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11 Replies to “Why did Youtube remove this video?”

  1. Youtube will say its algos removed it because the sound waves exiting the French woman’s mouth did not resonate satisfactorily. However since these waves did not pass through the glass and metal bubble in which she was contained, her life was spared. The bipeds exterior to her glass and steel machine were from a competing value system alien to the woman. The woman expressed fear of both these bipeds and their system. Expression, not fear, is her crime.

  2. She used the word “catastrophe” which is a catastrophic error is political correctness. For shame, Youtube.

  3. God help us, we are going to have to liberate France and probably all of Western Europe, it is going to be WWII all over but this time two of the nations we will be liberating/fighting have nuclear weapons. Pray that patriots in both nations manage to make their nukes unusable.

  4. DEC 2017 – Rue Jeanne-Pierre Timbaud – the mosque was half-empty but Muslims were praying on the street to mark out “their” territory

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