Revisiting the events in Las Vegas with Brad Johnson

Retired CIA station Chief takes an analytical look at the events in Las Vegas, in what may have been the largest mass shooting in US history.

Part II to come later tonight.

Recently released body cam footage of the events of that night:


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10 Replies to “Revisiting the events in Las Vegas with Brad Johnson”

  1. OT- looking for World Cup highlights I find this. The headline is misleading. The reporter unfazed, even smiling. This is the CBC take on an absolutely innocent gesture by a cheerful fan. Canada is screwed with this mentality.

  2. Well… Look at that! Security guard Campos was wounded in the leg by a pellet and not a bullet (no blood). It seems to me, looking at Campos he isn’t much in distress.

    So, it would seem Paddock went from handgun to AR-15. Doesn’t that take some firing practice?

    Paddock’s passion in life was gambling, not mass slaughter. Regardless of the hate one has for someone, it takes quite a stomach to witness a mass slaughter.

    I maintain what I’ve been saying: Paddock did not shoot anyone. But he did facilitate the deed for political motives. And he was killed quite possibly prior to the event to prevent him from escaping the room.

    • OOPS. I just found out it was a wall fragment that hit Campos in the leg.

      Two weeks or so prior to the event, he went to a handgun range. It still doesn’t change my opinion re Paddock. He was a facilitator that had to be eliminated. Other forces controlled him.

      What forces? Quite possibly Antifa with Islamic State. It could also be a significant drug-gun cartel that has a major foothold in Vegas. Remember the Wall tenders’ demonstration one week before the event.

      • That is the way all of the evidence is pointing, just as it is pointing to a deep state cover up.

        What is most interesting is the way both the Vegas shooter and the DC baseball shooter used the same scouting tactics. Granted they used slightly different tactics but that is a matter of personal comfort, Vegas shooter felt comfortable with a long range random fire and the DC baseball shooter felt comfortable with close up semi aimed fire. I hope more info becomes avaible but I doubt that much more will be released to the public.

        • I agree 100%. Another possibility would be anti-Trump FBI officials. They have loads of contacts & it’s easy for them to slip under the radar.

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