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7 Replies to “Jordan Peterson explains why straight couples raise children better”

  1. How sad that humanity must be lectured on what is natural and our true nature.
    Dr. Peterson simplifies complex scientific and psychological ideas, rationally distills them to their essence, and then, presents them to us in a crystal clear manner. He shines like a diamond and I hope he takes care of himself because we’re going to need him for quite a while.

  2. It got me thinking about a few kids I’ve known throughout the years who are on Ritalin. Their fathers weren’t into the tumble type of play. If anything, they never played with their sons.

  3. I have a friend who has taken in her g-son. He was diagnosed with “mild autism”, the school wanted him medicated into oblivion. They, she and her husband had their yard fenced so he could spend more time outside playing with their dog (Great Dane). Not as much play with G-pa as they would like due to age. The so called miracle is that after about a month of outdoors hard play a different Dr said she had no idea why he was diagnosed as autistic. Did note that he had an extraordinary level of energy and curiosity about everything.

  4. As a dad, my son bounced up and down on his bed wanting to fight me when I got back from work and was a good few years of his growing up experience. Certainly he was bonding and gaining experience in fighting and self confidence. (I do not know what it would be like if he had two dads who got turned on by the activity).

    He went on to Martial Arts.

    • My son also went into martial arts. Now I’ve got a 200 lb block of juvenile muscle who’ll snap me like a twig. I couldn’t be happier. Even my daughter jokes she “wants a piece of me” when I get home at night. It’s one of parenting’s great joys.

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