The EU continues its full frontal assault on freedom: links 1, July 2, 2018

1. Yes, the world has really gone insane. But its not too hard to tell who was driving.

2. Appeal from Nazi Holocaust survivor:

3. Barbara Kay with Ezra Levant on the Yazidi woman who spotted her former slave owner on an Ontario bus.

(Trudeau likes to say that rape victims must be listened to and believed. It appears the exception is when its by an Islamic rapist. Then of course they are too “traumatized to know”.)

4. Congress demands the arrest of Hillary Clinton and proper investigation.

UPDATE: I did not vet this properly. It appears to be a hoax. MIA MAXIMA CULPA!!

5. Burkinis spotted at Ontario beaches.

6. Please read this article from BB on the massacre of over 200 Christians by Muslims as an act of Islamic jihad, misattributed to of all things, ‘climate change’.

7. The EU continues to attack any member nation that wishes to preserve any democratic autonomy at all.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa. Richard, EB., Yucki, Johnny U., and all who sent in materials. There is more to come. As always, please do check the comments under the Reader’s Links post. Well worth the time.

Check out this tweet from Gavin McInnes:

Just for a laugh: Count Dankula does new parody video with girlfriend’s pug, this time masquerading as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Dankula’s Girlfriend’s Nazi pug


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14 Replies to “The EU continues its full frontal assault on freedom: links 1, July 2, 2018”

    Is it fake news?

  2. 6/ Do not forget that 0’s running dog Axelrod helped “Nigeria’s Khomenei” win the 2015 presidential election over the popular Christian incumbant, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. (He tried and failed to swing the Israeli election with many of the same cast of characters.)

    Strange none of the links from the articles in my files seem to work…Allen West, The Daily Beast, etc.

    Via DuckDuckGo I find similar material:

    Obama Accused of Obstructing Battle against Boko Haram to Promote Axelrod’s Nigerian Muslim Client

    Shock claim: Why Obama refused to help fight Boko Haram

  3. 3- indicative of a sick society.

    5- another seen at an Ottawa university pool today. Expect them to bloom now everywhere like lovely black roses.

  4. 2. Appeal from Nazi Holocaust survivor:

    I hope and pray that some 14-year-old kid, brainwashed into believing that Donald Trump is a Nazi, hears that old Holocaust Survivor’s story and realizes that he is the one telling the truth, not the Democrats who keep lying about absolutely everything. And I hope that 14-year-old gets that the people who are cheapening the old man’s experience for their own personal gain are unforgivable little shits for doing that. Unforgivable…

  5. Yes, I think that is fake news about Congress, there’s no sign identifying the news channel. pretty convincing except for that, but nothing on any of the major news channels.

  6. #3: In the past, the law *has* supported victims, at least in the US. There was an instance when a student (perhaps it was at USC) who had been a Vietnamese refugee recognized his captor while both were on campus in Los Angeles. That must have been in the 1970’s. Here is another story of justice delayed and somewhat delivered: Seven years ago, Father Lee Huu Nguyen traced to Garden Grove a man he says tortured him and other inmates at a Vietnamese “reeducation” camp near Hanoi in the 1970s.
    Nguyen asked the man to apologize, he said, but the camp “enforcer” refused. So Nguyen, a priest, decided to put his memories on paper, creating a story that would eventually lead to the man’s arrest.
    The memoir chronicled his 13 years in the Communist camp, as well as the violence allegedly committed by Thi Dinh Bui, 61.
    On Friday, Bui was arrested and accused by federal authorities of brutalizing prisoners at the Hanoi camp. He faces a deportation hearing next week, though federal officials have not filed any charges against him because the alleged crimes were committed overseas. Bui cannot be criminally prosecuted because U.S. law enables prosecution for torture outside the country only if committed after November 1994, when Congress passed a law making torture a crime whenever it is committed.

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