Adjective test – Islamophobia vs. gang rape: Links 1, June 30, 2018

1. Top 10: from The Rebel

2. France arrests a bunch of people it accuses of being “far right” for planned attacks on “radical mosques and prison converts” Check out who they arrested. These people shjould be given medals and assistance. Not a criminal record.

3. Sick sex attackers grin on CCTV after gang raping sobbing teenage girl in car park before dumping her in city centre

SICK sex attackers were caught grinning on CCTV after they gang-raped a sobbing teenage girl in a car park.

Salih Altun, Sali Amet and Omer Engin submitted their 19-year-old victim to a horrific hour-long ordeal before dumping her on a street in Canterbury, Kent.

 Sick sex attackers grin after raping a teenage girl in Canterbury, Kent

After an hour of raping their victim, the three men left her by a Carluccio’s restaurant in Canterbury.

The girl had been on a night out with her friends when she was targeted by the gang and managed to pick herself up and find them back near the club.

Altun, Amet and Engin were caught after cops reviewed CCTV in the area and carried out forensic analysis.

Altun, from Faversham in Kent, admitted two charges of rape and Amet and Engin, one each, at Canterbury Crown Court on May 21. He was sentenced to nine years and nine months.

Let us do a comparative adjective check:

This gang of muslim rapists get called “sick” twice. Once in the headline, and once in teh sub headline.

Now lets look at this story about someone who hung a pigs foot on a mosque somewhere in the UK. Story from the Scottish Sun, so possibly the same company as the story above:


Sick thugs hang pig’s trotter from door in racist protest at plans for a Muslim community centre

(So far, arguably racist, sick and thugs for sure)


Sussex police say they are investigating the incident as a hate crime after it was reported to them.

A spokesman for the force said: “This was an unpleasant and offensive incident and local enquiries are being carried out.”

They appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

(Hoowee! Anyone would think that hanging a pig’s foot on a mosque door was by far the worse crime. It will be interesting to see who gets the bigger jail term, so we know for sure which is.)

Ran out of time… fleshing out tomorrow.


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7 Replies to “Adjective test – Islamophobia vs. gang rape: Links 1, June 30, 2018”

  1. I saw this in my internet travel and decided to keep it:

    Racist, Racism etc- Are the words of children –

    First of all – people have every right to like or dislike whoever they want and for whatever reason.
    Disliking somebody is not a crime
    Disliking a group of people is not a crime
    I chuckle at people who are still paralyzed by the threat of being called a “racist” as if that accusation is going to turn them to ashes.
    Fuck it. Like people you like, dislike people you dislike, and if somebody objects they can eat a dick.
    You can dislike people if you think they are ugly. That’s not a crime.
    You can dislike fat people. Still perfectly legal.
    Stop being held hostage by their stupid labels.
    That’s why they use them.

    • So if Orson Wells sat down next to you you’d tell him to “Go fuck himself” just because he was overweight? Then you’d tell Winston Churchill to get lost ’cause he’s not slim enough for you? OK. At least you make yourself clear…

      • At least you make yourself clear…

        Chris Jones, this is a rare instance where you do not appear to get the point. To instantly rail against someone who self-identifies as “MissPiggy” because of her supposed adipose-tissue-phobic statements seems to miss her entirely valid point of how EVERYONE has the absolute right to HATE ANYONE they want to for whatever reason on flipping earth they can think of. Full Stop.

  2. 2 – Things are getting interesting in France, the French need to be careful about everyone in their movement, part of them will be police spies and these spies will probably be the ones who sound the most violent.

    • … part of them will be police spies and these spies will probably be the ones who sound the most violent“.

      Whaddaya mean? False flag ops? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Get crucial!!!

  3. Sick thugs hang pig’s trotter from door in racist protest at plans for a Muslim community centre

    I just can’t hep myself. This amazingly talented woman did more to break down racial barriers than The King.

    If only that era’s censors had understood a tiny fraction of her licentious allusions, the name Bessie Smith might have been consigned to a brick in some New Orleans back alley.

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