Who does Trudeau think he is fooling?

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12 Replies to “Who does Trudeau think he is fooling?”

  1. I think JT has bitten off more than he can chew and like so many before him, has underestimated President Trump. Trudeau, and by extension, Canada, is going to get burned by his stupidity and deliberate provocation of the President. Though I am Canadian and will be adversely affected, I will still cheer someone standing up to the globalist progressive wimps, of whom JT is the poster boy. Make him pay, Mr President!

  2. I think Trudeau just stepped in it big time.

    With Obama this would have worked, with Hillary this would have worked but with Trump!!

  3. Obama, Merkel, May and Trudeau make you feel good as you know that having reached bottom, upwards is the only possible way. Then you remember Corbyn and how authoritarian regimes have a habit of negating attempted change.

    • The only way they can go lower is going full Stalin and that probably isn’t far away.

      Yes authoritarian regimes do everything they can to prevent change, which is wny the change is normally very bloody.

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