Interesting interview with male cross dresser on tactics by the right and left against him

This is a more interesting and revealing interview I think than a person might think at first.

There is definitely the clear point that while a few individuals on the right have called him a name or two, and not particularly harsh ones really, the left is using life-destroying tactics and harsher names. This doesn’t stop him or the interviewer from towing the narrative line on the right where one or two people not associated with Tommy’s March last weekend paint everyone who was there as alt.right or whatnot. The narrative has been written and it will be obeyed. But despite themselves the message gets out in that samizdat sort of way.

I wouldn’t be surprised really if both parties intended that. Things have gotten so bad that according to Katie Hopkins, many MSM reporters have confided to her that they are sick and tired of peddling lies.

People like him used freedom of speech to be able to make a living as a man dressing up and play acting as a woman. Something humans have likely done since the first cave man put straw on his head and half coconut shells on his chest. So it should come as no surprise that large segments of the alternative sexual-dimorphism community would support freedom of speech along with hundreds of thousands of others, falsely branded as far right wing. They may have a lifestyle other than most of ours but they aren’t idiots.

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  1. Once freedom of speeach is gone the other rights and liberties we take for granted will soon follow. That will include the freedom to have an alternative life style, After all how can they control everyone if some life differently then others? The are firm believers in a one size fits all world, they will use the alternative lifestyles to damage and destroy the base culture of the nations they are attacking but once they have control they will violently suppress the alternative life styles.

  2. This image of a woman
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    Nor taken captive slaves.
    The Left and the Right
    Their Beta-Dhimmi Gaze
    Can have a whore with more on
    From Aladin’s Cave.

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