The UK government seems unapologetically totalitarian: Links 1, April 27, 2018

1. I always thought that sending the police after people who disagree with government policy was the definition of totalitarian. Isn’t it? Especially but not exclusively when that government policy is to kill a kid because they don’t want to allow the parents to take him elsewhere for treatment.

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2. Powerful video by Tommy Robinson in support of his Day for Freedom demo coming up May 6th in Whitehall London UK

More here at Breitbart:

3. Institutions Prioritised ‘Reputation of Political Leaders’ over Child Welfare, Warns Sex Abuse Inquiry

Institutions are putting their reputations above the safety of vulnerable children who are being sexually exploited, an inquiry has found.

“The inquiry considers that all too often institutions are prioritising the reputation of political leaders or the reputation of their staff, or avoiding legal liability, claims or insurance implications, over the welfare of children and tackling child sexual abuse,” an interim report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has found.


The IICSA is examining cases of sexual abuse by “people of public prominence” in Westminster and any potential cover-ups; mass child sexual exploitation (CSE) by Muslim grooming gangs; abuse of children during the post-WW2 child migration programme; and child abuse in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, children’s homes, and other authorities.

4. Please pay close attention to this video’s contents. An expert discusses the relationship between Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. This answers a lot of questions and gives a model good enough for predictions.

5. Could Dankula conviction MUST be appealed and fought and fought till he wins. If he wins, he wins. But if he loses, we all lose.

6. Just in case anyone out there still is walking around with the illusory glow that all of us who were saying that the Left and Islam were imminently going to turn Western nations into totalitarian shit holes..

7. Senator Pat Colbeck Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you Perfect Child, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Rachel and many MANY more. 

One thing that is interesting to note:

While the pressure on people who speak up about Islam and leftism in a factual and academic, or for that matter, in any manner whatsoever that is critical or presents an obstacle to the manifest destiny of Leftists and islamic groups increases, the degree of reasoned arguments against us decreases.

This is a tell.

They are attacking us personally when they can. Trying to doxx or otherwise place us in harms way, or trying to destroy career prospects and any other form of harm they can do to classical liberals or anyone who believes in individualism and religious liberty. But the quality of the arguments against us are fewer and of lower quality. Increasingly of the ‘cats will not walk on the koran’ variety.

So there should be less doubt as to what and who is truthful. But most of us who are defending freedom and genuine individual rights are facing greater kinetic threats and intimidation of one kind or another.

Things are changing.


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  1. So there should be less doubt as to what and who is truthful. But most of us who are defending freedom and genuine individual rights are facing greater kinetic threats and intimidation of one kind or another.

    Things are changing.

    Yes they are changing, and changing in our favor, this fact means we need to take more care in our daily activities because as they get closer and closer to losing power in all Western Nations they become more dangerous and prone to violence. I remember the violent actions of the left in the 60s and 70s when there were active terror campaigns in Europe, South America and North America, there are still veterens of those terror groups living and working in the Universities. While the left is losing power they are still more powerful then they were back then and many of the terror groups had runs of a decade and more. The survivors/vets of the terror groups are often the people who were the leaders, the people who sent others out to burn and kill for them but who weren’t caught doing the violence themselves. They will have forgotten some of the skills the KGB taught them but they will remember enough that they can use training manuals to restore what they once knew. They will be able to teach the skills of the terrorist (Murder, arson, bank robbery to finance their campaigns) to the younger generations. These leaders will probably remain in public view counting on the police not being able to get enough evidence to convict them.

    Remember it takes the support of about 1/3rd of the population to carry out a successful revolution but it only takes the support of about 5% of the population to carry out a long term terror campaign. Combine the danger from left wing terrorists with the danger from the many Islamic terrorists that the left has let into our nations.

    We are approaching this period in Canada and the US while Europe is facing massive civil wars due to the totalitarian nature of their governments. The activities of the British Government in the case of little Alfie show the danger to all in Britain and in many ways the nations on mainland Europe are in worse shape.

    Take care for things are about to go very kinetic in many regions of the earth and this violence will spread to all of our nations and home towns.

  2. 7- Note how when he gets to his real beliefs he stops stammering. Shy patriot. A good man.

    How long do we suffer this charade of peaceful Muslims? Allow me a metaphor:

    Two lanes one way. Right lane is for every average Muslim shmo. Take your time–arrive alive. Get a job and live your life. You’re a nice guy.

    Left lane is for the fast drivers. Aggressives. These are the Muslims we refuse to acknowledge…the taqqiya, the caliphate believers, the violent subspecies, the rapers, takers and widow makers. –Growing in our societies like a malevolent beast.

    How long do you kid yourself? It’s the worst joke going. Nice guys raised no objections, did they?

  3. 7 – The only group he didn’t mention was the Iranians and we can’t forget them, while I don’t think they are ready to go head to head with the US they are moving the pieces into position to go head to head with Israel. Iran wants to recreate the Persian Empire while calling it the new Caliphate.

  4. 7 – To support his statements look at how Turkey was reported to be supplying weapons to the various ISIS supporting groups while saying they were just fighting the Kurds. Erodogan has been providing support to the various MB terrorist groups for the entire 15 years of his reign.

  5. no,7
    he public prosecutor’s office now confirmed nationwide searches of the “identities”. The allegations against the movement are serious.
    Martin Sellner, head of the so-called “identities” in Austria, is, according to their own information in the crosshairs of the Graz prosecutor. As the 29-year-old told on the short message service Twitter, took place on Friday, a house search in his private apartment instead. Background were under investigation on suspicion of forming a criminal organization.

    As a result, officials confiscated documents and data carriers. The apartment door had been “broken up” with the help of a locksmith. The apartment of the prominent identity Patrick Lenart and offices have been searched. Meanwhile, a Hungarian bank has terminated a donation account of the organization.

    The prosecution now confirmed the house searches on members of the Identitarian Movement. Dr. Christian Kroschl explains in an interview with “Heute” that there have been a total of 10 house searches in Austria in several federal states on behalf of the LKA Graz at private addresses and in business premises. The reason for these measures? The prosecution confirmed that the Identity Movement is being investigated for several reasons. The grave allegations of the prosecutor’s office in Graz include the formation of a criminal organization, the suspicion of incitement, as well as various property damage, which should have arisen by members of the movement.

    “Prison for Islam criticism”

    In another tweet written in English, Sellner linked the house search to his criticism of Islam. According to the hastily-woven theory, members of the identities were “jailed for up to three years for” “peaceful criticism” of religion.

  6. 1,… western police are the new janissaries of the coming islamic state.
    3..although I appreciate the emotion behind the child’s welfare and I do think that the Italian hospital should have been allowed to take him, I often wonder how many of those whose hearts bleed so profusely over this issue have ever had the agony of caring for a disabled child? Caring for such is a 24 hr/day commitment that makes normal marriage and parenthood look benign and easy. I have seen couple in their 30s with grey hair from doing so and their life expectancy plummets. There was an old non PC joke: ” Do not have a pet; have a mongol”. Well most disabled children(not mongols) are far less trainable than even the most recalcitrant cat or dog, but you never see them as they are hidden in the back wards of institutions or in the back bedroom of that house with the young aging couple and both far from the eyes of the public .

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