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23 Replies to “Free Tommy demo, UK Consulate, Ottawa Canada”

  1. It’s really wonderful that people protested outside the UK Consulate, on behalf of Tommy. However, it’s a real shame that the demonstration wasn’t publicized better, so that many more demonstrators could have shown up, to send a much stronger message to the UK Government. It’s a numbers game. Politicians like May, need to be very worried about losing their jobs, if Tommy isn’t freed sooner than later. They also need to worry that their travel industry, and other areas of their economy, will be destroyed by protestors from countries around the world. While highly commendable for the effort – small protests will have little or no impact on the “elites”. There is strength in numbers.

    • Yes. I do not know how or if they publicized it but I did hear there was VERY little time to pull it together.

      • I understand the urgency to organize a protest quickly – but a couple of days with advertising on blogs like yours, could have resulted in a turn out of thousands instead of a handful of people. I really admire their effort to try and do something for Tommy, I just wish their voice had been stronger through numbers.

      • I completely understand their sense of urgency, because all of us want Tommy freed before he is harmed. Also, I truly admire their effort to take the time to go to the Consulate & protest. But a couple of days of advertising the demo on blogs such as yours, could have made the difference between a handful of people versus several hundred or thousands showing up to support Tommy. Hopefully, the organizers will consider doing another demo, that is advertised well beforehand.

          • I agree with you 100%. In their defense – people are really struggling with what is happening in the west – consequently they aren’t thinking clearly, and are making snap decisions. They are frightened and desperate.

            Those who are aware of what is really going on, know that we are running out of time to save our way of life. We are drowning, and just flapping our arms in the air above our heads, while sinking to the bottom.

            There are no easy answers to these problems. It’s all I’ve thought about since 911, and I still don’t have any answers. I personally find it difficult to be optimistic about the future – yet I hate thinking that way. But, more often than not, I think the west is a rotting corpse, and it won’t be long before the final nails are hammered into our coffin.

            A society that turns its back on children being abused and tortured by rape gangs; tolerates FGM; child marriages; makes excuses for the most barbaric acts; punishes patriots for trying to defend our way of life, and allows every level of government to be infiltrated by those who seek our demise – has lost its soul & will to live. Can the west ever recover from the severe and pervasive damage that has been done? I honestly don’t know anymore.

            My admiration is immense for the individuals who run these blogs, and live on a daily basis with the obscene filth being imposed upon us by our politicians. They are the ones on the front lines, like Tommy, and the risks are huge.

            • We need to organize behind leaders who recognizes the danger and knows what the treasonous politicians are capable of.

              I am not sure there is a peaceful way to save our way of life, this is a case where prepare for the worst and pray for the best is the only way to go.

              • To the best of my knowledge, there is no one in Canada who has the guts to do what Geert Wilders does – be surrounded by body guards 24/7, and change houses frequently so that he isn’t killed. I hope and pray for a peaceful solution – because the other approach will lead to nothing but economic turmoil, heartache, bloodshed, and death.

          • Could be, that is one advantage but I am not sure it off sets the impact that a much larger group would have had on the British politicians.

  2. It’s Time for The Working Class Man.
    The Proletariat, The People, rise up!
    Weep The Innocent Lamb.
    Jailed and made to shut up.
    Embrace our toil by the hand.
    Priests and Teachers corrupt!
    Remove Preferential Demand.
    Equality, Unfairness, take up!
    Comrades! Return to the Land.
    Each will drink from his cup.
    Useful Idiots were planned
    Fast tracked, Common Purpose, shoot up!
    Marxists we understand.
    Displacement. Insecurity. Run amok!

    • This man deceived a Lender
      A crime you want released?
      Twice intimidated ‘The Accused’
      Both Judges had deceased?
      The Rule of Law applies not to me,
      I’m better than the least
      Living on State Welfare
      And Members of The Beast?
      Those dhimmis dragged along with them, separate by each;
      Held accountable, individually.
      Is this what we teach?

      • An explanation for my son.

        Tommy Robinson is an activist against the Islamisation of the UK. The murders, rape gangs, halal food industry, intimidation of the kufar are all intended to bring Sharia Law to the world. Submission of willing slaves where children are left exposed by their parents to the Imams.

        The ‘abortion of necessity,’ to create the situation of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, is often self-created. This is what Tommy has himself made. He fraudulently obtained a mortgage. He interfered with Defendants at two different trials. The making of his own misery for someone else then to rescue him. Made in Dagenham.

        • This comment requires a fairly lengthy essay to properly and fairly address.

          The time and energy to do so, is a luxury at this point. But here is a summary of what I would say if able.

          1. The kind of person who has the necessary attributes to do what Tommy does, and no one else in the UK does, is likely to have engaged in things we generally would not approve of.

          This may also be true of President Trump and Prime Minister Churchill. Both men to whom I have an unflagging gratitude.

          2. The interference with the trial was well covered by Ezra Levant’s livecast on Youtube where it was revealed that 7 other media sites, not least of which was a Sikh equivalent of Tommy, was doing precisely the same thing at the same place at the same time as Tommy, and, that there was no jury at this trial, and, that the verdict had been given already, just not the sentence. Which is why these men had their overnight bags with them as it was likely some or all were headed from the sentencing to prison.


          Lastly, and most importantly for me, is that all protests about Tommy’s arrest I think are for most people, because of what he represents and not what has happened to him.

          The public with varying degrees of conscious awareness I believe see his arrest and jailing as the government’s continued suppression of the truth of the islamization and crushing of indigenous British people by a state grown increasingly distant from the electorate.

          As arrogant as this may sound, my suspicion is that most who protest for Tommy in fact see it this way even if its semi consciously. This event is symbolic of a thousand events which the public swallowed without kinetic reactions of any kind. From the grotesquely unfair trials of Muslims who committed crimes against the British people who on the whole, pay for their life choices and tolerate their superior status in law, even though many are not even in the country legally.

          This is simply the place where the pipe burst. And it was an excellent place for it to burst as well if not the ideal one. The ideal one is actually a place I cannot imagine.

          The calm moderate voices like Douglas Murray, I cannot imagine actually getting anything done at all. He is one of the few who manages to speak a few truths without ruffling feathers. If feathers aren’t ruffled, then we don’t have a chance.

          The communists, Fabian Society and many other groups, including the odd coalition between corrupt corporate entities and communists, and of course, the omnipresent Muslim Brotherhood, mean business. The worst estimate of readers of this site is likely accurate in terms of what is planned.

          It is not an accident of geography that muslim and communist countries are the worst places in human history to live. And it is more than likely that this will happen ‘here’ wherever ‘here’ is at this point.

          With each passing opportunity to turn this thing around, the measures required to preserve ourselves and our values and our history and way of life and freedoms to do so require more and more drastic measures.

          Demanding the release of Tommy Robinson is barely what I would call “a good start”, but at least it is a start.

          Perfection is the enemy of the good. And the longer we wait for perfection, the options will become increasingly less good.

          I look forward to any responses.

          • Thank you Eeyor, for laboring this.

            “Lastly, and most importantly for me, is that all protests about Tommy’s arrest I think are for most people, because of what he represents and not what has happened to him.”

            That is my only point; to raise attention to it. To know the difference.

          • .”..my suspicion is that most who protest for Tommy in fact see it this way even if its semi consciously.”

            Three expanding semiconscious states of existence: Homosexuality, Socialism and Islam.

            So, in my opinion, to release semiconcious angry Working Class people amongst these made Legally Preferential, (pseudointellectuals who have systematically raped children over decades), you then have a civil war. The European Spring. The Revolution, that the Marxists had been setting up. Class Warfare. They laugh when they slip another devisive thing into their ‘humanitarian’ policies. The worm has turned. Rage and vengence. The Workers Unite. And the Peacekeepers roll in.

            Therefore, a clear head at all times.

            Hungary has seen this done before. They won’t budge.

          • “Demanding the release of Tommy Robinson is barely what I would call “a good start”, but at least it is a start.”

            Demanding an investigation of the investigation of Tommy Robinson is a better start. The sense is that corruption has been swept under the carpet, because it stinks.

          • Robinson admitted two counts of conspiring with others to obtain a mortgage by misrepresentation from the Abbey and Halifax building societies.

            Judge Andrew Bright QC described him as the “instigator, if not the architect” of some of the frauds.

            “Passing sentence, the judge told him: “This was an operation which was fraudulent from the outset and involved a significant amount of forward planning.”

            He described Robinson as a “fixer” who had introduced others to fraudulent mortgage broker Deborah Rothschild.”

      • I got a suspended sentence,
        What kind of punishment is that?
        If I reoffended,
        “Wait until your father’s back!”
        I’d rather pay my crime
        Than Creditors hold me due,
        For what in character I lack,
        The State must always rescue.

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