Germany: Move on, nothing to see here

Munich – Tuesday morning, between all the commuters and tourists, a man with a knife prompted a police operation inside main train station. This isn’t anything special anymore, it is the new German normal. Someone who accidentally was there wrote on Facebook,

“Crazy, all the tourists were panicking, and the Germans were totally ignoring it like nothing was going on.”

Tuesday morning at rush hour in Munich main train station: police overpower a knife-carrying man. Photo: Joerg Voelkerling.

Germany has seen a recent surge in violent crime and in knife violence, a discipline not long ago practically unknown to Germans.

For the first time ever, “due to the increase of the intensity of violence”, Berlin police just issued a total ban on carrying any dangerous objects on the subway between 8pm and 6 in the morning. Normally, you can carry small knives like swiss army knives, and pepper spray.

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  1. Germany has seen a recent surge in violent crime and in knife violence, a discipline not long ago practically unknown to Germans.

    All of which is especially conspicuous when one considers how Germany manufactures some of the very finest edgeware that is commercially available, anywhere in the world. Anybody who has prepared food using Wüsthof blades, knows that they bring a level of excellence that is only surpassed by knives that begin entering the “bespoke” class of custom ordered cutlery.

    SIDEBAR: For my Christmas gift, a sweetheart bought me a classic Wüsthof 12″ French chef’s knife. Incidentally, she had just recently wasted her money purchased a block of supposed “combination” edge (i.e., serrated and “straight” cutting surfaces) cooking blades—which can NEVER be sharpened, except by hand, at a cost of a hundred times their value. For jollies, I left that thoughtful gift at her house for a week and, upon returning the next weekend, found that she had purchased the exact same Wüsthof blade for her own use. Later exclaiming, “This makes cooking fun!”

    As a historical note, up until WWII Germany was the metallurgical capital of the world. Read William Manchester’s fine tome, “The Arms of Krupp”, for an idea of how influential of a role that just this one single armaments manufacturer played in the rise of Nazi Germany. If anything, I recall that England’s Dambuster Raids were specifically aimed at disrupting the Krupps’ smelting and refining works along the Ruhr River.

    In fact, if you were a university major in chemistry or metallurgy during the first half of the twentieth century, German was your second language.

    The notion of Germans countenancing, much less tolerating, these sort of edged-weapon attacks, transcends all notions of sanity. These Teutons make some of the finest blades in the world and then they sit back idly as semi-retarded cretins set about making a dog’s breakfast of one of their greatest achievements?

    This is suicide by immigrant, and everyone knows it.

    • I agree: an insult to German blade-craft.
      I have a set of 4 different-sized precision scissors that belonged to my father. Sharpened professionally a couple times a year, they should last another couple lifetimes.

      • Up until WWII Germany was the best at a lot of things but the war and the leftist takeover of Germany has destroyed most of what use to be real good.

        NR you are right the Dam Buster raid was intended on cutting the electricity to Krupp and other armaments giants. It had the extra of grounding barges all over Europe for about 6 months. The combination of these shortened the war by months if not by at least one year.

        The people who object to what was done in WWII don’t realize how interconnected things are and how any disruption of the power grid effects all industries.

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