“Inappropriate questions” on ‘dispelling myths of islam’ day closes event early

Interview with Gary Fouse, who asked the questions:

His footage of the event:

Below is from Gary’s cell phone when questioners had to step outside and talk to Campus Police. One man who was asked to step outside had not even asked a question. He eventually was able to remain without stepping outside.

Front Page Magazine covered this event here as well. 


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9 Replies to ““Inappropriate questions” on ‘dispelling myths of islam’ day closes event early”

  1. Wonderful guy.
    We all need to read the Koran so we can understand what they are talking about and combat it with their own words.
    I know without reading. I have the intuition of their evil ways.
    I met enough Muslims to understand what they are .
    Thank you sir.

    • Just FYI, the Maududi Koran is really good. Its the one Robert Spencer recommends, and now that I am well into it and its covered in sticky notes, I can see why.

  2. to compare – it might be apples to oranges, but it shows how people can differ in matters of faith without a need to call police.
    But did the Exodus ever actually occur? On Passover last Sunday, Rabbi David Wolpe raised that provocative question [in a surprise sermon] before 2,200 faithful at Sinai Temple in Westwood. He minced no words. http://articles.latimes.com/2001/apr/13/news/mn-50481/3

  3. This event sounds odd because usually in a public forum with a guest speaker, the profs in charge of the class would not rely on the speaker’s knowledge to carry out a lecture with students, but would ask for written questions to be passed to the side, collected, then presented so that speaker is not put on the spot.

    So, the information about how “God” translates into Arabic as “Allah” is incorrect. Here is the correct information from a 1924 Egyptian prayerbook used by Jews.
    Reading from the right on the Hebrew (right-hand side), the third and fifth words are the two-letter abbreviations for the Tetragrammaton”. You can’t find “Allah” on the left-hand or Arabic translation. You can find

  4. First group of questions starts with the third video.

    Remember saying Allah is a gay god or Allah is a happy god and a loves homosexuals can get you into a lot of trouble now.

  5. “Bovey was doing fine handling soft, non-controversial questions, but plainly could not handle pointed, uncomfortable questions from a few members of the audience, including myself. One audience member identified himself as a former Muslim from Egypt, who left Islam and became a Christian pastor. When he began to contradict statements by Bovey, she became uncomfortable. Subsequently, he was approached by Prof. Clancy who asked him to step outside. He returned a few minutes later. While Bovey was discussing Zakat (Islamic charity giving), another audience member asked her about the categories of Zakat and whether any of them allowed giving to non-Muslims. She was unable to answer the question. Another man in the audience, a Muslim, stated that there was a separate channel of giving other than Zakat that could be directed to non-Muslims.

    During Bovey’s description of Islamic daily prayers, I asked her about Sura 1, verses 1-7, from the Quran, which are recited in those daily prayers. I read verses 6-7 to her from an English language Koran that referred to those who had incurred Allah’s wrath and those who had lost their way. I mentioned that according to a hadith, one of Mohammad’s followers had asked who that referred to and Mohammad’s answer was that the former were the Jews and the latter Christians. Bovey danced all around it stating that she didn’t know about that and that she had her own perception of who those people might be.

    At one point, Bovey called for a 15-20 minute break because she and her AV assistant had to pray. At that point I turned my camera off and was looking at my cell phone when Professor Clancy began admonishing a couple of the men in the audience who had asked the above questions stating that this was her class. A campus police officer entered the room and a third staff member, International Student Program Director Melissa Lyon, asked a couple of them to step outside. One of the men had not even asked a question and eventually he was able to avoid going outside to talk to police. I captured most of this on my cell phone both inside the hall and outside. After talking with the police, the men were allowed to return.

    Later on, Yet another audience member pointed out that modern archaeological studies had failed to identify Mecca as even existing during the time Mohammad was alive. Again, Bovey was unprepared. Professor Fini identified himself as an anthropological professor and responded that there were historical sites associated with Judaism and Christianity which could not be proven to exist during certain times, but that they were accepted as part of tradition.

    I was called on for another question and asked Bovey about Hudud Sharia, the punishment section of Sharia law, specifically about the death penalty for apostates who criticized Islam, adulterers and homosexuals. Again her answer was evasive. She then asked me to stop videotaping saying that she feared I would edit it. I assured her I would not. I politely insisted that this was a public event in a public institution and that I had a right to videotape. This was affirmed by the aforementioned anthropology professor. (During the break I had occasion to talk to a campus police officer, and he affirmed my right to videotape.)”

  6. The Christ of the Christians teaches them that the Kingdom of God is already here and it needs the repentence from pride to percieve it. Anything else, is blindness.

    Mark is the oldest Gospel in the bible and its first chapter demonstrates exactly what happens when you repent and face your demon. You are set free and want to set others free.

    The Koran however, sets you up for submission to an outer force, to minimise you own vanity, a mini-God, to believe you are cured into insignificance; but then, only if you make everyone else submit to this shared collectivism of honor. To make bloody sure the truth of your shrunk-prides do not escape. Otherwise, the full force of judgement remains. And only suicide-killing remains in the survival-bag. This taqyiyya of salvation.

    “This Surah is in fact a prayer which Allah has taught to all those who want to make a study of His book. It has been placed at the very beginning of the book to teach this lesson to the reader: if you sincerely want to benefit from the Quran, you should offer this prayer to the Lord of the Universe.”

    “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise is only for Allah, the Lord of the Universe, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful, the Master of the Day of Judgment.”

    Their fear of Judgement Day. Something the pre-Easter Christians had nothing to be concerned about. They were Saved. That is, until the Romans redefined Christ. The Doomsday Cult of The Second Coming; and will eventually become the same Islam that Europe wants again, to integrate its multi-lingual populations as a religiously controlled slave race. Business as usual. The Vatican simply swaps cloths. Tradition of St Paul: The God is Dead, Long Live The God. The Mardi is Coming.

    Downbred into their genes from slave to slave.

  7. Can’t help but notice at this event “Islam 101” that detractors with difficult questions, calmly and politely ask their questions to elicit a response from Ms.Bovey. Had this been an event entitled “Islam and The Danger To The West” with Robert Spencer, the detractors would have been a screaming horde of Mohammedans, intent on using violence and intimidation to destroy the event completely.

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