LIVE: Trump and Un

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  1. Coming from a position of very scant knowledge, I always had the gut feeling that the main thing Kim Jong Un really wanted is that someone from the US talked TO him instead of ABOUT him, a little like the fat kid in class who stood in the corner, excluded from everything and everyone.

    I think the most cleverly designed ‘invitation’ came when President Trump called him a “little Rocket Man” – a nearly “paternal” nick-name that someone, hungry for inclusion, could well live with.

    HOWEVER, there are two serious jobs going: a hairstylist for each one of the two !

    • All I can say is that Kim should get medical attention.
      Morbidly obese, labored breathing. Smokes 2 packs a day and consumes alcohol. Diabetic?

      I can’t begin to guess what’s going on in that critter’s head. He may as well be a Martian. Nothing remotely human could tolerate such abuse of an entire population. Whether he’s in control or being controlled, it’s incomprehensible to me.

      There’s nothing cute about him.
      They’re all monsters.
      My liking POTUS doesn’t rehabilitate Kim.

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