Police initiate major action against groups (Dervish?) in Iran


Google translate of two of the video titles offers variations of:

“Gonabadi Dervishes protest rally in Tehran Pasdaran Street / Sanctions against Kalantari”

Wikipedia has a description of Dervishes as a religious sect dedicated to austerity and poverty.


Below, from Google Translate:

“The united presence of Dervishes against the 102-guard militia; Dervishes call for the release of Nematullah Riahi”

Again, Google translate:

“Dervishes erupt in Golestan eighth to prevent the arrest of Dr. Nourali Tabandeh by the savage criminal”

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There are more videos in the Reader’s Links post for Feb. 20 18 of this event.

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14 Replies to “Police initiate major action against groups (Dervish?) in Iran”

  1. The best source of info re Iran is here on Twitter:
    Raman Ghavami@Raman_Ghavami

    He also have an FB page. He’s really up-to-date, posting new videos as they come in.

  2. Yesterday, a bus rammed the security forces that were parked on their motorcycles. Four police casualties. The video is on his twitter.

    • Iran: Bus attack leaves three officers dead amid clashes with Sufi sect

      Footage broadcasted by Iranian State TV showed a bus ramming through officers of Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NAJA), killing two officers and one soldier in the Pasdaran district of Tehran on Monday.

      The attack was allegedly conducted by the members of Gonabadi Dervishes, a Sufi sect in Iran. NAJA officers were reportedly called on site to secure the area as it serves as one of the focal points of the sect housing one of its leaders Noor Ali Tabandeh.

      Earlier that day, violent clashes had taken place between protesters and NAJA officers as they had gathered in front of a police station demanding the release of Nematullah Riahi, a member of the sect.

      According to NAJA spokesman Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi, “The murderers were arrested seconds after their crime.”

  3. Lovely: proud, brave defiance in the name of religious diversity. Reveals global intolerance of the mullahs of the Islamic Repub of Iran. Undermines their pretensions to the lead the global umma.

    It does NOT exclude the possible indierect help of Mossad.
    Just sayin…

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