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8 Replies to “French TV trash-talks Trump for talking truth”

  1. Ah, the French……they forget that the USA with the British and Canadians drove the Germans out of their country….in two World Wars……and today……these idiots condemn the President for speaking reality?
    Next time, Frenchies….which is this time……bail yourselves out…….America can stay home!

  2. I remember being taken to a ban-the-bomb rally at the Natobi Japanese Gardens out at UBC. I remember how noble and un-racist everybody felt at being there but I also remember when it sank in that they were saying that we should get rid of our bombs even if they don’t get rid of theirs. Huh? Even a six-year-old knows what a bomb is and knows that you don’t throw away your snowballs when the other side isn’t willing to do the same thing? It seemed odd to me even then. Their stance was clearly faith-based…

    Leftists seem to be laboring under the misconception that there’s some overarching Magical Fairness Fairy who’s going to take note of your noble disarmament and make sure everything works out for the best. Unfortunately, the Raging Reality Rascals love nothing more than to gang-rape the Magical Fairness Fairy as they burn down the city and murder everybody in sight…

    The fact remains that a few guns in the right hands would have saved a lot of French lives and the authorities don’t like that undisputable fact…

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