What is this?

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  1. As I said previously, it takes courageous people on the ground, either infiltrators or individuals turned into double agents, to assist in these types of strikes.
    Best example would be recent Yemen of which few people are talking about.
    We live in interesting times.

  2. I was traveling and a Lebanese man heard that I was Jewish. He turned to thank me. “When Israel mistakenly bombed a building on my block, the next day a man arrived with an apology and cash. No one else did that”

  3. What is this?

    It appears to be, “A giant explosion in Syria, measuring over 2 on the Richter scale, which local press are reporting as an Israeli air strike on the 47th military brigade compound.”

    My heart goes out to any IDF recruits that may have been in harm’s way.

    • That’s about it. Stay grounded.
      Say what you see, how you relate to it, maybe write a short-story about it, like Johnny does so well. Or a poem, like Perfectchild.

      I’m reading bald theories without evidence. Some of them are radically counterintuitive. Predictions that have no predicate.

      Yes, wild times. But the laws of nature aren’t suspended, history offers precedents.

      PTrump isn’t waving a magic wand: he’s bringing a lifetime of real world experience and penetrating analysis to the dynamics of today. Yet he’s constantly repeating, “Let’s see what happens. It may go one way, it may not. How we move forward depends, our own objectives are clear.”

      How can observers be so definitive?

      Shadows. We’re trying to see through them as best we can. A crystal-ball deepens the obscurity, the internet is full of them. That’s blinding, not enlightening.

      Those who know, don’t talk. Those who talk, don’t know.

      Sundance, Wictor, and Q have their own followings – here they’re individual voices. If you’re citing the conclusions of an analyst you respect, link your source. Information coming from different directions is untidy. Let’s sort it out, play with it.

      If something’s written for the general American public, and shaped by a domestic political agenda, its point is to persuade, not inform. You’re told how you should feel about something or someone, then given information selected to reinforce that conclusion.

      That’s different from strategic regional analysis or evaluation of intelligence from a military perspective. These require a knowledge base that’s highly specialized and far deeper. Everybody everywhere has an agenda.

      If it sounds off to me, I say so. If it’s flat-out bogus and it comes here, I’ll shoot it down. Conspiracy theories I recognize as sourced elsewhere, I’ll call BS.

      That doesn’t mean I’m right. I don’t have to be. The integrity of this blog means a great deal to me. The least I can do is keep it honest.

  4. Looks to me like they hit a weapons compound or factory happy newyear motherfuckers its comming early this year

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