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11 Replies to “Last magnificent six minutes of Jordan Peterson talk in Montreal, April 26 2018”

  1. Wow, that was a powerful speech. Peterson was unusually passionate.
    The terms “hate speech” and “Islamophobia” are traps designed to prevent analytical thought and dialogue. I agree that we must reject these labels if we are to keep our freedom.

  2. I live in France where my connection to the Internet is via satellite. Three problems with these videos from BitChute.
    1 The feed is so slow they are difficult to listen to.
    2 Unlike YouTube, stopping the video to allow the buffer to fill doesn’t seem to work. The feed merely stops.
    3 I’ve not found a way to capture the URL so I can post the material on Twitter or Facebook.
    Indeed, there’s a fourth problem. A post to Facebook shows up merely as the text, “You are being redirected” with the source “VladTepesBlog” underneath. The same problem occurs with Gates of Vienna. The link doesn’t go through so a reader has no idea what the post is about.
    It occurs to me Facebook may have found a way to hide posts from certain sites by interrupting the link at this early stage.

  3. Eeyor, I have many ways to access the internet and I pay for my preferred method.

    1 The feed is good and clear to listen to.
    2 Unlike YouTube, there are no adverts flitting in.
    3 It is easy to send links
    4 I use duckduckgo

    In fact, I make sacrifices in finding and supporting good people, which turn out not to be sacrifices at all.

    • The gentleman above is in France.you may as well don’t rub it in his face.he was just pointing out his problems for Vlad .
      You do not even specify where you are… so keep quiet please.

    • “…so keep quiet please.”

      You have every right to misconstrue my argument Po.

      You are welcome to be as offended as you want to be. And even being offended on behalf of someone else who isn’t at all.

      You can seek out and indentify with any people with the same spleen as you. Any nip, cut, and tattoo of life to compare.

      But you do not have the right to silence anyone.

      This female in you does not master the masculine here. Although she does in Communism, Islam and LGBTQ+, (“Shut up populations through Hate Speech, Haram and Pronoun Criminality), here at least is one last defense for the soul. Practising what we teach. Because it is intitially more difficult for Vlad to make and edit videos away from youtube.

      So please, do not ‘hush your mouth,’ but express the collective forces in you, the Legion that may come out and be sent back to the very pigs they came from, so they no longer tie you down.

      I argued for changing an internet supplier. Our Frenchman the website. Side by side to see how it looked.

      Hubert might be from your recourse for strength. Or he might be from mine. Two entirely different kingdoms.

    • Thank you for the feedback PC.

      Bitchute uses a different technology than any other single server video source.

      It uses a torrent such that anyone can help distribute a video they like by clicking the magnet. Some browsers, like Brave, will open a tab and show you how much data you are taking down, sending up, and how many people you are sending the data to, which are also watching as you send.

      Its older, but really good technology and makes it much harder to censor as its not really on a central server the way Youtube, Vimeo or any of the other sites are.

      People are having difficulty embedding or sharing them. So I will do a post explaining how to do that shortly.

      • Hello Eeyore :
        Thank you for the briefing.

        I guess the technology explains why I’d had problems with bitChute at VTB and other sites. My satellite link is somewhat slower than a copper connection so likely that doesn’t help.

        What about using YouTube as the default and bitChute as backup if a posting is refused?

        Further to my remarks about how a post at VTB appears on Facebook. I meet quite a lot of Brits over here who have a singularly poor opinion of the US. I don’t know if they count Canadians in that. I’ve even met some who firmly believe “everything from the Internet is false news”.
        That’s the reason I post these items to my FB page and Twitter.
        When all the post says is, “You are being redirected…” some folk may be suspicious of what might be at the other end and pass on.
        If the headline and at least the first few lines of a post are visible along with the banner or leading image, that’s much more likely to catch the attention of those folk.
        Best Wishes from France: Hubert Wagner

        • I wrote this post, in a good part, as an answer to your initial comment.


          I know that social media is deploying measures to try and make sites that go against the PoMo narrative seem suspicious etc.

          I can only control what I can control so, nothing I can do about that but thank you for the heads up.

          I was using YT as you said, the default and ones I felt would be problematic to BC but YT suspended me for 2 weeks. I suspect thats a first step towards deletion actually. So I am preparing everyone for a move to Bitchute.

          If a number of people take up the challenge to help, to click the magnet and serve it, you should be able to see it as easily as Youtube soon.

          • Brave isn’t friendly.

            I’m demanding too much; he’s not integrated into the system like Safari. Balky with the services interface, tries my patience. Anyway, we’ll cultivate a video relationship.

            –Semper Zukerface Bezos

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