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23 Replies to “Jordan Peterson: “Mohammad was a warlord””

  1. Oh please Mr. Peterson, you are way out over your skis…
    Islam cannot be “bridged”.
    Islam is a totalitarian ideology hell bent on enslaving the world.
    What is your justification for your inquiry?
    I really do hope that it is not to keep yourself in the spotlight.

    • I was thinking today that some brave soul or souls, not necessary Muslim, should crowd-write an edited Koran so that at least we can prototype a Reformed Islam. It would have a section of repudiated verses. If Mormons can reform their tradition to repudiate racism, and Catholics can reform their tradition to repudiate antisemitism, and Jews can reform and repudiate the Torah’s words on the death penalty and bodily punishment, there are models for re-forming long-held practices.

      • If you reformed the koran to get rid of the evil bits, you would end up with a pamphlet that would look like a Cole’s Notes version of the Torah and Bible.

      • Islam has already done that. That is the reason that there are Mohammedans who are hell bent on capturing the whole world as they self proclaim that they are Superior, but you know plenty of Superior Mental Patients who thought the same thing and they are all dead. Hitler was the Muslim supporter because they had an Ideology like Islam has in the Quran. Hitler had troops of Muslims who loved killing Jews. All Evil religions and people who want to destroy Christians, the Bible, and the Jews are Satans best weapon to take on God in the war that is being waged right now. Christians have been dumbed down by the Liberal Left, for Power hungry despots, and care not who they kill even their own people who refuse to stand behind their agenda. The Church has gotten to stupid drunk on being all lovey dovey with all people, but those people who are choosing Islam are Power hungry and money and power is all they care about even if it means letting in Evil to come into the back door and kill their whole family if they don’t submit. All this government is doing is exactly what the Constitution is supposed to stop, as long as the People have enough sense to use it. But today the Left Liberals have invented something called entertainment, and those Liberals in California are trying to control the rest of the world. Hollywood is nothing short of Hitler’s regime being reborn and the whole lot will be burned down and cut off from the rest of the world for their Sinful nature. Hollywood and the Liberals of the Left better get their houses in order, because the Lord is coming back and boy is he pissed.

  2. His comments re Byzantine Christianity being “demolished” and is something that Western people don’t even know is an overstatement. I *know* because I’m a student of history and a Bible believing Christian and I’ve studied Philip Schaff’s 8 Volume History of the Christian Church, which was the topic of a multi-year Wednesday night Bible Study at my church.

    And prior to that, I’d read my copy of History of the Byzantine State by Ostrogosrsky.

    I’m a layperson with a passion to know when and why things happen; and I realize there aren’t many people like me. What I would say, however, is that if Western people “don’t even know” this history it is because it has been purposefully DELETED from public school curriculum, the content of which has been hijacked by Marxist sympathizers since long before Wm F Buckley wrote his early 1950’s classic, God And Man At Yale.

    • Did Islam Destroy Classical Civilization?
      John J. O’Neill
      “One of the most enduring problems of history is the decline of Classical Civilization.
      How is it, scholars have long asked, that the civilization of Greece and Rome, which had endured over a thousand years, gave way to the world of the Medieval, an age which saw, for a while, the decline and apparent disappearance of the rationalist spirit of Greece and Rome?
      In academic and journalistic literature and in the popular imagination, there is no mystery at all. After the Barbarian Invasions of the 5th century, we are told, the peoples of Western Europe reverted to living in thatched, wattle-and-daub huts. Cities were destroyed and abandoned, the art of writing virtually lost, and the mass of the population kept in a state of ignorance by an obscurantist and fanatical Church, which effectively completed the destructive work of the Barbarians. Into this darkened stage, the Arabs arrived in the 7th and 8th centuries like a ray of light. Tolerant and learned, they brought knowledge of the science of antiquity back into Europe and, under their influence, Westerners began the long journey back to civilization.
      That, in a nutshell, is the story told in an enormous number of scholarly treatises and academic textbooks. It is a story implicitly accepted by a large majority of professional historians, both in Europe and North America; and yet it is a version of the past that is completely and utterly false.”
      Did Islam Destroy Classical Civilizations? – BYU ScholarsArchive
      https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu › cgi › vi…

      “As early as the 1920s, Belgian medievalist Henri Pirenne found the proverbial smoking gun. But it was not in the hands of the Goths, Vandals, or the Christian Church. It was in the hands of those people whom it had, even then, become fashionable to credit with saving Western Civilization: the Arabs.
      The evidence, as Pirenne was at pains to show in his posthumously published Mohammed and Charlemagne (1938), was incontrovertible. From the mid-7th century the Mediterranean had been blockaded by the Arabs. Trade with the great centers of population and culture in the Levant, a trade that had been the mainstay of Western Europe’s prosperity, was terminated. The flow of all the luxury items, the kind that Pirenne found in the records of the Spanish Visigoths and the Merovingians of Gaul, came to an abrupt end, as Arab pirates scoured the seas.”

    • Yes, Jordan Peterson has accepted the court narrative on the doctrine of Separation of Church and State — the secular, statist version — and seems oblivious to the history of Jefferson’s letter, which has been obscured by what I term activist court rulings since his time.

      • I fear Dr. Peterson may be falling into the trap of what one American observer called, “Running for President”.

        Meaning that a person becomes famous for one issue, and then starts to offer his wisdom on every topic asked of him, usually discrediting his position on the one issue that made him famous.

        As a point of interest, it was what someone said of the man who became famous a couple of years ago for standing up to the government on the issue of cattle grazing land that Obama was trying to take away or something similar.

        He, the rancher at the centre of it all, began to give interviews on everything and nearly instantly lost all his authority on the issue that mattered.

        An observer out that way said something like:

        “He shouldn’t have outa run for president”.

        I like that expression. And its what he did. I hope Dr. Peterson continues to stick to what he knows and does best. Taking about the post modernists and other flavours of leftists.

        If he wants to deal with Islam, and we all probably want him to. he should spend time with imams and with Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Stephen Coughlin and other world class experts on the subject of Islam, its history and legal systems.

        Then talk about it.

        • Very well said and triple Amens! Of particular help would be a week-long meeting of his with Dr. Warner and Stephen Coughlin; I fear JP has not yet been red-pilled.

          As a side note, I would suggest that anyone who purports to understand the Biblical narrative without also *believing* its historicity and central truths regarding the God Man, Jesus Christ, is merely offering up a psychological panacea to listeners whose deepest troubles are spiritual; and the psychological aberrations manifested are symptoms of disbelief and the very real consequences of sin in the world and individuals’ lives.

          Sometimes a man’s brilliance in one discipline provides an easy out to his humbly believing what God tells us about himself in Scripture.

          • I would like to send some of Bill Warner’s old articles with charts and graphs, like “Statistical Islam” to Dr. Peterson. Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with him?

            Regards, Joan Warner

            • Bill Warner is THE one.
              Perfect for the science-friendly. Dead convincing.

              Get him started, then go straight to Stephen Coughlin. Language jujitsu will tickle Ralph Peterson.

              Then move on to Spencer, Bostum, et al.

          • Darcy, you write:
            “As a side note, I would suggest that anyone who purports to understand the Biblical narrative without also *believing* its historicity and central truths regarding the God Man, Jesus Christ…”

            We are having enough difficulty with those who would suggest that anyone who purports to understand the Qu’ran narrative without also *believing* its historicity and central truths regarding their Prophet, Muhammad!

            If we ask Muslims to become rational, to separate Mosque from State, to recognise that Heaven and Earth will fade away into new religions and cultures; to become civilized enough love their God with all their stregnth in heart mind and soul on their inside, and love their neighbors as themselves on their outside. If we cannot even do it for ourselves, then they won’t believe us. They will see the log in our own eyes claiming to take the splint out of theirs. What remains is a pissing-contest. The biggest liar left standing, wins. Islam won. Communism won. Sexual Identity won. Their Moderates, standing in the churches, being plauded by Priests as the true and harmless face of compulsions, hiding the cancers eating their souls into a new identity. Those relying heavily on ritual and medications to appear sane.

            It we are to lead Muslims and anyone else out of bondage, to repentance and face their deepest truths about their own fears to be set free, we cannot be involved in the process of taking that salvation away from them. If they forgive, then they will be forgiven. There is no other way. Period. If they change their name and claim Christ forgave them; then they will spend the rest of eternity backsliding.

            “But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.”.

            He’s gone. Now grow a pair. And if you do, the evil Trinity of Allah, Socialism and Genderswap will have seen the father. This light of realization will either make them dance with joy to recognize themselves or scream in outrage and agony.

            If you don’t own your own set, they will meet just another dhimmi pretending to be someone they are not and then maneuver you to a position to want to mount you. To make laws of compelled speech and action.

            • I appreciate your perspective.
              Nevertheless, my comment was directed —wrongly here perhaps, as it was off topic — to the series Jordan Peterson has been presenting about the BIBLE.
              And I stand by what I said.

            • “…then maneuver you to a position to want to mount you. To make laws of compelled speech and action.”

              Muslims have blasphemy laws, Socialists have Hate Crimes, and Sexsquirrels are working on their own preferences for enslaving the masses. Imprisoning the soul, heart and body respectively. They are no longer your own.

              First we are ‘born of water,’ to be Catholic, Hindu, Jew, Sikh, Buddhist, Marxist, Animist etc.

              The priests take delight in being call God’s Agents. The same as the parent who teaches a child Santa Clause is real. Because then they can administer joy as well as punishment. Good and Evil. To make a convert is to be a God. To wind them up and watch them imprison themselves with pride. Made superior over the lesser superior. The ‘knowing they are wrong’ become righteous before the ‘unknowing they are wrong.’

              The cure of the sick therefore, is to separate from these vices. It is to be ‘born of spirit’ to ‘live by every word of God.’ To not remain the greatly taxable and compliant “People of The Book.” Those Religious Texts, Little Red Books, Human Rights Acts or any other “four legs good, two legs better,” ideologies.

              This release takes an inner courage – to break the bonds of fear and hate – to the truth that sets you free.

              The ressurection is your own.

              “Come follow me,” is the part of the movie the audience forgot by remake four; that they then by purest belief alone let the Superhero do all the works for them. A life now lived in their heads.

    • It make no difference when slavery was at its peak, what does matter is that it thrives even today in numbers larger numbers than even 1400 years ago when Muhammad started the real slave market. Muslims got their Ideology from a crazy warmonger, who took all people he conquered as converts, slaves, or sex slaves, or killed for refusing to submit. They do it today with mere words of peace, while carving up Christians and Jews to eliminate the competition of God. They don’t follow god they follow Satan, as Satan had spoken to Muhammad in a cave as the deceiver he is, and even admitted that Allah is a great deceiver, while the Bible states the Satan is the great deceiver to ward against. So even when you hear in the Quran that Allah is a great deceiver, why would you follow a deceiver? Don’t you know that the Quran tell Muslims to be deceivers for Allah, which is FOLLOW SATAN into the pits of Hell for your rewards of 72 Virgins that you would not have any use for without a sinful body, for pure sex and not what sex is for. Sex between man and wife is for breeding and there will not be any breeding as your souls will be burning in lust empty and void of God’s Love. Islam is not Islam that it should be, it was counterfeited by one mortal man with not one witness or miracle proving he was anointed to be the last prophet, Muhammad even himself admitted that he thought he was insane, but was convinced by another mortal woman who wanted a warrior not a god fearing man and created her own Prophet man. Sorry if you are butt hurt, but I will not follow Satans word for any mortal man that was not even mentioned in the Quran until 300 years after he was dead by people from memory passed on for generations by word of mouth? Don’t think so, my life belongs to Jesus, and no man can pass judgment of god but God himself when I get there.

  3. It is about psychological pathology and ideology. I am also sure that he did “updated” own knowledge about islam. I think he is not wrong talking about.

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