When a man is Miss Spain, contender of Miss Universe, then I guess men just do everything better: Links 1, July 1, 2018

1. Vancouver’s Teahouse attacked on Yelp from all sides after kicking out customer in ‘MAGA’ hat.

Vancouver’s Teahouse in Stanley Park has been flooded with a wave of one-star Yelp reviews following a recent incident that saw a manager fired for refusing service to a man in a “Make America Great Again” hat.


Darin Hodge was dismissed from the restaurant Thursday, two days after asking a customer to remove the red MAGA hat, which signals support not just for Donald Trump, but for his divisive and often racist policies.


The Sequoia Company of Restaurants, which owns the Teahouse, said in an emailed statement that it “does not support intolerance of any kind” and “cannot discriminate against someone based on their support for the current administration in the United States or any other bona fide political party.”


But Hodge was defiant, releasing a statement Friday through Facebook standing by his decision. “The MAGA hat has come to symbolize racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, homophobia,” Hodge said. “As a person with a strong moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest’s choice of headgear while in my former place of work. Absolutely no regrets.”

(“Often racist policies” the sun says. But doesn’t bother to name one of them. Someone should sue this paper.)

2. Italy refuses another boat load of border crashing freeloaders and criminals, Express title makes it look like Italy killed all their babies.

ITALY refused to accept another migrant ship carrying 60 people which was rescued by Spain off the coast of Libya – a day after the bodies of drowned babies were fished from the sea.

(The babies drowned because people put them in harms way as part of an illegal endeavour. The people who did that should be charged with murder. Not the people who simply chose not to let them accomplish their illegal goals)

3. European Union attempts to control all information on social media, and the Polish people protest the attempt.

4. Iranian forces have begun to shoot protestors, according to very good sources.

5. ANTIFA uses fascist thuggery to turn a peaceful protest into a riot, and close it all down.

6. General fears ‘war soon’ in Africa

“History shows we will be involved in a major deployment…I’d say it will be in Mali and the Sahel area, where Islamic fundamentalism is a major problem,” said Gen Lord Dannatt.


It is the latest salvo in a row over defence.

MPs say Britain should increase spending on the Armed Forces to at least three per cent of GDP.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson wants an extra £4billion a year.

7. Schools in the US drift far from science and reason and to cultural Marxism.


8. A man, pretending to be a woman with some surgical assistance, has been crowned “Miss Universe Spain”.

(I guess if you add this to the men pretending to be women who won sprints and weight lifting competitions recently, it means men are just better at being women in every way. Right? Except for like, actually being a woman. But its illegal to mention that at this stage more or less)

MANILA – A 25-year-old trans woman was crowned Miss Universe-Spain on Saturday in a historic moment for the country.


Angela Ponce is the first transsexual to win the prestigious crown in Spain and will represent her country in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

9. Iqra Khalid MP announces $23 million from Canadian tax payers to help fund Islamophobia. Unfortunately, the groups receiving money have repeatedly been identified as funding terrorism, have lost charitable status and bank privileges. Will Canada be identified as a national security threat to the United States?

10. Portland Antifa throws eggs and fireworks at Trump supporters and then gets beat up.

Thank you Johnny U., Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, EB. Charles, Kathy and many MANY more who have been sending in links of interest to this site and its readers.


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  1. 4/ MEMRI:
    Iranian Regime dealing with first signs of Economic Collapse

    While U.S. President Donald Trump has yet to take active measures against Iran, the Iranian regime is already showing signs of economic and political collapse, although throughout the 40 years of its existence it has presented itself as a powerful regime that benefits from popular support, a prosperous economy despite the sanctions, comprehensive economic, technological and scientific capabilities and unprecedented military abilities.

    Trump’s May 2018 announcement about planned economic measures against Iran was enough to destabilize the country’s economy and cause resurgence, on May 26, 2018, of large-scale protests in central Tehran that lasted several days.

    In our assessment, even if the protests die down or are repressed by the regime for a while, they will eventually recur and intensify, because the Iranian regime can offer no solution for the economic crisis except by changing its regional and nuclear policies, i.e., by directing Iran’s national resources towards benefiting the Iranian people rather than promoting its goals outside the country.
    […translations definitely worth a glance]

    Given that the Iranian regime adheres to its ideological stance and is unwilling to change its policy of channeling the state’s resources towards regional expansion and the increasing of its military might, and has rejected calls by reformist figures to renew negotiations with the U.S. to resolve the problems (such as the calls of Hashemi Rafsanjani’s daughter Faezeh and several other reformists who published an open letter calling for dialogue with the U.S.), the economic deterioration is likely to continue, triggering even harsher popular criticism and protests against the regime leadership. The economic crisis is bound to deepen in the coming year, and the internal collapse, triggered by economic factors, is likely to spread to the political sphere.


    • It would be nice if both North Korea and Iran would implode, right now we don’t know if either one will but we can hope that at least Iran will. As for North Korea it is looking like they are trying to play Trump and that isn’t a good idea.

      • North korea: What you’re hearing is Kabuki theatre, nothing more. Think back to the Trump-Kim summit and how Kim was happy.

        Kabuki theatre: It’s Sino-Asian culture aka face-saving or stature elevation and Trump is playing along. The Fake News re Kim processing fuel or whatever was only that.

        Diplomacy at work.

        • Do you have a source?

          PTrump’s Omniscient Twitterati™ are promoting stories about Our Friend Kim-3, projecting psychology and super-secret PT maneuvers. “Trust Trump!” and forget about satellite intelligence reports.

          It may turn out to be true. But it’s still a wild guess that’s – guaranteed! – to make us feel secure about whatever’s really happening.

          The “kabuki” bit is as much a Twitterati staple as secret infiltrators.

      • Iran will implode before end of September. Many infiltration forces at work since January. We’re entering Phase II of the strategy.

        Phase II: Iranians will have weapons. At first unsophisticated (we’re seeing the fires), after the real thing.

        Allow time for the economic sanctions to strangle the regime. And then it’s over. Trump meeting with Putin soon. Mullahs are freaking out.

        • Full sanctions don’t kick in until November.
          Cryptic predictions are staples of theme-packages. – – Passing them around is promoting disinfo.

  2. Spain is headed straight to hell, sold its soul three times over. (Along with every capital asset.) This Ponce is the curl on the Dairy Queen.

    Soros was in Madrid this week, fortifying the newly elected govt in its determination to become the garbage can of Europe. (Obviously this far-left prime minister is his hand-picked puppet. The meeting was supposed to be hush-hush. Startled even the newscaster.)

    This, despite the fact that Soros backed the Catalan separatist movement, obviously not in the interest of the central govt of Spain! Odd, if logic still mattered. Or if the King had any voice at all.

    The country is rated the most anti-Semitic in Europe. (Far fewer Jews to attack than elsewhere.) Its third largest province just passed BDS sanctions against Israel; other regions are following suit.

    The King remains silent. How disappointing!

    • The Spanish will be Spanish no matter what political and economic system they decide to follow, their betrayal of all that is decent will end up hurting them just as it is hurting all other nations that are traveling that path.

    • OT: I watched young dick turpin, the movie was a typical Walt Disney movie from the time Walt was alive. The copywrite has expired and you won’t be giving any money to the current leadership.

      • I don’t doubt that he will spend a lot of money in Mexico to try and hurt the US,he may have some short term success but in the long run he will loose.

    • So Soros backs Catalan separatism then is welcomed to Spain at the highest levsl. Goes to show he really is the godfather of globalism. They’re going to pump so many tards into there it will make their heads spin. (We knew already Catalan has a huge tard factor from stories last year.) Then from the southeast they’ve got Albania and Kosovo. These human pipelines will pump southern sewage despite any EU accords unless they are physically stopped. Both Soros and Merkel’s recent losses to Orban won’t deter them. Both are clever and resourceful, and Soros is teaching his son as much as he can before he goes.

      • Soros wants to be the big spider setting in the middle of the web pulling the strings, with luck we can burn the web.

      • I’m pained for Spain!

        There’s a legend about a curse my ancestors pronounced as they fled centuries ago. It was repeated in every generation. (That’s what caused the Armada to sink in 1588.)

        But I thought it was all over, that we’d reconciled and everything was cool and groovy.

        The King was so gracious, such a sincere apology. We were given such a warm welcome back. They opened an Institute of Ladino, helped establish a Sephardic genetics department in the U.S.

        I’m really sorry. I’d take back that curse if I could.

  3. Point 6 – Definitely Mali. It’s tragic that we don’t accept deaths in a war.
    Northern Mali should be eradicated and then, urban warfare throughout the rest of the country. No other options are available with Islam.

  4. The left wing’s obsession with blending the sexes together is yet another of their catastrophically wrong “ideas” that came bubbling up from some insane anti-Western professor’s brain and then followed without question. Little girls know from an early age that they will be mothers one day while little boys couldn’t give a flying leap about that stuff. Little boys would rather fire a battle tank than anything else; little girls would hate doing anything like that. Nature/God made us different for a reason and the leftists are just being bloody-minded when they insist it isn’t true. Girls and boys simply have different priorities and different interests and are subtly different in a million ways. No boy will ever know what the right flower is for a fifteen-year anniversary – ever – and no girl will consider blowing a building sky high to be the most fun thing she could possibly do.

    Leftist: Did you know that water isn’t really wet and that the sky is really green?
    Conservative: Are you sure about that?
    Leftist: Fuck you, Racist pig!

  5. Let’s see. The now-drowned babies arrived, to this point safely, in a boat. The boat has already crossed most of the Mediterranean, so it is obviously sufficiently seaworthy to stay afloat even when overflowing with migrants.

    If the boat suddenly sank, who sank it?

    If the boat didn’t sink, HOW did these babies get into the water??

    I submit that they were brought along and thrown in (dead or alive) solely for the purpose of fanning the flame of Euroguilt.

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