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  1. Crowds gather for Free Tommy Robinson protest in Leeds

    Around 500 protesters chanted ‘let Tommy out’ at police officers outside Leeds Crown Court on Friday. The march saw Robinson’s supporters brand police officers a ‘disgrace’, as chants of ‘you ought to be ashamed of yourselves’ broke out. The event was organised by the group Proud British, which claims on Facebook that its purpose is to ‘voice freedom of speech’ and ‘stop the strain on the NHS, schools and our public services’.

  2. Murder Educational Television
    Forensic Files recalls rape and murder of Cally Jo Larson by false-documented Mexican illegal.
    June 1, 2018
    Lloyd Billingsley

    Since the 2016 campaign, leftist Democrats have been blasting President Trump for speaking out against violent criminal illegals who rape and murder. Those who seek examples of such crimes might take a look at the “The Music Case,” a 2004 Forensic Files episode again making the rounds.

    In Wauseca, Minnesota, 12-year-old Cally Jo Larson, a bright student fond of gymnastics, is found murdered in her home. The police have no suspects but a string of burglaries leads them to Lorenzo Sanchez, who possesses items from the crime scene, such as a CD case. The episode shows how other evidence helped convict him, but there’s more to the story.

    As the narrator explains, Lorenzo Sanchez is an “illegal immigrant” from Mexico, but the episode does not explain that he had been deported twice and served a month in jail the previous year. Prosecutors and the judge knew the Mexican national was an illegal with false documents but failed to act on that reality. They let Sanchez remain in Minnesota and eight days before the murder he was picked up by police but released.

    The Mexican wandered around Wauseca burglarizing houses and broke into the Larson home through a basement door. The burglar encountered Cally Jo, who had just returned from school.

  3. CTV – Former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle granted bail

    OTTAWA — Former overseas hostage Joshua Boyle, who faces several assault charges, will be released on bail with strict conditions.

    Justice Robert Wadden handed down the decision today in Ontario court following a two-day proceeding earlier this week.

    Under the release conditions, Boyle must live with his parents in Smiths Falls, Ont., effectively under house arrest, and wear a GPS ankle bracelet that can track his movements.

    Boyle was arrested by Ottawa police in December and charged with various offences including assault, sexual assault, unlawful confinement and causing someone to take a noxious substance.

    The charges against Boyle relate to two alleged victims, but a court order prohibits the publication of any details that might identify them or any witnesses.

    Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, were taken hostage in 2012 by a Taliban-linked group during a backpacking trip in Afghanistan.

    The couple — along with the three children they had during their five years in captivity — were freed by Pakistani forces last October.

    None of the charges, which relate to incidents that allegedly occurred between Oct. 14 and Dec. 30 — after Boyle returned to Canada — have been tested in court.

    The family had been living in an Ottawa apartment for about a month when Boyle was arrested.

    Lawrence Greenspon, a lawyer for Boyle, told the court in late January that an initial evaluation found his client fit to stand trial, but added that he would benefit from a fuller assessment at a mental health centre in Brockville, Ont.

    The confidential psychiatric evaluation was completed this spring.

    CBC – Former hostage Joshua Boyle to be released on bail

    Boyle faces 19 criminal charges, including sexual assault and unlawful confinement

    Former hostage Joshua Boyle is being released on bail ahead of his trial in Ottawa on charges of assault, sexual assault and more, a judge ruled Friday after a two-day bail hearing earlier this week.

    Ontario Court Justice Robert Wadden ordered Boyle to be released on recognizance.

    Boyle will reside with his parents in Smiths Falls under strict conditions and will be placed under house arrest with GPS ankle bracelet monitoring.

    Boyle must post $10,000 bond for bail and his parents must post $10,000 each, the judge ordered. He must surrender his passport, must not have access to the internet and must not communicate with victims or their relatives.

    Details of the proceedings overseen by Justice Robert Wadden, including the evidence heard and the arguments made by the Crown and defence, are subject to a routine publication ban on bail hearings.

    The 34-year-old returned to Canada in October with his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and the three children they had during their five years in captivity in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Boyle and Coleman had been abducted while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan.

    They went first to Smiths Falls, Ont., where Boyle’s parents live, then moved to Ottawa.

    Boyle was arrested by Ottawa police on New Year’s Day, less than three months after his return to Canada.

    […]The identities of both alleged victims are subject to a publication ban, along with any information that could help identify them.

    Police allege the offences happened in Ottawa between Oct. 14 and Dec. 30.

    None of the allegations has been proven in court.

        • Speaking from very limited knowledge it probably means the design isn’t as aerodynamic as it should be and needs to forward stabilizers to prevent crashes. But as I said I have very limited knowledge on this subject.

          • It worked very well with the Israeli Kfir (and IIRC the latest mirage) and converted it into a far better all round fighter than its mirage predecessor(sales of which were blocked by France so Israel had to build their own). So perhaps it is not a sign of design weakness. The fact that it enhances manoeuvrability would make it seem ideal for an air superiority fighter.

            • Enhanced maneuverability is an advantage in an air superiority fighter, especially when you are trying to dodge missiles and get them to break lock on your aircraft.

  4. euronews – Italy’s president swears in new populist coalition government

    Italy’s president swears in an anti-establishment government, ending a three-month long political stalemate

  5. What makes a mother blow up her own child? (asiancorrespondent, Jun 1, 2018)

    “‘House of infidels’
    “They don’t want to leave their kids in the house of infidels. They want the children to enjoy the martyrdom, the sharia,” Nava Nuraniyah, an analyst at the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) in Indonesia, told Asian Correspondent.

    Nava, who has researched terrorism and radicalisation in Indonesia, details cases in which women would beg their husbands to allow the entire family, children in tow, to travel to Syria to join the fighting.

    The reason for the women’s insistence is a fear that, when separated, there is no “guarantee that their faith will remain consistent.” Martydom and entering into heaven together is the ultimate extreme of this thinking.

    There also remains concern over the wellbeing of the children if they are left behind, not only having to live without parents in a society of “infidels,” but facing the stigma of being related to terrorists, according to Dete Aliah, director of SeRVE Indonesi, an NGO working on radicalism and violent extremism in women.

    It’s likely that other families will not want to adopt them, Dete told Asian Correspondent. They will be ostracised as, as is quite often the case, the children will have been indoctrinated and radicalised too – sometimes as young as 10, Dete said.

    As the role of women within terrorist organisations increases, this is becoming a more common concern.

    Jihad ‘lionesses’
    It is only recently that women have been involved in the terrorist act itself.

    Al Qaeda and their affiliated cells, in the case of Indonesia, Jemaah Islamiyah, did not consider women as players in combat. Seeing their role as strictly to mother future jihadis, those who wished to participate were actively prevented from doing so.

    It was with the introduction of Islamic State (IS or ISIS) that changed all that, says Dete.

    Before 2015-2016, she explains, women were very much limited to supporting roles, such as logistical arrangements and acting as couriers, for example.

    “With the presence of ISIS, the role of women has evolved. ISIS is offering the opportunity to promote the conflict further, not only as a supporting role, but they can also play the main actor.”

    Despite initially encouraging women to join the caliphate with their families, as mothers, teachers and propagandists, rather than as combatants, the tactics IS used opened the door for change.

    “ISIS managed to turn the concept of jihad into a family affair, with a role for everyone,” Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) director Sidney Jones wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.

    “Women were ‘lionesses’, children were ‘cubs’. Everyone was given a sense of mission. Only by having normal families living normal lives could ISIS hope to make a claim to functioning like a normal state.”

    With women becoming a staple feature in and around combat zones, others further afield and seeking more action were liking what they saw online and heard about in chat rooms.

    Through her work with radicalised women, Nava tells of the power of the violent online content.

    The violent videos that much of the public associates with groups like IS were not only a major part of the mother’s indoctrination, but that of their children. Women would often force their children to watch these videos in order to “prepare” them for the holy war that awaited them, Nava said.

    Group think
    Coupled with the violent holy war message was that of togetherness and camaraderie. Members became part of a group with a higher purpose; one that cared and looked after each other and held an unbreakable solidarity.

    This sense of belonging is a common trait of most terrorists, social and organisational psychology professor Alex Haslam told Asian Correspondent.

    “Terrorist are often portrayed as lone wolves who are doing this on their own and have become unhinged in some way, like they have a very dark, perverted personality or personal story. Whereas the reality is, it’s always a group process,” said the University of Queensland academic.

    “It’s always about some ‘us’ that’s being mobilised and perceived to be being advanced through this action.”

    In the case of Surabaya, Puji and her family were very much ingrained in the group process, despite her neighbours and friends having no suggestion of their extremist beliefs. Puji’s husband, Dita, was believed to be leader of a chapter of local IS-linked terror group, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah.

    All three of the families that took part in the May 13 – 14 bombings were members of the same religious study group. According to police, they met every Sunday to study Islam and watch jihadist films.

    “If it’s just isolated people who have these views, they probably won’t do very much. But once they feel that they’re part of some sort of movement, and have access to material and resources within that movement, then it becomes easier,” Haslam explains.

    “In a practical sense, you can get more information. But, more particularly, there’s a psychological sense that you get a sense of your own righteousness.”

    This sense of belonging and solidarity within a group makes the family unit a logical next step for co-radicalisation.

    Radicalising the family
    While mother-child terrorist acts are a rare phenomenon, terrorists undertaking violent attacks alongside family members are not.

    Given the hardships and risks associated with radical activism, one would suspect that jihadis would seek to shield their family members from harm. But there are numerous examples of terrorists turning to their spouses and extended families – and now, it appears, their children – for recruits, either as homegrown terrorists or as foreign fighters.

    A report by Mohammed Hafez, a specialist in Islamist movements, political militancy, and violent radicalisation, shows there are countless examples throughout recent history…”

  6. German Muslims accuse Bavaria of double standards over crucifix order (reuters, Jun 1, 2018)

    “BERLIN (Reuters) – Muslim groups in Germany accused the Bavarian government of double standards on Friday as a new order requiring government buildings in the mainly Catholic southern region to display a crucifix went into effect…”

  7. Resistance Forces Deal Heavy Blow to Israel in Golan Heights: Iranian Official (tasnimnews, Mun 1, 2018)

    “Head of the Intifada (Palestinian uprising) and Quds Center at Iran’s Islamic Propagation Coordination Council praised the resistance forces’ recent attack against Israeli positions in Golan Heights as unprecedented since the establishment of the Zionist regime.

    “For the first time since the formation of the Zionist regime, Israel received a heavy blow from the Resistance Front in the Golan Heights,” Ramezan Sharif said, addressing a congregation of worshipers here in Tehran on Friday.

    He was referring to a missile attack by the resistance forces against Israel earlier in May, in which 20 projectiles were fired at the occupied Golan Height.

    “This is the beginning of a great path,” he said, adding, “Israel should be aware that it is considered as a cancerous tumor and a violator of all rules in the eyes of the world’s freedom-seekers.”

    “Free nations will finally take revenge on Israel for its atrocities against the Palestinian people,” the official went on to say.

    Ramezan Sharif also pointed to the upcoming international Quds Day and said the annual event initiated by Imam Khomeini (RA), the founder of the Islamic Republic, has been popular among Muslim nations around the world over the past years.

    The International Quds Day is an annual event during which demonstrators express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposition to the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist regime of Israel.

    The day is also seen as the legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, who officially declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day back in 1979.

    This year, Muslims world over will mark the International Quds Day on June 8.”

  8. Return to the Qur’an is the key to success (saudigazette, Jun 1, 2018)

    “IMAMS of the Two Holy Mosques, in their Friday sermons, urged the faithful to devote their time and energy in reaping maximum fruits of Ramadan by taking advantage of the remaining days of the fasting month.

    Addressing hundreds of thousands of the faithful who thronged the Grand Mosque in Makkah on the third Friday of Ramadan, imam and khateeb Sheikh Saleh Al-Taleb called on believers to return to the Holy Qur’an, which is a panacea for myriad illnesses of the mankind. “The Holy Qur’an was revealed in the month of Ramadan as a guidance for the entire mankind and hence it is inevitable to return to the holy book for success in this life and in the Hereafter. Apart from reciting the Qur’an, we have to ponder over the meanings and implications of its verses,” he said while emphasizing the need for reorganizing life in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an…”

  9. Al-Qaeda warns Saudi crown prince over ‘sinful projects’ (mee, Jun 1, 2018)

    “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has warned Saudi Arabia’s reformist Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over his “sinful projects”, in a bulletin released on Friday.

    Prince Mohammad has spearheaded a string of policy changes in Saudi Arabia, including reinstating cinemas and allowing women to drive.

    “The new era of bin Salman replaced mosques with movie theatres,” the Yemen-based group said in its Madad news bulletin, picked up by the SITE Intelligence Group.

    He “substituted books that belonged to the imams… with absurdities of the atheists and secularists from the east and the West and opened the door wide for corruption and moral degradation”, it said.

    AQAP has flourished amid a complex war in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia heads a military alliance battling Houthi rebels.

    In its statement, AQAP slammed April’s WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event, a wrestling tournament that was held in Jeddah, near the Islam’s most holy sites in Mecca.

    “(Foreign) disbelieving wrestlers exposed their privates and on most of them was the sign of the cross, in front of a mixed gathering of young Muslim men and women,” it said.

    “The corruptors did not stop at that, for every night musical concerts are being announced, as well as movies and circus shows,” SITE quoted it as saying.

    AQAP in southern Yemen is the target of a long-running drone campaign by the United States, which regards it as the most dangerous branch of the group…”

  10. Anti-Muslim US police trainers thrive in unregulated industry (mee, Jun 1. 2018)

    “One of many
    Guandolo is only the most visible member of a cottage industry that spreads anti-Islam sentiment among law enforcement officers under the guise of counter-terrorism training.

    With law enforcement officers around the country required to meet state requirements on training hours every year, there is great demand for private companies and individuals that offer such courses.

    That demand, coupled with a lack of oversight on the federal and state level, has created room for Guandolo and similar figures to operate and prosper.

    In March, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police pulled support for a similar training course instructed by former police chief David Bores that the American Civil Liberties Union called “inflammatory, hateful and potentially unconstitutional”.

    A group called Sharia Crime Stoppers offers “certified law enforcement training” sessions that teach that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US government and that mosques in America are a symbol of conquest.

    Even more legitimate-looking training companies may not be immune to biased training. Blue Shield Tactical Systems offers courses on de-escalation and leadership alongside terrorism. One of its terrorism trainers, however, has written about how Muslim communities are infiltrating America with the aim of taking it over.

    As anti-Islam trainers have learned to keep a low profile to avoid the kind of blowback that Guandolo regularly faces, Islamophobia watchers in the US worry that the industry of anti-Islam trainers is larger than it appears.

    “You just have this really toxic and really dangerous environment where Muslim individuals, Muslim communities are stigmatised and criminalised and real bias is being trained and taught to law enforcement,” said Kristin Garrity Sekerci, a senior research fellow at Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative, which focuses on combating Islamophobia.

    ‘Absolutely no regulation’
    While local law enforcement departments show an enormous demand for outsourced training, many courses and their instructors face little to no vetting or regulation.

    The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) found that Guandolo’s course in San Angelo was inappropriate only after it sent one of its employees to it. In refusing to issue credit for the course, the commission said it lacks the ability to pre-screen classes.

    “With approximately 1.8 million hours of training conducted each year, the vast majority without controversy, TCOLE simply does not have the resources to do so,” the commission wrote in a letter to the Texas Observer. “We therefore place a great deal of trust in, and responsibility on, its training providers.”

    Texas is not an exception to the rule. Maki Haberfeld, an expert on police training programmes and a professor at New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said private police training is a largely unregulated industry, with no federal oversight and very little state regulation.

    The result, she said, is unqualified trainers teaching local law enforcement.

    “Many of them have no background as police trainers, but they’re part of the way American police forces are trained,” Haberfeld said. “It’s really up to the police chief or the head of the police academy who will deliver training. There’s absolutely no regulation of it.”

    “Basically it’s who you know, who the commissioner knows, how much they charge. It’s very concerning,” she added. “It’s not that they are specifically looking for some anti-Islam police trainers, it’s just part of the dysfunctional approach to police training.”

    Teaching that Islam is the enemy
    Several recordings which recently surfaced cast a light on what Guandolo taught local cops.

    In the San Angelo class, an audio recording by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement showed that Guandolo told law enforcement officers that the vast majority of Islamic centres in the US were fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He also said that “moderate” Muslims will turn militant if told to do so; that Muslims are obligated to lie to non-Muslims; and that there was nothing particularly more “extreme” or “radical” about the Islamic State (IS) group than Islam as it is practiced by everyday Muslims.

    In a video of a class in Arizona last year that was secretly filmed by Al Jazeera, Guandolo sought to paint mosques in America as vehicles of conquest.

    “So what’s a mosque? Don’t say a Muslim church – I hear that all the time,” he said. “A mosque is claiming land. Think of a mosque as a mixture of an embassy…a military outpost, an Islamic university or school and a house of prayer all wrapped in one. That’s what a mosque is.”

    Those combating Islamophobia say these kinds of lessons pose a real danger to Muslims living in the communities that these law enforcement officers serve.

    “Can you imagine, after somebody takes this three-hour indoctrination course of hating Islam, the next time that officer would stop a Muslim family with a broken taillight? What would happen as a result?” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesperson for the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil rights group that is regularly accused of being a terrorist front by Guandolo and other law enforcement trainers.

    “It’s just designed to create fear and division and promote bigotry and intolerance.”

    Hate crimes against Muslims have spiked in recent years, rising by 15 percent in 2017, according to CAIR. And Beirich, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project director, says anti-Muslim training renders Muslims even more at risk.

    “I think having somebody sit in a room for a few hours and listen to the complete demonisation of Muslims that Guandolo believes cannot be a good thing,” she said.

    “The Muslim population is a small, vulnerable population in this country,” Beirich added. “When you have somebody like Guandolo going in front of law enforcement and telling cops that all Muslims are terrorists or they don’t deserve the same First Amendment protections or religious protections that everybody else gets, you’re making that population even more vulnerable.

    “You’re taking a group of people and saying they’re essentially enemies of America.””

    • quote:”You’re taking a group of people and saying they’re essentially enemies of America”. Funny thing that. I could have sworn….

  11. Man who assaulted wife released, man who intervened in legal trouble (hurriyetdailnyews, Jun 1, 2018)

    “After intervening to prevent a man from beating his wife on a street in Istanbul on May 30, a cleaning worker was praised on social media but was later questioned by police while the woman’s husband was released.

    “The man told police he was not beating his wife and that she had merely put on an act by throwing herself to the ground. He also filed a complaint against me for beating him. The prosecutor has released him but I have been questioned by police. This is what has offended me the most,” Emre Dereba??, 29, told daily Habertürk on June 1.

    Dereba?? was on his regular cleaning duty in Istanbul’s Ka??thane district on Wednesday morning when he spotted a couple arguing in the street. The argument quickly escalated into a fight in which the man, identified as Mehmet T., violently assaulted his wife with rolls of papers in his hand as they were returning from a divorce hearing in court.

    Spotting the assault, Dereba?? intervened and head-butted the man. Other passersby also reacted quickly and prevented the man from running away by holding him while calling the police.

    Dereba?? reportedly said he first thought the man was beating the woman with a stick.

    “That’s why I directly intervened. Perhaps it was a little bit harsh. I have no regrets. I did my duty as a human being. I am against violence but I could not stand by and watch as the victim was a woman. I would do it again if it happens again,” he told the newspaper.”

  12. Turkey will never allow fait accompli in seas: Defense Minister Canikli (hurriyetdailynews, Jun 1, 2018)

    “Turkey will never allow fait accompli that would diminish its role and sovereignty in seas, Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli has vowed, indirectly referring to Greece and Greek Cyprus.

    “We will never allow any attempt or step that would jeopardize or destroy Turkey’s interests in the seas,” Canikli said on June 1 aboard the TCG Giresun Frigate in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

    The TCG Giresun Frigate operates in the eastern Mediterranean Sea for patrolling and surveillance missions.

    “Those who have plans for an attack or threats against Turkey should think twice. We have to take measures to protect this country’s interests in our seas, as we do everywhere. And we are taking them,” Canikli said.

    The minister said Turkey has been noticing that some countries are in efforts to introduce new versions of the “Byzantine games” in a bid to eliminate Turkey’s interests in seas. “We will never allow this,” he said.

    “We will do whatever is necessary,” he added.

    The minister’s indirect comments towards Greece and Greek Cyprus came nearly two weeks after Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar made a similar statement on the issue.

    Turkey and Greece have for a long time been at odds over the Aegean Sea. The two NATO allies came to the brink of a war in 1996 over the sovereignty of the uninhabited Kardak islets in the Aegean.”

  13. Italy vows to ‘send home’ around half a MILLION undocumented immigrants (express, Jun 1, 2018)

    “ITALY’s interior minister Matteo Salvini has declared one of the new government’s top priorities will be to “send them home”, in a move that signals he will keep a campaign pledge which could result in hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants leaving Italy.

    Mr Salvini, leader of Lega, campaigned during the Italian national election on a pledge of deporting 500,000 migrants within five years if his party wins the election – including 100,000 in the first year.

    The new government, a populist coalition between Lega and the Five Star Movement was sworn in today in Rome.

    Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a 53-year-old law professor, will lead a government that aims to cut taxes and boost welfare spending, while also wanting to overhaul EU rules on immigration and budgets.

    Hours after the government was approved Mr Salvini said Italy would now take a tougher approach.

    “Open doors in Italy for good people and a one-way ticket for those who come to Italy to create commotion and think they will be taken care of. ‘Send them home’ will be one of our top priorities,” he said.

    Calogero Santoro is the head of Girasoli, a non-profit organisation that promotes the integration of migrants and refugees in local communities in Sicily.

    Speaking to the Guardian he said: “Fake news about migrants have spread all over Italy during the last campaign.

    “My concern is the future of asylum seekers, people who are eligible for a refugee status. What will happen to them under Salvini’s League?”

    During the Italian national election campaign, Mr Salvini said: “The only antidote to racism is to control, regulate and limit immigration. There are millions of Italians in economic difficulty.

    “Italians are not racist, but out-of-control immigration brings with it far from positive reactions. We want to prevent that.”

    Pierre Vimont, a French diplomat who works at the Carnegie Europe think-tank, said Italy’s government could be in violation of international and EU refugee law if it follows through with its immigration pledge.

    “If the new Italian government says: ‘I don’t care, I don’t want to accept any refugees’, they may be in contradiction and in violation of this international convention,” he said.

    Mr Vimont added that it was “a bit ludicrous” for the government to think they had the answers to problems that had eluded other European governments for 20 years.

    “The whole problem about the populist approach is that it is pretending and has convinced the electorate that things can be managed quickly and that quick solutions can happen just like that. And on migration more than anything else, this has never been the case,” he added.

    Many member states within the EU want to overhaul its asylum law, known as the Dublin regulation.

    Under the current system a refugee or migrant who enters an EU country must register in that country. They then cannot seek asylum somewhere elsewhere for a period of six months.

    It has been proposed that quotas could be introduced, but only at a time if refugee numbers spike, to reduce the risk of setting off another crisis.

    However, some member states are bitterly opposed to mandatory quotas, most notably Poland and Hungary.

    Bulgaria, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, has proposed to increase the initial period a person cannot seek asylum in another country. They want to increase the period from six months to ten years.

    A Bulgarian presidency spokeswoman said: “Dublin reform is a priority.

    “We have been working very hard in finding the right balance as our leaders instructed us.

    “We are very happy that those countries take active part in the negotiations and have a constructive approach.””

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