Michael Hansen’s FULL Rotherham, Muslim-sex-slave-gangs, victim interview


  1. I have not watched this video yet. But my confidence in Michael Hansen is high enough to post sight unseen.
  2. This may cause some serious, and quite justifiable distress, as the degree of suffering of the victims compounded by the UK media and judicial system bias for muslims and against the indigenous people of the UK is profound.

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  1. I could not watch that past 5 minutes. When she said that those in charge had said that the children (ALL underage) were aiding their own abuse I became apoplectic. Some of these miserable bastards should be taken out and shot/hanged. I have read several books on or “by” the girls involved and quite honestly the ghost writers have made the girls seem to be as guilty as those molesting them and this seems indeed to be the underlying official theme. After all, they are only working class white trash and that is EXACTLY what the pakis think of them. I just hope that retribution when it comes is harsh.

    • Many of the young girls are desperate to leave their State-sponsored hell-holes of single motherhood; where the victim-rescuer is often discovered to be Allah-sent. (The rape-victims calling for assistance that are raped again).

      Without Socialism there would be no Islam. A sick culture invites parasites to move in.

  2. Shari’ah

    Mosque and state are not separate
    Jihad may be waged against injustice or an unjust nation.
    Jihad may be waged to spread Islam and force
    conversions-a holy war.
    Captives in jihad may be executed, enslaved, ransomed for money, exchanged for other prisoners.
    Property may be confiscated during jihad
    Jihad may be waged to collect spoils
    A second-class submission tax called jizyah must be imposed on Jews and Christians and other religious minorities.
    Slavery is allowed
    Male owners may have sex with his slaves, women and prepubescent girls.
    Slaves may be beaten
    Apostacy laws, including imprisonment or execution may be imposed on anyone who leaves Islam.
    Blasphemy laws including imprisonment or execution maybe imposed on critics of Islam.
    The hand of a male or female thief may be cut off.
    Homosexuals may be imprisoned, flogged or executed.
    Adulterers may be stoned to death.
    Husbands may beat their wives.
    Islam courts today can ask a doctor to remove an eye or disfigure a face or body in some way currently qisas can be applied to children in Iran.

    God what evil Islam represents. Where are all the heroes in the world?

    • You missed forced organ donation by unwilling infidels with Turkey being at the top here and actually daring to compete with China.

  3. I see they skirted around the Islam question. Mohammed himself set the example for thighing a six year old, and raping a nine year old. That social worker is a dim lightbulb. No wonder these girls have been utterly abused. Unless and until we accept that Islamic doctrine is non negotiable for both believers and infidels, this abuse will go on, and get worse as time goes by.

    • “dim lightbulb”..excellent!! . a perfect example of pushing someone into a position of responsibility, based upon her class, her sex and probably her politics, who is utterly incapable of handling the job or even of being aware that she cannot handle it. Unfortunately the very few male social workers I have met are even less inclined to get their hands dirty as the job requires. Social workers are traditionally jobs for middle class girls and to see them in a working class house scared stiff that they might catch something or dirty they clothing would be wonderful Monty Python material if it were not true. They are so out of touch with the harsh reality of working class life that they are a joke. It is quite clear by her speech that she really feels that the girls are to blame and that it is not their fault.

      • “Social workers are traditionally jobs for middle class girls”
        And they taught middle class values, thrift, cleanliness, sexual propriety and personal responsibility.

        Today, Social Workers are Marxist Activists. Gate keepers to Welfare. And the stupidest of single mothers, the better. ‘Men are all bad,’ while they expose their children to their boyfriends. The least moral entering vulnerable homes.

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