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    The statistics the media won’t let us talk about.
    February 27, 2018
    Ann Coulter

    As fun as it is to ridicule the FBI for devoting massive resources to chasing down Hillary Clinton’s oppo research while blowing off repeated, specific warnings about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, we’ve put a lot on the agency’s plate.

    We’re hauling in nearly 2 million manifestly unvetted Third World immigrants every year, leading to a slew of FBI “Watch Lists” with a million names apiece. In 2015, Director James Comey said that there were ISIS investigations in all 50 states — even Idaho and Alaska! And that’s just one terrorist organization.

    Maybe the FBI brass would still be a bunch of incompetent, PC nincompoops if we weren’t dumping millions of psychotic and terrorist foreigners on the country. But even the most efficient organization would have trouble keeping track of the Nikolas Cruzes when our immigration policies require approximately one-third of the country to be constantly watching another third of the country.

    Thanks to our Second Amendment, the United States has fewer mass shootings per capita than many other developed countries, including Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. (And 98 percent of our mass shootings occur in “gun-free zones.”)

    • They are eating their seed crops. Be it through genocide of the Caucasian farmers or profound neglect of topsoil loss and general erosion, they are sowing their own doom.

      500 years ago, eating your seed crops was a self-imposed death sentence. In these modern times of Food Security, collapsing your country’s domestic agricultural industry is national suicide.

    • He’s a little too jagged in his logic. His first, primary point, that connected gun ownership to moral fiber was very important. This is because the Founding Fathers clearly knew that a well-armed citizenry was a boon and that an unarmed citizenry would be far more dependent upon a powerful centralized (be it state or federal) government.

      After that, he gets a little too loopy and his closing point about Westmoreland, Kelly, and My Lai is lost in the noise.

  2. Germany: Court looks into Erdogan appeal against partial ban on satirical poem

    Hamburg’s Land Court began hearing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s appeal against the decision to ban only parts of an ‘offensive’ satirical poem by comedian Jan Boehmermann, on Tuesday.

    • 1. If anyone knows a doctor who is left wing, and thinking of joining Doctors without Borders, please advise them to go straight to Malawi.

      2. Speaking as a white guy, i really do not want to test all my cough drops for AIDS thanks. Seems kinda counter-productive.

  3. CBC – NATO researcher warns of Russian interference in 2019 Canadian election

    Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould is looking at shoring up Canada’s electoral system

    A leading NATO researcher says Canada should assume Russia will attempt to interfere in the 2019 federal election because that would serve the Kremlin’s purpose of helping destabilize the military alliance.

    The allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election as well as its attempts to disrupt votes in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, among other countries, makes Canada a natural target, Janis Sarts, the director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence said in an interview.

    Russia is attracted to Canada because destabilizing it would “undermine the cohesion” of the broader NATO alliance. Moreover, it could serve to undermine Canadian policy in Europe, he said.

    It would also allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to project strength inside his country by showing that “other countries are afraid of Russia,” said Sarts, who testified last year at the U.S. Senate intelligence committee about Russian interference.

    “The moment somebody can question the integrity of the elections and the election result, democracy is in trouble,” Sarts said.

    Canada watching threats

    The federal government has tasked Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould with shoring up the electoral system against foreign meddling.

    “We are closely following how our allies are addressing these challenges in their countries to see what solutions may be right for Canada,” Gould’s spokeswoman Jordan Owens said.

    “The government of Canada continues to closely monitor foreign threats, including those that may impact the 2019 election and are working hard to ensure that Canadians can continue to trust in our democratic institutions.”

    The government wants to bring “greater transparency” to the funding of political parties and political advertising and fundraisers, said Owens.

    The government wants social media companies to “address issues related to foreign interference in elections,” she said.

    “They have taken some initial positive first steps, but more needs to be done.”

    Relations between Canada and Russia are at a low ebb with the Canadian Forces commanding a NATO battle group in Latvia, part of the alliance’s anti-Moscow deterrent in Eastern Europe following the Kremlin’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and the ongoing turmoil in eastern Ukraine.

    Russia has threatened unspecified retaliation against Canada for its passage of anti-corruption legislation named in honour of the Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky.

    The Kremlin has also placed Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland on a list of people banned from travelling to the country because of her writing about Putin during her former career as a journalist.

    Common ground

    But there’s one positive in Canada-Russia relations: The Trudeau government and the Kremlin view the Arctic as an area of co-operation.

    That contrasted with the view of the previous Conservative government, which viewed Russia’s motives in Arctic with suspicion after it planted a flag on the North Pole seabed in 2007.

    The Russian embassy and Global Affairs Canada co-hosted a conference at Carleton University in Ottawa on Arctic issues in November 2016. It was part of the Liberal government’s plan to re-engage with Russia in what it saw as an area of shared interest.

    Both countries say they need to work together because thawing Arctic ice will mean greater ship traffic, which will increase the potential for oil and gas exploration, as well as potential threats on the environmental and security fronts.

    Sarts suggested Russia’s co-operative overtures on the Arctic can’t be taken at face value, despite some very public positive vibes between the two countries.

    “Take a look at narrative on the Arctic within Russia itself. There is a more or less the notion of ‘that’s ours’,” said Sarts.

    “Co-operation is not the word you hear much.”

    The NATO communications centre, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, was established in 2014 to combat Russian misinformation in the wake of its annexation of Crimea.

    It is one of three NATO research organizations, separate from its military command, that aim to counter Russian cyber warfare, along with the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats based in Finland, and NATO’s cyber defence centre in Estonia.
    CYBERSEC INSIGHTS 2017 – Janis Sarts on tackling fake news and propaganda

    • MARCH 2016- DAILY SABAH – Russia trying to create unrest in Germany to topple Merkel, senior NATO expert says

      NATO’s most senior analysts on strategic communications claimed Russia is planning to topple German Chancellor Angela Merkel by creating an unrest in the country over the refugee crisis, the Observer reported on Saturday.

      Janis Sarts, director of Nato’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, based in Riga, Latvia, said Russia is communicating with right-wing extremists, which it can control, to stir up anger against German leader, who has been a strong supporter of sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime.

      Underlining that he could talk as an expert, and not as a spokesman for NATO, Sarts said: “[Russia] is establishing a network that can be controlled. You can use it as they have tried to do in Germany, combined with the legitimate issue of refugees, to undercut political processes in a very serious way.”

      “Angela Merkel has been a very adamant supporter of continued sanctions against Russia. If it was just punishment, that would be OK – but it is testing whether they can build on pre-existing problems and create a momentum where there is a political change in Germany.” Sarts said.

      The NATO adviser said Russia is exploiting far right narrative to test whether it can create a circumstance through its influence where there is a change of top leadership.

      “In general terms, you can trace Russian funding to the extreme forces in Europe. Either left or right – as long as they are extreme, they are good to come into the Russian picture as of possible use in their tactics.” Sarts said.

      Germany has been one of the top European destinations for refugees, after Merkel suspended EU migration regulations in August last year and allowed Syrian refugees to register even if they had entered the EU elsewhere, often in Greece.

    • Plenty creepy. Hard not to get snagged.
      “They” have my DNA.

      I guess I shouldn’t care: what difference, at this point, does it make?

      I just don’t like it. Gargantuan data bases hovering over me, hoovering up everything.

      When I go extinct, will I be cloned? Just to harvest my liver, and throw out the rest?

      • Only if we lose the war.

        Be sure and read the article I posted on today’s readers links about New Orleans using a predictive computer program to fight crime.

  4. A migrant boy with Arab roots has been arrested for raping a 37-year-old man.

    A 17-year-old boy has been arrested for raping a man. The raid took place earlier this month in southern Sweden.

    “A 17-year-old boy has been arrested for raping a 37-year-old man. After the rape, the boy robbed the man for money. Both crimes happened while the 17-year-old had a firearm aimed at the man,” Sydsvenskan writes.

    The evidence in the case is so strong that the judge chose to detain the boy.

  5. OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is standing by a senior government official who suggested factions within the Indian government were involved in sabotaging the prime minister’s visit to India last week.

    During his first question period since arriving back in Canada, opposition MPs are grilling Trudeau about invitations issued to Jaspal Atwal — a B.C. Sikh convicted of attempting to assassinate an Indian cabinet minister in 1986 — to attend two events with the prime minister in India.

    In a background briefing arranged by the Prime Minister’s Office, a government official suggested that Atwal’s presence was arranged by factions within the Indian government who want to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from getting too cosy with a foreign government they believe is not committed to a united India.

  6. Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed Tuesday that the Department of Justice is opening an official inquiry into allegations of abuse and anti-Trump bias in obtaining FISA warrants using DNC-financed material, saying “it will be investigated.”

    Sessions was speaking with reporters when he announced his agency’s plans to get to the bottom of accusations revealed in Rep. Devin Nunes’ bombshell memo, claiming the Obama administration and FBI used the Clinton-sourced ‘Trump Dossier’ to obtain surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign.

    “Yes, it will be investigated,” said the Attorney General, adding it would be the “appropriate thing” to do following Nunes’ four-page document.

      • The problem is that this is the DOJ investigating itself, how many people trust the Obama corrupted DOJ to do an honest investigation of itself?

    • Rep. Adam Schiff won’t back his own FISA oversight bill

      Fla. Rep. Matt Gaetz is introducing a bill in Congress that would increase oversight of FISA courts by making judges subject to presidential appointment and Senate confirmation. Schiff introduced the same bill five years ago and now won’t support it. What changed?

  7. Onderhand heeft iedereen al gehoord over de verkrachtingen, zuuraanvallen, steekpartijen en terreuraanslagen, maar een andere verontrustende trend die niet veel aandacht krijgt, is de recente toename van aanvallen op dieren.
    Vorig jaar op 14 november in Eutlingen, Duitsland, hebben twee Arabisch uitziende mannen (20-25) een zwaan gedood. Aangezien ze de kop meenamen en het karkas achterlieten was het niet voor consumptie bedoeld. Dit is vooral wreed als men zich bedenkt dat zwanen voor het leven koppels zijn. Een getuige heeft de mannen gehoord terwijl ze spraken over hun voornemen om een van deze majestueuze dieren te doden.

  8. The family of the IKEA killer Abraham Ukbagabir’s is surprised that he is still alive after his crimes. Ukbagabir himself reported his cruel killing in the IKEA store in Västerås in 2015 with “Shit happens!”
    IKEA murderer Abraham Ukbagabir filed a request for deportation to Eritrea to serve the rest of his sentence, despite the risk of being subjected to brutal torture. However, Sweden does not deport people to Eritrea and it is unclear whether this will happen if the prisoner asks for it himself.

  9. The Supreme Court actually ruled in favor of American citizens for a change all thanks to Justice Neil Gorsuch.

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court scrapped an insane ruling from the 9th Circuit which claimed detained illegal aliens, asylum seekers and legal green-card holders have a “right to a bond hearing” every six months.

    This is a major victory for America and the Trump administration.

  10. USA: Microsoft locks swords with US govt. on users’ data

    Microsoft President Brad Smith and Microsoft Attorney Josh Rosenkranz spoke out on Tuesday morning in front of US Supreme Court in Washington DC, following the first day of trail concerning a dispute between the Trump administration and Microsoft over storage of user data in the ‘Cloud’ outside the US.

      • Anything given over to control by Communist China requires immediate defaulting to a “worst case scenario” mode. Issues like willingness-to-cheat, corruption, identity theft, invasion of privacy, contract violations, and much worse, all go to a green-light status.

        It is obligatory to presume that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) will use all related assets in ways that most thoroughly entrench its own financial and political power.

        The amount of technology transfer that has flowed into Red China is staggering and, in the hands of such a corrupt régime, all of it must go into the “dual use” category. This is the central problem of cooperating with entities like the CCP.

        When I was in Taiwan, locals would describe doing business with The Mainland as:

        Feeding the tiger with your own flesh.

        The planet’s business community has fed this tiger far too much meat. It’s time to make Beijing’s diet very lean. If we cannot do this before Communist China makes the potentially successful transition from export-dependent, over to an internal consumption economy, then things will get very ugly.

        As an example, Red China currently sits at a 30% internal consumption rate. Most advanced countries are at a 60% internal consumption rate. Given that The Mainland is home to one quarter of this world’s population, there is a very steep socioeconomic hill to climb in order to achieve that 60% internal consumption rate.

        All the same, derailing the CCP and getting some meaningful régime change in Beijing would go a long way towards restabilizing the East Asian quadrant. As I noted, letting Communist China achieve economic self-reliance will make it nearly impossible to topple the CCP.

        Many of this world’s sunnier long term outcomes require the absence of Red China. Yet another curious similarity that the Middle Kingdom shares with Islam.

        • Be sure and check out the videos about India, China and Pakistan that I post, I think that youtube channel has some connection to the Indian government but even so it tells us a lot about the Indian mindset. They seem to be getting ready for a way with China, possibly when we are forced to take out North Korea. But a lot of nations seem to be waiting for that so we will be busy when they move on territory they want to either take back or take over.

  11. 22 Bahraini Anti-Regime Activists Sentenced to Death: Activist (tasnimnews, Feb 28, 2018)

    “The Manama regime has already sentenced nearly two dozen political dissidents to death as the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty presses ahead with its heavy-handed crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners in Bahrain, a human rights activist said Tuesday…”

  12. Muslim groups hit back at counter-terror police chief over extremism speech (middleeasteye, Feb 27, 2018)

    “Muslim community groups have chided a senior outgoing counter-terrorism police chief for claiming that they “create and exploit grievances and isolation”…..”

    Rowley criticised Mend, the anti-Islamophobia organisation, for “seeking to undermine the state’s considerable efforts to tackle all hate crime” and blamed Cage for characterising the Prevent counter-terrorism policy as an “attack on Islam.”

    Mend said they were “deeply disappointed” with Rowley’s comments before mounting a defence of their record.

    “We wholeheartedly refute this allegation and find it deeply troubling and inaccurate,” Mend CEO Shazad Amin said in a statement.

    “We worked tirelessly with police forces in order to successfully get Islamophobic crimes recorded as a separate category of crime by around 20 police forces.”

    “We have worked to empower communities to report Islamophobia to the police, ensuring that crime is recorded correctly and justice is served through the criminal justice system.”

    In a statement, Cage said that Rowley’s speech amounted to a “tired rehash of tried and failed models”.

    “The fact that a police officer addressed a right-wing organisation connected to the Henry Jackson Society and the broader Islamophobia network casts doubt on the impartiality of the police and does little for their credibility and legitimacy,” Cage said in a statement.

    Asim Qureshi, Cage’s research director, said Rowley was “profoundly confused”.

    “Rowley’s first duty should be to respect the rule of law and ensure professional competence of his staff for the safety and security of all, rather than fanning the flames of fear to justify, among other disturbing ideas, the targeting of families and children,” he said.

    Azad Ali, a former Mend executive who was recently appointed as Cage’s community relations director also hit back at Rowley who singled him out for comments made in relation to British soldiers fighting in Iraq.

    “The comments by Mark Rowley feels like an audition for the right-wing hatemongers, being dismissive of the rise of Islamophobia whilst at the same time promoting those that are pushing the structural forms of oppression against Muslims like Shawcross, Spielman and others”, Ali said…”

  13. Algeria blasts Amnesty’s ‘unfounded allegations’ (memo, Feb 27, 2018)

    “The Algerian government has blasted the “lack of objectivity” from Amnesty International (AI) in its latest human rights’ report and noted its “astonishment” and regret at the “unfounded allegations” which only “mechanically reproduce” obsolete stereotypes.

    In the report, Amnesty highlighted several human rights violations in Algeria and denounced the arbitrary imprisonment of peaceful protesters, human rights defenders, activists and journalists. The human rights organisation also raised the issue of how Ahmadiyya Muslims are allegedly treated in the country and the “mass expulsions of migrants” in a nod to last year when thousands of sub-Saharan migrants living in squalid camps in and around the capital were expelled to Niger and Mali…”

  14. Egyptian singer Sherine faces six months in jail for saying Nile is dirty (middleeasteye, Feb 27, 2018)

    “An Egyptian court sentenced pop star Sherine to six months in prison on Tuesday for suggesting drinking from the Nile leads to illness, although she will remain free pending an appeal.

    Sherine Abdel Wahab, known as Sherine, had apologised after being caught on tape joking with concert goers that Nile water could give them parasites.

    The Cairo misdemeanour court convicted her of having spread “false news”. Judicial officials said she would remain free on bail pending an appeal…”

  15. Egyptian singer sentenced to two years in prison for ‘inciting debauchery’ in music video (ahram, Feb 27, 2018)

    “An Egyptian misdemeanour court sentenced on Tuesday little-known female singer Laila Amer to two years in prison after she was convicted of “inciting debauchery and immorality” in a controversial music video that contained “sexual overtones.”

    Amer was arrested last month after a lawyer filed a legal complaint over her song Bos Omak (Look at your mother), which is a pun on an Arabic expletive.

    The director of the clip was also sentenced to six months in prison and an actor who appeared in the video was sentenced to three months on similar charges.

    All the defendants denied any wrongdoing, and the sentences can still be appealed.

    Amer is the second female singer to be sentenced to prison in Egypt over the past few months.

    In December, pop singer Sheema Ahmed was sentenced to two years in prison, later commuted to one year, for inciting debauchery in a video where she appeared in her lingerie while suggestively eating a banana.”

  16. 11 ‘takfiris’ killed in Egypt’s Sinai in raids, foiled suicidal attack: Army (arham, Feb 27, 2018),-foiled-.aspx

    “Eleven “takfiris” were killed by the Egyptian army during ongoing Operation Sinai 2018 operations over the past four days, the armed forces said on Tuesday.

    Army spokesman Tamer El-Refaie said in communiqué number 12 that “four extremely dangerous takfiris” were eliminated as the forces foiled a suicide attack by the terrorist elements, who were wearing explosive belts and military uniforms…”

  17. Turkish theology professor blasts keeping male and female patients in same rooms during intensive care (hurriyetdailynews, Feb 27, 2018)

    “A theology professor from Istanbul’s Marmara University has drawn criticism after slamming the keeping of male and female patients in the same rooms during intensive care.

    Faruk Be?er, who is also a columnist at daily Yeni ?afak, took to Twitter on Feb. 27 to criticize current measures in Turkish hospitals.

    “Is it possible to keep man and woman patients in the different rooms during intensive care? Is it an obligation to keep patients nude?” Be?er wrote, addressing Heath Ministry officials.

    He also criticized the fact that treatment processes are often conducted by doctors of the opposite sex.

    The controversy comes after an Islamic preacher in Turkey recently drew a backlash for suggesting that clean-shaven men sometimes “cannot be distinguished from women” and can cause “indecent thoughts.”

    Speaking on religious broadcaster Fatih Medreseleri (Madrasahs) TV on Dec. 16, preacher Murat Bayaral blasted “beardless men.”

    “If you see a man with long hair from afar you might think he is a woman if he does not have a beard, because these day many women and men dress similarly. God forbid! You could be possessed by indecent thoughts,” Bayaral said.”

    • Sex in the ICU is something only a pervert contemplates.

      All the brains draining from the Turk’s Land, hospital mortality rates will soar. Watch fat-cats head elsewhere for treatment, while the less fortunate make-do with voodoo and camel urine.

      • All the brains draining from the Turk’s Land, hospital mortality rates will soar. Watch fat-cats head elsewhere for treatment, while the less fortunate make-do with voodoo and camel urine.

        Too right, yucki! This is a part of one of three different “bottlenecks” our planet is facing. Mere access to technology (be it medical or informational) will be something on the order of having mastery of the wheel a few thousand years ago.

        One of the most critical (unnamed) participants in this Triple Bottleneck™ knows bloody well that most of their population will not squeeze across the Digital Divide. That is just a hint at the magnitude of tripwires, triggers, flashpoints, and potential conflict zones involved here.

        Finally, yes, everything above was a shameless teaser for my Triple Bottleneck™ essay that’s in the pipeline. Of course, this means good news and bad news:

        The good news is that, several weeks ago, I stumbled across some of the best analyses of North Korean military strength I’ve ever seen.

        The bad news is that diligently exposing the Nork farce is a perfect excuse for me slagging off on the Triple Bottleneck™ essay.

        Even worse, is my willingness to pretend that making extensive comment contributions here lets me off of the hook for not getting my chores done.

  18. Danes’ confidence in police drops for third year in a row: report (thelocal, Feb 27, 2018)

    “Confidence in the police has fallen in Denmark for the third successive year, according to a report released by the National Police on Monday.

    The police survey is based on the responses of 11,000 people who were asked about both feelings of safety and confidence relating to the country’s police.

    79.2 percent said they have confidence in the police.

    In 2013, when the National Police (Rispolitiet) conducted the survey for the first time, that figure measured at 84.3 percent. Last year it was recorded as 81.1 percent.

    In a press statement, National Police Chief Jens Henrik Højbjerg said it would be possible to prioritise visible, confidence building work by police “going forward”.

    “We take this measure very seriously and are working continuously to reverse the trend by being firm and persistent in our work,” Højbjerg said.

    The press release also notes a positive change with regard to confidence in police in underprivileged areas, with this reported to be at 77 percent….”

    • Danes’ confidence in police drops for third year in a row

      And so begins another tale about the decline of Rule of Law™.

      Where the indigenous majority no longer awards full acclamation to its own defenders, this is like a lit fuse.

      Imagine what happens when police ranks are permeated with Nafris and Muslims? Where will this already-lit fuse lead?

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