Three items while waiting for some translations: Links 1, May 7, 2018

1. Top 10 at The Rebel.Media

2. While the RCMP make sure that the “refugees” from the USA, are “Comfortable” they miss the obvious. The loophole is that because this isn’t an official border crossing they get special rights to be able to flood into Canada and not be arrested they way they would be if they crossed at a border point. But if they are building all this crap here, doesn’t that MAKE IT a border point?

3. London. Who, and why. We already know what.

More to come today.


Thank you, Wrath of Khan, M., Xanthippa, Richard, Ava Lon and all who contributed, and are working on materials now.

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6 Replies to “Three items while waiting for some translations: Links 1, May 7, 2018”

  1. Third item on your Top Ten: how does a woman feign such empathy toward aliens while showing real psychopathy to her own people and elicit no critical examination by msm? Canadians are frogs in a pot of water and the temperature is rising.

    • Not just Canadians, the temperature is raising in every nation on earth, we are seeing how many have the brains to learn from the mistakes of the Europeans and how many are willing to doom their nations to follow the false religion of Marxism.

  2. 2- Good work for Faith and her friend for trying to bring the border issue to attention. However, their efforts are diminished unless they interview cops, government officials or migrants on camera exploiting border crossing loopholes. This non-official-border -so-you-get-in-and-jump-the-cue business is rather, well, reeking of Soros Open Border influence, no? A la Italy and Greece?

    Who are we kidding? This will go on all summer. The numbers will climb. Handwringing will ensue whilst those in the know will chuckle at the profound gullibility of the Canadian press and people. Then, some time next fall or winter, a horrible domestic terrorist attack will occur. Navel gazing will ensue. The perp will be found to be one of those “illegals” who walked over at Champlain with an RCMP valet. Trudeau will shed his crocodile tear. The country will hug. Rinse and repeat. What nonsense for a worthy neighbor of America.

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