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18 Replies to “Well this explains a great deal”

  1. So if the corruption is that profound and reaching literally to the highest levels of power in the nation … it’s hard to see much hope. I’ve sometimes wondered whether there was something unique to British society – the residual class structure, for instance (as Paul Weston mentioned in his recent video that Vlad posted) – that made the UK seemingly more vulnerable to rape gangs than other Western nations. Yes, wherever there is a certain concentration of religion of peace enthusiasts, one will have rape gangs – that’s a given – but it seems to be substantially worse in the UK than elsewhere. How widespread is pedophilia among NON-muslims there, I wonder?

    Slight quibble, or complaint, but as Eeyore mentioned, the former officer did not mention islam but did feel it was fine to make note of a Catholic priest who violated a young boy. And of course such crimes should be noted – shouted even – but the silence with regard to islam is unsettling and no doubt both a symptom and contributing factor to the horrible, hellish mess that is that nation now. Even this decent and brave man is perhaps too cowed to speak of it.

  2. Things are starting to break, it looks like they are going to break big time. This means that this summer is going to get extremely interesting and probably very dangerous.

  3. At 10:10 the witness says:

    “I asked to speak to a high-ranked female detective, and this was questioned. And then they did get me a high-ranked female detective, and she said to me, “Why are you talking to me?” And I announced[?], “Because you can’t roll up your trouser leg.” She said, “I understand exactly what you mean.”

    I do not understand this. What does the reference to a trouser leg mean?

  4. OMG!! Helen Mirren was right after all (Prime suspect).
    Sorry folks but this is a red herring designed to deflect it all away from the rape groomer muslims. While I do think that the upper echelons of the police/establishment are certainly involved to some degree in similar can anyone seriously see them using a cocaine addicted girl who services 20-60 muslims a night with ALL of the associated STD risks? These are two totally separate crime areas. Blame whitey will continue in a minute and as for the Masons? while I would not trust them, but to blame them for numbers akin to the rape groomers? Come on ! Seriously!

  5. I only hope that the campaign to unearth the child abuse gangs in the USA, will also roll over to Britain. It is claimed that Podesta brothers may have used Liberal MP and paedophile Clement Freud’s house in Portugal to abduct Madeleine McCann. An ironic line in the recent TV series about Jeremy Thorpe was ‘There are great things happening in the party, Clement Freud and Cyril Smith have joined’ (not verbatim) Smith was also a child abuser.

  6. To be blunt , we are talking about a bunch of bent bastards hooked on sex,drugs and most of all power.There is nothing to scratch your head about. He was being polite but he was talking about muslims by mentioning Rotherham etc. We all know that.
    Those in authority dont want mass cultural riots on the streets or to lose power so they cover it up. They probabably get first dibs on the girls and that way the groomers stay safe.
    A revolution is needed Im afraid. I am truely shocked by this.

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