Three Churches bombed in Moderate Indonesia: Links 1, May 13, 2018

1. Here is the most self defeating tweet of the history of that medium I suspect.

The thread isn’t a bad read either.

2. Top 10 at The Rebel.Media

3. Major explosion at Indonesian church killing so far uncounted worshipers.

4. What do the people of Jerusalem think of the new US embassy?

5. Air Strip One: A lesson on 1984

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Kathy, Richard, Norseradish, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. We are working hard on a number of translations right now, including a new Orban one. Please stand by for that, hopefully tonight.

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  1. 2.

    “1. British Police Threaten to Prosecute Facebook Users Under Malicious Communications Act for Mocking Them”

    “West Yorkshire Police were derided by social media users after sharing a picture of a drugs bust on their Wakefield Rural page. The haul involved a comically small quantity of cannabis, MailOnline reports.

    “Wow that’s put a dent in the war on drugs lol” commented one user sarcastically.

    “Hope you manage to nail Pablo Escobar this afternoon” added another.

    The police force did not see the funny side of the criticism, however, issuing a statement advising that it had banned a number of people from its Facebook page and would track down and pursue prosecutions against anyone being “insulting, abusive, or offensive”.”

    Institutional Offence.

    • This would be a good time for tens of thousands of UK residents to mock the British police. And I am desperately sad to say it, but it would be richly deserved at this point. Soon, an international law will be passed preventing people from outside a jurisdiction to mock the institutions anywhere else.

      After all. What exactly would Globalism mean if that did not happen. Right?
      Clearly the plan is to make sure that governments who do not like their people, can dissolve their people and elect a new people. Its most decidedly happening in many Western nations. And stopping people from complaining about that, and complaining about aspects of it, has to be part of the plan.

      • Soon, an international law will be passed preventing people from outside a jurisdiction to mock the institutions anywhere else.

        After all. What exactly would Globalism mean if that did not happen. Right?

        So, what you’re saying is a World Without Borders™ except, of course, for Free Speech, the Internet, non-Narrative dissent, Conservatism, Christianity, heterosexual advocacy, and just generally being logical or rational. For them, there’s borders upon borders.

  2. For anything Iran and Syria, I follow Raman Ghavami@Raman_Ghavami AND Heshmat Alavi@HeshmatAlavi.

    They manage to get those rare and short video clips out of Iran, and at times Syria and Iraq, as well short messages. It gives you a feel for what’s truly happening. Very interesting.

    All those involved in the Iran deal are threatened. I was looking at Federica Mogherini give a speech the other day, she was outright exhausted. And then, we have Kerry all over the place. There’s one reason for that: the money they were paid by the Iranians.

    AS TO BRITAIN, the goose is cooked for two and only two reasons: The police is no longer siding with its majority citizens and there aren’t any decent political leaders willing to stand for their citizenry.

    The great news: Jerusalem. God Bless Donald J. Trump.

  3. Quote from the Jim Butcher book “The Aeronauts Windlass”:

    Bridget said….”We’re a civilized society, are we not?”

    Esterbrook blinked. “Since when, miss? We’re a democracy”

    “Just what do you mean”

    “The heart of democracy is violence, Miss Tagwyen” Easterbrook said. “In order to decide what to do, we take a count of everyone for and againstit, and then do what ever the larger side wishes to do. We’re having a symbolic battle, the outcome decided by simple numbers….”

    In a lot of ways he is right, the problem is that the only nation current existing as a nominal semi democracy that allows the people to turn the symbolic violence into actual violence is the US. The other nations have disarmed their people and the politicians now control the nations no matter what the majority say. Robert Heinlein said that no treaty is worth the paper it is written on until ratified on the battlefield. The same can be said about elections in Democratic nations, at least to the point that they aren’t valid unless the winners have the power to ratify them on the battlefield. We in the US are fighting a legal battle to ratify the vote in the last Presidential Election and the losers are wondering if we have the power to ratify it on the battlefield.

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