Murals in hall outside cafeteria of Ottawa High School

The following two photos are of murals on the wall right outside the school cafeteria at Canterbury High in Ottawa Canada.

It would be interesting to know if a naked straight couple groping each other would be permissible.

Thanks JU for the photos.

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  1. Really? Is that actually on a mural at a school? And how many teenage boys are going to see that mural and see how “normalized” gay sex is and then decide to take care of that omnipresent erection by having sex with another guy ’cause it’s OK now?

    Isn’t that lovely? First, the left-wing feminists alienate and villainize boys to the point that there is an entire movement (MGTOW) of young men who now hate females and are vowing to steer clear of them at all cost. Then the left-wing homosexuals ramp up the pro-gay propaganda and try to get as many of those already alienated boys to try switching to gay. Clearly, the left wing is not going to stop this bullshit until our entire civilization is completely discredited and destroyed. Either that or something awful happens to the leftists who are tirelessly crafting this sneak attack…

    But then, what’s the point now anyway? The left has let so many immigrants into our country that no young person can afford to buy a house and start a family now. So they might as well be gay anyway ’cause they don’t have the two-million dollars cash that you now need to start a family. Is that game, set, and match? Are we sunk already?

      • We are only “sunk” if we shut up and give up.

        Brava, Wolf Woman! Never, never, never give up!

      • What we have to do is to go on the offensive, we need to stop reacting to them and make them react to us, to stop fighting the fight they want but instead make them fight the fight we want.

        • Agreed. It’s time to disallow the counterculture to steer the narrative and time for mainstream America to take back the reins. Screw their B.S.!

        • … Nr One is the get rid of sick administration of School and start to look for smart, intelligent people to be the guardian of children’s lives. Stand up and object, speak loudly that this type of culture hasn’t got place in Canadian culture or any other country. Smash sickos and return to morality. Looks like too much of democracy is twisting some peoples brains.

      • excellent comment.
        And we are going to fight this good fight…until we win.
        Never back down…never give up!

      • If somebody went to your workplace and painted a mural of a swastika how long would it stay up before somebody complained to their boss to have it taken down?

        “Buy why remove it Pat? What is the problem with a little artistic expression?”

        “If we leave it up we are sending a signal that not only do we tolerate the symbol, we are actually encouraging and even celebrating it! It looks bad for all of us and if we don’t do something we are to blame!”

        The same thing can be said of this mural. The teachers are encouraging, and celebrating homosexuality among minors. If teachers do not complain to the principal, then they are tolerating, encouraging, and celebrating the corruption of young minds.

        Think of a grade 9 Muslim child new to this country, desperately trying to fit in to a new culture while not losing their own identity or violating their own deep religious beliefs? What message does this show? She covers her hair out of her religious devotion, but she goes to a school that celebrates art by showing nude women kissing.

        The message is clear. Buy into our way of thinking or be ostracized. Obey or be cast out. Imagine the shock on her parent’s faces when they come to the school to meet their daughter’s teachers, only to be confronted with such a sight.

        What kind of teacher would feel comfortable talking to young students, trying to guide them through life, while standing in front of a mural where two naked males are kissing and grabbing each other’s penises?

        What will be next on the Teacher’s approved list of controversial topics? Mohammed and Jesus kissing? Is that art? Would they allow that?

        The teachers of this school must be held accountable. This is not some surprise by a young art student. This is erotic propaganda being encouraged by adult teachers and staff in that very school.

          • I do not wish to speak for someone else, but I suspect he is equating two highly inappropriate things for our understanding. Everything has a place or a context. Some people feel that needs to be discussed. Especially when it comes to children, and mandatory attendance. Claiming he is equating Nazism with homosexuality is a man of straw really.

          • Clever response. I believe the commentator mentioned the Swastika in a reference to freedom of speech. The liberal knee jerk reaction is to divert and degrade a legitimate discussion. Mainly because Naziism was (is) a false construct of nationalism. In actual fact, many of the promoters of Naziism were homosexual and even Jewish. But that is another discussion. The real question is who is promoting homosexuality in schools and why? If you really want to see hysterics, you could equate homosexuality with Judaism. But in all honesty, that is also a straw man argument.

    • This is a visual arts school, all of these comments are hilarious. The Actually artist is amazing. We have multiple murales like these, as they are made by the students themselves.

      • So what? That makes it ok? Do this work in your own home. Our history us being RIPPED AND SHREDDED. YET this vile “art” is being honored?!
        I am an artist myself. Art has a meaning, a message. Don’t be a moron.

      • That is exactly what I thought when I first saw this, looked into it and guess what! Context is everything, most of the comments here are ridiculous.

        • That is exactly what I thought when I first saw this, looked into it and guess what! Context is everything, most of the comments here are ridiculous.

          Of course, you are under no obligation to provide and proof of your assertion to us deplorables. Perish the thought that you might have to somehow articulate your reasoning rather than just do a drive-by and sideswipe of this board’s regulars.

          You may wish to take a course in forensics.

    • I do think feminists are toxic. The real problem is the porn boys are watching gives boys a really messed up view on how to treat women but Feminists commonly support the porn though. They just get pissed when boys act out what they have seen in the porn. Very confusing.
      Teaching little children about consent will not fix the problem they have created.

  2. Cantebury is ‘School of the Arts’.

    I knew a kid who went there in the 90’s – and he frequently cross-dressed to school. It was considered ‘normal’ there even back then.

    And the murals are beautiful – even if political.

  3. This is considered pornographic and exposing this to youth is a Federal Offence punishable by law.
    Does anyone live in this district and willing to go in and demand the school remove it immediately?

      • We literally have giant paintings of Vaginas?

        And this qualifies your school as a major repository of higher artistic learning exactly how? Any “giant paintings” of penises?

        Didn’t think so.

        PS: Regardless of size, a painting of a vagina (typically) has little in the way of pornographic connotations. The same cannot be said for murals showing couples grabbing each others’ genitals in obviously erotic homosexual poses.

        • Hi! It’s the human body! It’s not pornographic! It’s just love! I went to this school, and it’s one full of young LGBTQA+ youth and seeing their love represented is important. I’m sure none of the students walking by even care. Have some empathy, some compassion, some maturity. This is the country we live in. We have a prime minister who marches in the Pride Parade. We’re not perfect, we still have a lot of issues to work out, but this is how we grow: by normalizing, by representing, by lifting each other up. The art is beautiful.

  4. I’m totally speechless. The abnormal has become the obscene in trying to normalize a mental illness.

  5. Has anyone thought to have a talking too with the principal of the school. Preferably behind the barn.

  6. Whether or not one finds the murals beautiful is irrelevant. Whatever floats your boat, as they say. But maybe some boats should float in the basement rec room. Beauty, always subjective, is in the eye of the beholder.

    The relevant question is who approved such a provocative public display and why? And why to minors? Who wants so badly to promote interracial gay sex to kids, yet does so anonymously and subtextually through art? Why are subversive tactics chosen? Does the buck stop with the principal? If not can he produce a memo from the school board requiring such displays? If the principal is responsible should his judgement be questioned? Can his future judgement be trusted? Were Muslim parents informed of these murals? Are their reactions on record? What other questionable materials are students presented with outside parental consent?

    If the rationale for the existance of the murals is to promote Diversity and Inclusion, will equal accommodation be extended to differing positions on the subject? Was full consideration given to the impressionable psyches of children? Is their developing sexual identity not considered a Safe Space by adult faculty? Is this a form of interference? In the kangaroo court of teenage peer pressure dissenting opinions are quite often confronted harshly by fellow students. Teachers and principals know this better than anyone. Offended students must necessarily remain silent because of it. Since professional educators are profoundly aware of this dynamic, can we question their judgement in this case? Is this a worthy discussion in the context of the Liberal provincial governments? Has children’s Safe Space not been genuinely considered here? Do any adults consider these murals and their specific location in a high-traffic area as a form of institutionalized sexual grooming? Is this preposterous? Why? Are Progressive values always assumed to be shared values? Why? Does this mean Progressives care less to seek out differing opinions? Is this method of normalizing gay interracial sex similar to the normalization of marihuana use by its legalization? Because if grownups endorse it it must be alright, right?

    Is it permitted, in our new age of sexual discovery and, dare I say, invention, to ask such questions?

    • Nobody cares about this, it’s an art school. These murales are done by the students themselves. Its downstairs in the basement, where Grade 12 student’s murales are removed every year or so to make room for the other grade 12’s the next year. There’s no Genitalia, and isn’t the most explicit painting done by students, as some more permanent displays are.

  7. The hate in these comments is staggering. To answer the blogger’s post: “Yes a ‘straight’ couple mural is on the way”. So I guess the blogger is equally offended with the “groping” in Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss”?

    • I think you resort too quickly to the word “hate”. If people don’t want their kids’ school to display such things don’t they have a right to speak up without being branded as hateful? The morality issue is for neither the students nor the faculty to decide. This is the parental duty. Also, does the fact it is an art school absolve the school of discretionary requirements? Why? Artistic licence? So when does artistic licence get abused so that a masked political agenda becomes implemented? If you consider this to be ridiculous why then has the Liberal government so doggedly been pushing an extreme sex-ed curriculum despite public outcries. This may not be quite as innocent as you make it out to be.

      • Do I really need to repost some of the vile comments? (I think you can read them for yourself) If you don’t find the vulgar language and threats to the principal as hateful then something is wrong.
        You are combining two separate issues: Art in a High School and SexEd to young children. On the latter issue, I agree 100% – young children do not need to learn about SexEd of any kind (heterosexual or homosexual) in an elementary school at ages as young as 5 or 6 (that job is for the parents, for sure).
        What we are talking about here is a work of art in a High School (not an elementary school) as part of their Grade 12 summative, where there is no genitalia displayed; from my perspective it is no more “pornographic” than “The Kiss”, as I stated above.
        But it is the use of the word “normal” or “normalize” in some of these comments that is most hateful, because I believe that mindset is what led to the bullying of young Jamie Hubley (homosexual son of a Kanata counsellor) that ultimately led to his tragic suicide.
        And THAT is why I refer to “some” of these posts as “hateful”. And maybe that is also the inspiration for the artist for this particular mural in the first place – to forcefully respond to the other people’s use of the work “normal” as if to say: “Who are you to force your vision of what is ‘normal’ on me?”. If you want to consider this as a “masked political agenda”, then I could easily counter that the bloggers post and the vile responses as the exact same thing.
        The truth hurts sometimes, but it is still the truth. And the truth is that many good people were bullied to the point of suicide because someone else FORCED their view of what is “normal”; and this must stop.

        • By the way, Jamie Hubley was bullied INSIDE a High School for the “sin” of being homosexual. So it sounds to me like someone else’s view of “morality” was already being imposed inside a high school. But I guess we have differing views of what is considered “hate” … or what is considered “bullying”, for that matter.

  8. We take God out of the schools and replace it with this? That’s what happens when you take out the good; the only thing that can replace it is immorality.

    We at the moment are just like ancient Rome before its collapse!

  9. It’s an art school, and probably opt in? Where are the parents’ objections? If that’s what they want, let them promote homosexuality among themselves and die out. If I knew my taxes were going to pay for this, I’d be phoning and writing!!

  10. I guarantee the vast majority of the students at Canterbury see those paintings as someone’s way of expressing themselves through art. All my friends and I, graduates from 2017, could walk past those murals everyday and not think anything of them. The majority of high school students aren’t as close minded and immature as you are.

    • That was a very nice and appropriate comment until your parting shot at people you don’t know, which kinda proves the opposite of what you say. What a shame. A decent point destroyed by an immature need to insult people you don’t agree with.

      The fact is people are objecting to these murals for all kinds of reasons, some will make more sense than others depending on the audience. But a high school, and especially a publicly funded one, is not an appropriate place in the estimate of most adults, for material like that. Art, is not a blanket permission to do anything anywhere. Take it to a gallery or somewhere appropriate. No one is saying it shouldn’t exist, but for various reasons, feel that in a place you are compelled to be, such as a work place or even more so, a school where children must go, it is not something all parents would think is appropriate, even if most students do.

      And I believe you that most students would think it appropriate. In different times in history, different people find things appropriate which then in another time they do not. Notice how ANTIFA and other leftists in Canada and the US are going around destroying sculptures because of an imputed narrative of who these people were, often gross distortions of the historical facts.

      Had citizens groups expressed their opinions and gone to city council and taken proper action about these statues, then great. That is how democracy works.

      In public places the public gets a say in what is put out there. And that is what is happening here. We could debate the reasons for people’s objections and maybe should. I myself would agree with a few and disagree with a lot more. But the discussion has to happen. This is, again, not just a public space but one where children are compelled to go.

      If we can ban smoking in bars which are voluntary and for adults, then I think this discussion has to happen and in a mature way.

    • The majority of high school students aren’t as close minded and immature as you are.

      When you have the time, look up the “Ad Hominem Fallacy”. Attacking individuals instead of their ideas is a time-honored way of ensuring that you will not be taken seriously by intelligent people.

    • And that, dear Carly, is why so many of you and your friends are pregnant by the time you are 18, and why you suffer from a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases before you are 24. You will be barren by the time you truly want children, and instead of having a happy home with a spouse and children your only legacy will be an abortion and a dog.

      • I see that @eeyore and @norseradish have a problem with “close minded and immature,” but don’t take issue with all of that. Figures.

        • I see that @eeyore and @norseradish have a problem with “close minded and immature,” but don’t take issue with all of that. Figures.

          Projecting a bit are we?

          I’ve lived with gay people (more than once) and attended the SF gay pride event. Don’t give me your NorseRadish has a problem with “close minded and immature” bull hockey.

          That smarmy tone and condescending attitude of yours are not helping you to change anyone’s mind.

  11. Canterbury is a very open minded school, and being LGBTQ+ is very common and I haven’t seen anyone get bullied or harassed because of it. The grade 12 visual art assignment is to create a mural in the school, it can be pretty much anything. This student has chosen to these pieces, for whatever their reason. This is a project, meaning it took a lot of time to plan and create. In canterbury we walk by murals like these daily and think nothing of them, I personally think its quite beautiful how open minded our school is. I respect your opinions, but please respect mine, and that is that canterbury is a very artistic school, as it is an arts school. For example, naked models come in for visual art students so that they can draw them, for nothing more than learning and the purpose of art. These beautiful murals are no different.

  12. Life drawings (nude models) are nothing. –Been going on for a long time. Surely you see the difference between that and a life drawing of gay interracial sex? This is a big step away from the basic life drawings that have always been a classical teaching method. Learning musculature, proportion, and all the rest are incredibly important. Picasso was a prodigy at life drawing.

    But what if one day a young Picasso came to the studio and sketched a naked woman gazing forlorn out a window while her lover sits up watching her from the bed? Would you wonder why? Has a story begun? If course. And then, because he was a genius, Picasso painted into the scene a host of details and clues to fill the narrative… she is staring out to sea. The horizon shows a single dark cloud in an otherwise brilliant sky. This symbolizes another lover for whom she truly pines. But is he a dark attraction?

    And on. This is what makes art great. There is impeccable technique married to impeccable subtext. The story is there for the eyes that are willing to seek it out. Check out some Sister Wendy videos some time.

    Contrast all that to these murals. Where is the clever unspoken vocabulary telling us all an amazing story by using only image devices? The fact is there is no clever story telling here. There is simply the “gay interracial sex is good,” message. Very unsophisticated. Kind of a blunt instrument, in fact. Kind of like propaganda. There is no story. No subtle allusions. Just two guys and two girls getting it on. People viscerally understand there to be no deeper meaning. This is reason enough to be offended.

    You don’t have to be an art expert to know when you’re strings are being pulled.

    • There is simply the “gay interracial sex is good,” message. Very unsophisticated. Kind of a blunt instrument, in fact.

      No, “Kind of”, about it. This is brute force, single-layer propaganda.

      PS: Excellent retrospective on what makes for great art.

    • How can you speak about subtle allusions when you missed the reference to Bernini’s 1622 “Rape of Prosperina” sculpture? How could you possibly analyse the artistic value of an unfinished painting from a couple blurry photos missing a whole third panel? I guarantee that this mural, once finished, will include multiple references to classical artworks and lots of intentional, carefully considered imagery. It says so on the formal proposal the painter created before starting work on the mural. If you’re gonna be homophobic then be homophobic, but don’t pretend your criticism is purely artistic.

  13. Everything has been excently expressed. I only have one thing to add that these students state they walk by every day and pay no heed. I dare to disagree – for subconsciously there is imprinting and space repetition happening with the end result of normalizing open homosexual sex relations in public. My gay friends prefer to keep it in their bedroom.

    These students are being brainwashed is a most insidieous way.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. My thoughts exactly. Media influences and Marxist social engineering have been chipping away at basic core moral values for decades now. But, like those who came before us, we have personal power to stop the agenda’s advance in our own lives by standing up to it and gaining time-tested wisdom.

    • I dare to disagree – for subconsciously there is imprinting and space repetition happening with the end result of normalizing open homosexual sex relations in public.

      Outstanding point, Jackie! As I mentioned above, this is brute force, single-layer propaganda.

  14. I’ve seen billboards with more explicit nudity for all the world to see. Maybe some bright spark could surreptitiously paint a few discreet garments on the lovers in the pics? 🙂

  15. I’ve seen billboards with more explicit nudity for all the world to see.

    Please go back and read the thread. This is not about nudity. A vast majority of the objections regard the obviously and unavoidably erotic nature of the murals.

  16. Y’all are crazy most of the kids going to this school are already gay to begin with lol no one is brainwashing anyone. No genitals are being shown and there are pretty obvious references to classical art here. You guys are just racist homophobes, stop harassing a TEENAGER online and go back to your boring missionary sex:-))

    • Enjoy all the sex you want. That is a high price to miss Heaven.

      Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  17. “…you guys are racist homophobes, stop harassing a TEENAGER online and go back to your boring missionary sex…”

    More name calling, threats and insults. And here I thought artists were original thinkers.

    No one is served by trying to reverse blame. The teenager in question had to walk across town into a strange neighborhood, knock on the door of an unfamiliar house, and when a stranger opened the door and invited him in he screamed harassment when served date squares instead of shortbread cookies.

    Classic leftist reaction to reason. Big-boy pants are on sale because nobody seems to want them.

  18. This is what the Angel called the “gay gestapo” during an NDE when I was a young boy. Forcing young kids and teens to engage in same sex attraction makes Satan smile. it’s only a matter of time when they; the people who run the FBI, CIA, CSIS , most major msm and banks and sports/entertainment and the porn industry are lgbt. They will have little girls kissing one another for school board films. It’ll be a pedophiles paradise.

    • I believe in Ontario, the man who wrote the sex-ed curriculum for the Liberal government, is in jail now for Pedophilia.

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