Pat Condell, South Africa, CAIR needs to be met by FAIR (Fight against Armed Islamic Radicals) Links 1, Feb 20, 2018

1. Back to South Africa for a moment. This is what actual Nazi Genocidal racism actually looks like.

2. CAIR-Oregon Asks GOP to Drop Anti-Muslim Speaker at Event Tonight

(PORTLAND, OR, 2/20/18) – The Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Oregon) today called on the Deschutes County Republican Party to drop an anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist as a speaker at an event that will be held tonight.


“John Guandolo is an infamous Islamophobe,” said CAIR-Oregon spokesperson Zakir Khan. “He bizarrely claims that a former CIA director was a ‘secret Muslim’ and that Muslim hotel managers, cabbies and 7-11 workers are planning to take over America. There is nothing to learn but hate at this event. We call on the Deschutes Republican Party to cancel this speaker and the various GOP candidates for governor, including Representative Knute Buehler to not attend.”


Last month, CAIR welcomed a decision by Tennessee’s Trevecca Nazarene University to cancel an anti-Muslim event that would have featured three Islamophobic speakers, including Guandolo.

(Notice how CAIR and leftist groups like ANTIFA use the same deceptive use of language. If a person is against the massive illegal immigration that is crushing Europe, parts of the US and soon Canada, then those people must be anti-immigrant, and if they are anti-immigrant it can only be because they are racist since so many of those immigrants are muslim, which now has the protection of a race somehow.

CAIR makes the same leap. If you are against the stealth implementation of sharia law, and the destruction of the constitution in favour of an Islamic supremacist system, you must be anti-Muslim, and you are such because you have an irrational fear of Islam for no reason and hence, you are an Islamophobe, and as all muslims are, well, muslim, that makes you also a racist. Abracadabra.)

3. An interesting correlation between gun ownership and homicide rate:

4. It might be interesting for someone in California who wants to attend the trial of the Bike lock fascist prof. to go to the pre-trial hearing and check it out and report on it.

5. Pat Condell on censorship of his video on censorship.

The video he is discussing can be seen here.

6. Justin Trudeau welcomes Islamic State mass murderers, rapists and slave owners back to Canada, but REFUSES North Korean refugees. I mean, real, bonafide, actual refugees.

(Video at site)

In January, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that those fleeing “persecution, terror & war, Canada will welcome you regardless of faith,” but a recent report indicated that his country has been deporting North Korean asylum seekers.


Al Jazeera reported Sunday that since 2013, Canada has kicked out nearly 2,000 North Korean asylum seekers. These immigrants—who reportedly lied on their application forms—call the deportation notice a death warrant.


“That notice means death to me.” Taegun Kim, who arrived in Canada with his wife and two children 11 years ago, told the news outlet. “I came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in Canada. To think we’re going to be separated, it breaks my heart.”

7. Harvard Study: More guns, less crime.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan, EB., and a lot of great people who have sent in important news links and analysis explaining the state of things today.

Please stay tuned. More to come.

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13 Replies to “Pat Condell, South Africa, CAIR needs to be met by FAIR (Fight against Armed Islamic Radicals) Links 1, Feb 20, 2018”

  1. On February 16, 2018, Eric Schmidt, long-serving CEO of Google, held a talk at the TUM Speakers Series on „OK, Google – What’s the future?
    Schmidt addresses how Google will filter “fake news”…discusses demographics and manipulation of the target demographics and elections.
    For instance:
    @ 27:07

    “….indeed the German government has criminalized the transfer that the transference of fake news and you have to actually remove it when you encounter it which we’re indeed doing”

    &@ 29:30

    “we’re also worried about some of the things that we’ve seen in misinformation a typical example you’ve had a little bit of this in Germany and in Europe although not as bad as the United States government’s interfering in elections by manipulating the news manipulating source so it’s a lot much longer conversation but we built tools which will allow you to look at conversations online and decide how much hate you want to have in your conversation oh I like lots of hate I hate hate I don’t want anything I want it to be inflammatory I want it to be calm right so we’re giving you the control right of how you want to have this expression be there we’re not trying to censor it in any way but we want you to be able to prioritize it in whatever thing you care about this has resulted in a product which we call ‘protect your election’ which indeed has been used here in Germany and France and Netherlands and check in Korea and you can betcha it’s gonna be used in our 2018 elections in America as well as elsewhere as it becomes more successful because we’re committed to these kinds of issues

  2. Bitchute has a long way to go until it’s a good alternative to YT, vimeo too is unusable, 1/3 of the video wasn’t on screen & I’ve a 6 inch phone, understand the need for another platform, why not copy YT?

    • Because its wildly expensive to do, and requires massive resources to make it pay the way Google did. tried it and gave up and other platforms have also failed.

      Bitchute needs more computer resources but mostly needs more people using it so the experience is smoother.

  3. Holy fuck.

    That bastard is deporting actual refugees – back to North Korea!!!

    How is this not front page news EVERYWHERE?!?!?

  4. I can’t say I am surprised about the relationship between firearms ownership and murder or other crimes. The criminals have always been more afraid of the armed citizens then of the police.

    Trudeau is showing his Marxist roots, he doesn’t want refugees from Marxist nations because they will warn against his policies.

  5. If you take away the black population the USA rate for gun violence is even far lower than that graph. Less than 13% of the US population commits over half the murders.
    TRUTH may be the new racism, but I frankly don’t give a shite.
    Truth is supreme.

    • If you take away the black population the USA rate for gun violence is even far lower than that graph. Less than 13% of the US population commits over half the murders.

      The numbers are far worse than that. With Blacks at about 12% of the overall US population, Black males therefore represent around 6%. Young black males (~14-36 years-old) represent a bare few percent of America’s entire population yet, are responsible for 53% of all violent crime, such as murder, rape, and assault.

      They are able to maintain these numbers despite the government already having locked up almost a million Black men.

      Most telling of all is that the life expectancy of an imprisoned Black male is better than his counterpart walking free on the street.

      Finally, there is the simple fact that the biggest killer of young Black men is other young Black men.

      Perhaps this would be a good time to mention how the Black illegitimacy rate is 73%. All of which explains a lot.

      PS: If you delete all suicides from the “gun violence” statistics, America drops into the same gun crime rates of far more restrictive foreign nations. Imagine what would happen if the Black gun crime numbers were subtracted.

      We should’a picked our own damn cotton!

      • :You are right, we are going through another big push to disarm the American Public, if the left ever gets their way and bans all guns they will discover what real gun violence is like.

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