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7 Replies to “Jack Buckby on big corp appeasement of halal and sharia”

  1. Thanks for posting mate! Would you mind posting the official rebel video? This channel (patriotic populist) keeps stealing and reuploading our content.

    • Yes I would prefer the official video, I didn’t know there was one. Ill look for the link. Thanks for letting us know.

      • Cheers! You can post the Rebel Media YouTube channel vid though if you want. That way it embeds in the post. Appreciate it!

        • I coulnd’t find that video on Youtube, only TRM’s own server but yes, in general I embed the Rebel’s excellent material whenever it is sent in or found on Youtube to this site.

          Keep up the excellent work Jack. What are your thoughts on having a Christian ritual in the Royal park and see if people get arrested or stopped for it? I think that needs to happen just to hammer home the selective enforcement of the UK police for Islam.


          • I thought of that actually! And then, I saw some guy is planning to do it. But he’s not really a Christian and the video he did promoting it sees him wearing pretend religious robes. So I suspect it’ll be done and executed poorly, unfortunately…

  2. I do not support Islam in any way, shape or form, but let’s get honest. Why are so many products in the USA Kosher approved? This is a money making scheme for all sorts of gansta;s. Can’t we just buy all of our food and drink straight from the manufacturer without this nonsense and if you want your food blessed or slaughtered in certain ways pay for it yourselves? Why should I support religions that I do not belong to or believe in?

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