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10 Replies to “Cathy Newman tries the same dishonest and nasty stunts on Polish MPs as she did on Jordan Peterson”

  1. Let’s not lose sight of the forest for the trees. Cathy Newman is demoralized, meaning she is without real morals. The nonsense she spews is just that. She will repeat her behavior again and again. She is a brainwashed automaton. 13:04 describes her eventual comeuppance.

    Unfortunately the majority of westerners now endorse socialism. Thank god America’s founding fathers created the electoral college so the “flyovers” without PHDs but common sense buy us some time.


    • We are trying to buy a lot of time, when the left starts the civil war they are in for a big surprise from flyover country.

    • Lol Mr Tarczynski doesn’t mince words, does he.
      Miss Lochbihler thinks Germany has never been safer. Also, German rivers are filled with molten chocolate, and herds of unicorns stampede through the KurfĂĽrstendamm every weekend, reciting Goethe and Schiller in unison.

  2. I wonder if they build concrete barricades at the end of pedestrian walkways to protect against Muslim attacks the way we do? I wonder if they have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in anti-Muslim security costs. You heard the man say they have not had one Muslim terror attack. I wonder how much money their welfare system and their prison system have to spend on Muslims.

    Careful, Cathy. While you’re busy trying to make him look like a racist he is telling people that his country has none of the horrible Muslim-related stuff that the rest of us do, and that could be very convincing for a lot of people in our countries. What’s to stop somebody from holding up their hand and saying, “Could we have a Muslim terrorism-free country just like the Poles, please”? Come to think of it, why do so many people actually seem to want to have Muslim terrorism? It makes no sense…

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