Leftist lies about jew-hatred and Hungary’s truth bombs

Before we get to the main event, a magnificent blast of truth, much the way I would imagine Gabriel’s horn to sound, from the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjárt?, speaking to the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee on Civil Liberties, I would like to present an article showing that the problem with Leftist Jewish people is not their Jewishness but their leftishness.

From Front Page Magazine:

The ADL won’t fight campus anti-Semitism. And it won’t allow anyone else to fight it either.


Canary Mission stepped into that gap by assembling screenshots of social media anti-Semitism by SJP and MSA members. The ADL links to a JTA hosted editorial signed by a number of Hillels and campus pro-Israel groups. It appears to be authored by two University of Michigan students who, despite sneering at Canary Mission for being anonymous, added their email addresses instead of their names.


The letter accuses Canary Mission of promoting a negative image of Muslims by documenting Islamic anti-Semitism on campus.




Pointing out Muslim anti-Semitism is now… Islamophobic. (But then isn’t accusing a Jewish organization of Islamophobia, anti-Semitic? It’s funny how it only works one way. The way that benefits the left and hurts its victims.)

When Canary Mission spotlights non-Muslim anti-Semites, is that okay? Or is it some other kind of racism or bigotry?


“Canary Mission is an anonymous site that blacklists individuals and professors across the country for their support of the BDS movement, presumed anti-Semitic remarks and hateful rhetoric against Israel and the United States,” the letter claims.

And now its even clearer than it was yesterday. Jewish groups, black groups, women’s groups, NRSA Groups, (Non Reproductive Sexual Activity groups) are vectors for Leftists, often Soros funded, always seeking the destruction of classical liberalism, and in fact Judaism as Judaism has at its core, ethnic nationalism. Its relationship to Israel, and in particular to Jerusalem, is fixed. Not to mention the replacement of individualism with collectivism and the destruction and permanent erasure, including its memory, of individual rights.

And now we have Hungary. A nation which overwhelmingly chose a nationalist leader who seeks the preservation of his own culture, history and people.

In response, the inestimably polluted with out-and-out communism of all flavours, not to mention Islamophelic European Union, is accusing the Hungarians of every possible crime with the hope that something sticks long enough to do damage.

Exactly like the Democrat party is doing in the US to Donald Trump.

And now. Ladies and Gentlemen. Please enjoy the majestic response by the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjárt?, as he counters this tactical attack by the leftist elites, including, but not limited to, a vague attempt to paint the Orban government  as Antisemitic. Yes, by the same people that were cheating the system to try and force a win by Jobic, an actual Nazi like party, just because they are socialist.


Watch the BBC push the narrative of the unelected EU and its plan to force migrants, illegal even by its own laws, on Hungary.

I nominate this BBC video for the Leni Riefenstahl award, 2018.

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4 Replies to “Leftist lies about jew-hatred and Hungary’s truth bombs”

  1. BBC Newsnight; Victor Orban’s illiberal….

    Interesting documentary. It does seem to make it evident to me that the BBC may hate and despise the Hungarians almost as much as it does the girls of Rotherham.

  2. I have refused to watch BBC political documentaries for well over a decade as I know all of their lies. During WW2 the BBC was the voice of freedom to most of the world now it is the voice of the criminals. Most of my great-grandparents(who lived or served in Europe/WW2 then) would be rolling in their graves if they could hear it now,

    • I couldn’t make it past the first few minutes myself. It was Soviet level propaganda except critical theory and slick.

  3. Both videos show that the left hate elections where they aren’t the ones counting the votes, the people vote in their best interests and the left can’t allow that and survive.

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