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9 Replies to “BBC proves again that it is a weaponized media platform for a leftist agenda, rather than an information service of any kind”

  1. The dumb b**** accuses him of not having an immigration problem. To which the answer should be “exactly, and we want to keep it that way.”

  2. Another BBC attack hound brought to heel. She might as well as shouted ‘Nazi’ at him. She forgets, the Hungarians know what a Muslim invasion looks like.

  3. “Tolerance, diversity and human rights”….
    1.Tolerance – tolerating intolerance
    2. Diversity – population replacement, and taking away the right of a people to have a territory of its own
    3.Human rights – the human right to go where you like it most
    He is defending himself… – the narrative that the journalist represents is the dominating one, and defying it is considered unwise for a diplomat…

    • I hate all of them, but the public stations – BBC, CBC, NPR – are an abomination. Probably predicted and proscribed somewhere in Deuteronomy. Maybe Revelations.

  4. The propaganda media are going so far even the brain dead useful idiots are starting to feel uncomfortable watching them.

  5. The interviewer, Emily Maitlis, is Jewish and should frankly have more sense as far as the Muslim invasion is concerned.

    • Jews seem to be about the same division as non-Jewish white people. Roughly half leftists. Sadly, its that 50% that makes the big noise about being jewish as if they think it sells the leftism better. Holocaust and all that. Even though that 50% is also non-Zionist, and usually has no connection to the religion or community.

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