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3 Replies to “Sweden”

  1. At the beginning of the documentary, that nice woman is wearing a silver Thor’s hammer on her pendant.

    I think that this would make a fine addition to the cross of St. James Matamoros and the Star of David many of us wear: it ties back to authentically European religious tradition (Christianity and Judaism both being Middle Eastern in origin).

    Archeologists have found many molds in Scandinavia that had a dual modification, so they could be used to cast both the Christian Cross and the Mjolnir.

    Hint, hint, hint…

    Any chance we will see a silver Mjolnir in the sidebar for purchase any time soon?

  2. Why dosen’t this female presented take home a few
    thousand of these children . Oh they can’t go without their mothers. And their mothers can’t go without their husbands. oh my.. see how easy it is to get out of responsibility ..

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