Trump economic advisor suffers heart attack

This video was posted yesterday here and I believe was shot also yesterday, of President Trump’s top economic advisor on Trudeau’s somewhat weak and childish methods of raising his popularity with the hateful left at home at President Trump’s expense.

Today it was announced that Larry Kudlow suffered a heart attack and is in Walter Reed hospital. From what we see in the video interviews in the past few days he seems a man of principle, integrity and courage. I hope he recovers and returns to work soon.


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  1. Prayer: I pray in the name of Jesus that Larry receives healing now, recovers completely and quickly -being ministered to by spirits of God -guarding him in all of his ways. Amen.

  2. Larry Kudlow had a radio show on Saturday in the NY area. Back in the Spring of 2016 he interviewed then candidate for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump. I happened to hear the whole interview which was centered around economics. Lowering the corporate tax rate to bring companies and jobs back to the US, a tax amnesty to entice corporations to bring their money back to the US.
    To tell you the truth, I was amazed as every media outlet in America was telling me Trump was a buffoon. That is when I started paying attention to Trump. Because he sure made sense to me.

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