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13 Replies to “A look at the facts of life in German grade schools”

  1. A cry for help from one of the people the German Government is refusing to protect, how can they expect these people to obey the law when the politicians refuse to.

    The same question can be ask of the left wing politicians in all Western Nations.

    • I’m from the UK originally….late 1970s I left somehow I felt the Islamic winds blowing. I’m a patriotic Texas is citizen today but my heart is bleeding for Europe…what can I do to help how do I stop Islam taking over in my country of choice?? My family doesn’t listen to me they don’t understand and underestimate the huge threat of Islam (they aren’t from Europe) wake up America we have to stop this barbarism.

      • In an hour or two I will be uploading an Israeli documentary on Islam in France. It is, depressing. I sort of think that if you don’t get it by now, you won’t. So, just like fighting last century’s communists, and for that matter, muslims, a few of us are going to have to do it for everyone. Then, the rest of them can all pretend they were in the great resistance if we win.

        • We will not prevail by ourselves.we are not too many after all.
          I look at my colleagues around me, they are forever sleeping.I tell them every day to start looking around more than around their houses and their taxes and their next burger etc…
          Some days I meet extreme lefties that I have yo deal with and I am amazed how stupid they are.In good days I talk with someone that gets it… very very rarely.
          There is no return my find, no return .we lost already.
          We lost because the left is strong and a bunch of traitors and lunatics.And they are many.
          With True we just pushed the barrier a little further.And I am not so sure we actually did.

          • Patience! When I first read the Quran and woke up there was hardly anybody except for Robert Spencer and Stephen Coughlin who knew what “taquyya” meant or what the significance of “The Caliphate” was. Now I go to YouTube and there are thousands of people who know what “taqiyya” means and Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity seem to know exactly what’s going on now.

            Do not despair no matter how slow and discouraging it might be. As I’ve said before, you can’t get un-red-pilled. Once you’ve seen the monster staring at you through the mist it is not possible to see Islam as another Bahaiism or Hari Krishna because to any person with an average IQ or better Islam is obviously an evil ideology and obviously had no place in any civilized country – period.

            This will eventually turn around and the Muslims will start fleeing the West as the lynch mobs get closer and closer. Amusingly, it might be good old Kanye West who fired the shot heard ’round the world…

      • Keep fighting, we faced the same problem during the Cold War and ended up winning, as long as we don’t surrender we can’t lose.

        Wars aren’t won until you convince the enemy they have lost. Keep pushing and more will come over to our side.

  2. Slather on another dollop of depressing: the Baron’s brief essay, a wrap-up of comments on a recent three-part series by the incomparable “El Inglés”.[*]

    Can Islamization Be Rolled Back Without Eroding Civil Liberties?
    [*]Against the Murdering, Thieving Hordes of Pakistanis

    • Brava, yucki! Thank you for furnishing this important link.

      As usual, El Inglés (and crew) give a stellar performance.

    • They will either be blown away by the imposition of sharia, or at the very least they will be reduced by whatever authoritarian regime emerges to resist the sharia.

      There are no other choices.

      He is right Europe is heading to some form of strongman rule with a probable return to some form of feudalism. If we fight North America may, I say again may avoid this future but only if we fight and can keep the doom and groomers from convincing us there is no chance, that all is lost. If you look at a honest history of the US and Europe you will find that we have been in as bad a shape before and fought on to victory. One of the reasons that the left doesn’t want us to know much about our history is because if you know history you know the victory of Islam and the left is by no means assured.

      The left said that communism was going to make the Soviet Union a paradise, Wrong. The left said that the US was going to lose the Cold War, Wrong. The left said Hillary was going to win by double digits, Wrong.

      We are winning, it will be a long hard bloody war but we are winning, as long as we don’t given into the despair spread by the left and give up.

      • I don’t hear this kind of despair among Evangelicals.

        The Death Cult is drawing in lost souls. Ones who languish barren, idling between infanticide and euthanasia. They heed the bloody devil and go zombie.

        They’re the truly hopeless ones, they just don’t know it yet. They’ve ingested a noxious stimulant, it’s working like Angel Dust. Poisoned mad-dogs kill, die horribly.

        What about enlisting some of our own missionaries?
        There’s another message, the ‘Good News’, if only they could hear it. A G-d of love who bids, “Choose life!”

        What could be more inspiriting?

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