The whole story on Pettibone and co. detention in the SSUK

A special warning to Geraldo Rivera. If they did this to her because she wanted to interview Tommy Robinson, imagine what they would do to you. You interviewed Charles Manson.

Near the beginning of the interview they ask her if she would interview a KKK member. The answer should have been, “Why? Do you know one I can interview?” That is what journalists do. Provide info so people can decide for themselves in the marketplace of ideas. Clearly the UK has abandoned that entirely for totalitarian information control.

This is not an exaggeration at this point. The trajectory is set. I do not think anyone sees this getting better. May’s incompetence will likely lead to a Corbyn government and he is a dyed in the wool red-green axis (gender neutral descriptor here).

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  1. You are right, things are going to continue down hill. This is not going to end well for the Brits or the people running the British Government. I would suggest that people read on what happened in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Just about all of the Western Nations are headed into that direction.

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