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  1. Mueller’s Investigation Crosses the Legal Line
    It’s unconstitutional under Morrison v. Olson—the decision, not the dissent.

    Judge T.S. Ellis has expressed skepticism about the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. “What we don’t want in this country is . . . anyone with unfettered power,” Judge Ellis, who is to preside over the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, told prosecutor Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben May 4. “So it’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me that the special prosecutor has unlimited powers.”
    Judge Ellis is right to be skeptical. Mr. Mueller’s investigation has crossed a constitutional line, for reasons the U.S. Supreme Court made clear in the 1988 case Morrison v. Olson. That case is best known for Justice Antonin Scalia’s powerful lone dissent arguing that the post-Watergate independent counsel statute was unconstitutional. But Chief Justice William Rehnquist’s opinion for the court, while upholding the statute, set forth limits that the Mueller investigation has exceeded.
    U.S. Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1990.
    U.S. Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1990. PHOTO: CYNTHIA JOHNSON/GETTY IMAGES
    At issue is the Constitution’s Appointments Clause, which provides that “principal officers” must be appointed by the president with the Senate’s consent. Rehnquist wrote that independent counsel Alexia Morrison qualified as an “inferior officer,” not subject to the appointment process, because her office was “limited in jurisdiction” to “certain federal officials suspected of certain serious federal crimes.”
    Mr. Mueller, in contrast, is investigating a large number of people and has already charged defendants with many different kinds of crimes, including—as in Mr. Manafort’s case—ones unrelated to any collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia. That’s too much power for an inferior officer to have. Only a principal officer, such as a U.S. attorney, can behave the way Mr. Mueller is behaving. Mr. Mueller is much more powerful today than any of the 96 U.S. attorneys. He is behaving like a principal officer.

  2. Gunman who attempted to rob young children and families outside a school is killed by a waiting mother (who turned out to be an off-duty armed policewoman)
    Military police officer Katia da Silva Sastre, 42, rounded on the gunman
    Shooter has been identified as 21-year-old man Elivelton Neves Moreira
    The suspect died later the same day in hospital from his injuries
    Officer Sastre commended for her actions despite the ‘regrettable’ outcome
    She was honored for her bravery by Sao Paulo’s governor Márcio França Sunday

  3. Egypt’s top prosecutor refers 278 to military court for joining, leading terrorist groups Hasm, Lewaa El-Thawra (ahram, May 13, 2018)–to-military-court-fo.aspx

    “Egypt’s Prosecutor-General Nabil Sadek said in a statement on Sunday that the prosecution has referred 278 defendants who belong to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group to military court on charges of leading and joining the two banned armed groups Hasm and Lewaa El-Thawra, which are affiliated with the Brotherhood.

    The general prosecution said the group, which includes 141 people in precautionary detention, have carried out 12 terrorist operations in several governorates through cluster cells affiliated with the two terrorist groups, which targeted and killed police officers, manufactured car bombs to use in terrorist operations, and targeted vital and economic installations and public figures.

    According to investigations carried out by the High State Security prosecution, the defendants supplied the two groups with money, explosives, weaponry and ammunition, and other forms of logistical support.

    The statement said that according to investigations by the National Security Agency at the Ministry of Interior, fugitive Brotherhood leaders in Turkey plotted with fugitive members of the group in Egypt to rebuild its armed wing to carry out hostile acts against members of the Egyptian judiciary, police, army, public figures; as well as obstruct the country’s economic reform program and topple state institutions.

    Fifty-two of the defendants have provided the prosecution with detailed confessions of their crimes, the statement said, adding that some of the defendants received military and technical training in Sudan on the manufacturing of explosives.

    The prosecution said that the defendants were found in possession of 100 machine guns, 11,000 rounds of ammunition, 70 explosive devices, 13 landmines, seven cars, and military uniforms.

    The High State Security Prosecution said the Brotherhood has assembled its members in 17 governorates nationwide under the name Hasm and Lewaa El-Thawra to plot terrorist attacks.

    According to the statement, Brotherhood leaders have provided both financial and logistical support for members of the armed groups, providing them with 25 locations to manufacture and store explosives.

    Three of these locations, which were discovered in Beheira and Alexandria governorates, were used to store weaponry and nearly a tonne of the highly explosive material RDX, as well as vehicles to be fitted with bombs for terrorist attacks.

    The statement said that these groups have carried out assassinations and attempted assassinations against policemen, governors, and public figures in Daqahliya, Fayoum, and Damietta.

    Hasm has claimed responsibility for a number of deadly attacks against Egyptian security personnel since 2016, mostly targeting police checkpoints, policemen, and public figures.

    In 2016, Hasm claimed responsibility for the assassination of a senior policeman in Fayoum. It also claimed responsibility for an assassination attempt against former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa outside a mosque in 6 October City in August 2017.

    Over the past year, Egypt’s interior ministry has said that security forces have killed and arrested dozens of Hasm members in shootouts during security raids.

    Meanwhile, Lewaa Al-Thawra has claimed responsibility for the October 2017 assassination of a high-ranking army officer outside his home in Qalyoubia governorate.”

  4. ‘You Are a Terror State’: Erdogan Says Israel Pushing Region Into War (sputniknews, May 13. 2018)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of using unnecessary aggression in Syria and blamed Tel Aviv for pushing the entire region toward full-scale war.

    In an interview with BBC Arabic on Sunday, Erdogan said that Israel is “sowing fear and pushing” the Middle Eastern “region to war.”

    The Turkish leader also denounced an Israeli airstrike on Syria that took place three days ago, calling it an attack on the sovereignty of the beleaguered nation, now in its seventh year of civil war.

    Erdogan also criticized US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, reported.

    Erdogan has consistently criticized recent actions by both the US and Israel. Last week, he told CNN that the US Israeli embassy’s move to Jerusalem was a “huge mistake.” He repeated his position that “east Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” and that “when a Palestinian state will be established,” a Turkish embassy will open there.

    According to Erdogan, Trump’s decision further isolates the US diplomatically. He said that by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the US stands to “lose allies.”

    In late March, the Turkish leader “strongly” condemned an “inhumane attack” by Israeli soldiers on unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on the of the Gaza Strip border, a day after the Israeli military killed 16 other unarmed Palestinian protesters. As of May 13, the death toll stodd at 53 people, including the elderly, children and journalists.

    “Have you heard any noteworthy objections to the massacre by Israel that happened yesterday in Gaza from those who criticize the Afrin operation?” Erdogan asked during his March 31 speech in Istanbul, referring to a Turkish military invasion against Kurds in northern Syria.

    Netanyahu has for years on Twitter accused Erdogan of “bombing civilian populations indiscriminately.”

    Speaking to supporters in the province of Adana, Erdogan said to the Israeli Prime Minister:

    “We [Turkey] are dealing with terrorists. But you are not concerned about terrorists because you are a terror state,” according to Hurriyet.”

  5. BREAKING: Indonesia HORROR continues as explosion hits police HQ – at least one dead (express,May 14, 2018)

    “AN EXPLOSION has hit an Indonesian police headquarters, killing at least one officer, officials have confirmed.

    The incident took place in Surabaya.

    No further details are known.

    The explosion comes after suicide bombers affiliated with Islamic-state inspired group Jemaah Ansharut Daulah launched horrifying attacks on three churches in the same city.

    More to follow…”

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