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12 Replies to ““Nazi” now means anyone who isn’t completely cray cray”

  1. I was once in a hospital waiting room, there were about 20 people waiting. I knew I was there for at least 45 minutes. So, I started talking with the guy next to me about a particular subject that was in the news cycle. Two people (I’ve noticed, often obese) interrupted me and called me all kinds of terrible names. They were very aggressive.

    Never back down from confronting these people eye-to-eye in public, in a lessor tone they confront you, but more firm. I scanned the room while talking. Everyone was silent but I caught all their attention.

    And I gave an education lesson. Everybody learned because they were listening to me, since I was more firm although less loud, and I unexpectedly crushed the aggressors because I was more knowledgeable through my questions to them.

    These people don’t expect you to be on the offensive. But me must all do it in a very firm tone without aggression.

    BONUS: The hospital staff wanted to avoid a situation over which they no control. I was very polite, I had witnesses. So, they called me over all the others to see the doctor to get rid of me. Everybody was surprised, and me also.

    BTW: I listened to the Toronto-Khalid-M-103 video. My opinion: Once again, a little too much aggression, and not the right questions were asked. Furthermore, Khalid got away with it since the other guy took over from her. The people should have demanded she answer the questions, albeit it they were not the best questions.

  2. Pitiful. These brainwashed tools who walked out are the fascists who accuse others of what they’re guilty of. Beneath contempt.

  3. Yup if you are willing to go along with absolute craziness you are a Nazi, the kids who walked out are so indoctrinated in the leftist ideology/theology that they are incapable of independent original thought and are rapidly sinking into a state where they will be unable to take care of themselves.

    • Of course they will never be able to look after themselves. Let them freeze in the dark and Darwin wil look after them. They will never amount to a hill o beans.

      • They are like the kids from the Florida High School who is saying he won’t go back to school until the State Legislature passes gun control.

        If he wants to drop out of school that is up to him, I hope he has a good time as a homeless person on skid row.

        • I read several comments on Weasel Zippers last night that this kid is a “Crisis Actor” Not a student of the FL school, & that he graduated 2 years ago from a CA high school.

          Posted by:
          He is not 17 and he does not go to that school. He graduated from Redondo in 2015. He is CNN’s shill for student response. You can see him everywhere

          Granny Smith
          “David” doesn’t go to high school any day because he is not a student. He is a professional crisis actor. He was flown in by those who pull the strings.

          Gerbil Master
          And why would the little Hogg want to go back to high school? He graduated from a California high school two years ago. From his rantings he might be retarded and just got passed so that school wouldn’t have to deal with the drooling idiot anymore.


  4. Me, out of sequence as always. Great show on Blog Talk Radio for 2 hrs tonite Mr Vlad. The chat room was standing room only. Everyone
    supercharged .. comments screaming past. More fun than bein’ in a whore house with a bag of experimental Viagara ..

    West don’t wanna engage in battle because we don’t want to loose our comforts. I’d say that was right on the money. The Hijrah is like a glacier,
    moving ever slowly & crushing everything under it’s ponderous weight.

    The speed of thought is a marvel when you come on the show..

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