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22 Replies to “Liberal Party Stenographer CBC FAIL”

  1. I actually can’t believe that the leader of your country would not only dress himself to look like a fool but, he actually brought along a terrorist in his entourage.
    I can’t think of a single foreign visit that Obama disgraced his country to this degree.
    I can only conclude that your PM has jumped the rails and is now totally crazy.
    How will you deal with this in Canada?

  2. “…let’s drill down into this…” –FAILURE!!


    if a country elects a clown and fails to quickly correct its mustake then it deserves its clown. The left in Canada, along with its Little Potato Boy, are unfit for leadership. The time it takes for Canadians to realize this fact is telling us much, and not much of it is good.

    That CBC “journalist” whoring herself certainly tried hard to make a silk purse from a how’s ear. –Next time just make Justin a new costume from it and be done.

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