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7 Replies to “It is shocking how long it took for this to happen”

  1. Now that they are attacking the invaders how long will it be before they are willing to put them into the ground?

  2. Just imagine if the roles had been reversed: the guy would be castrated, beheaded and mysteriously missing and the whole crowd would have had a part. Far too nice and respect for the law. IMHO they should have beaten the hell out of this pond scum and burnt his car. I await such with hope and IMHO such rape groomers should all be lynched.

    • It took the left over a Century to bring about the current state of meekness in Britain, it isn’t taking near that long for the Brits to throw off their mental programing and reverting to the free people they use to be.

  3. I remember riots in Birmingham 15 years ago or so…Pak. were involved.It was some days.But german press dont reported why it was…

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