.


The embassy’s initial suspicions were modest.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, PC., Shabnam, and MANY more, and more to come.

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8 Replies to “Canada brands own embassy a “criminal organization: Links 1, July 6, 2018”

  1. NO. 1 – Donald Trump The Art of the Deal.
    His twitter feed is Trump Media. I just love the MAN.
    A phenomenon. He’s been preparing his presidency for many years. He analyzed everything. He knows.
    One man against the world and he will win.
    God Bless Donald J. Trump.

  2. 7 – He is right, this is part of the leftists agenda, after they mainstreamed homosexuality they said that incest and pedophilia are next. They are moving faster on the pedophilia then on the incest but they are going to work hard on mainstreaming both, unless we win and the government starts reversing it stand of the radical agenda of the far left.

    • Ohh it’s all ok if they are only white trash as no one, ESPECIALLY the Left give a damn about them. The working class are always just cannon fodder and totally downtrodden in all communist states. You do not read or hear about this as almost 99% of the memoirs about this in the USSR are written by educated middle class writers.That is why the Left want all the illegal aliens: so that these can all rape and rob and murder the white working class with total freedom and provide a guaranteed leftist vote.

      • You understand part of it but for them to be able to destroy the Western Culture that will let them bring their hoards of Third Worlds into the US they are slowly breaking down all of the old taboos. The more perversions they mainstream the easier their destruction of the culture, that is why the spend so much time and money attacking Christianity. Our moral and legal codes are all based on Christianity and if they can destroy it their goal of the destruction of the culture will be easier.

        Yes the Upper Middle Class and the Lower Upper Class are the ones who flock to Marxism in all forms. The Lower Class and the Lower Middle Class don’t want the small amount of property they own taken from them. The Upper Upper Class don’t want to give up their luxury so the once left are the ones that if the schools don’t teach the facts are easy to convert by saying they can take from the rich to give to the poor. They don’t have enough economic education to know that this will make a small percentage (the party bosses) rich and everyone else poor.

  3. #7 Former teacher exposes the LGBT agenda in elementary schools .

    Beware! Bullying Programs = Trojan Horse that push progressive views on gender and sexual identity WITHOUT PARENT KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT! Schools and Churches are being targeted.

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