Fake free speech journalism org. demands less free speech

I remember when I first saw Pen Canada online. They wanted to form a freedom of speech demo at Parliament hill years ago, and then cancelled at the last minute because all those people on the hill would be bad for the sod. Seriously no word of a lie. They cancelled their own demo as they felt it was bad for the grass.

Ever since then I have been suspicious that they were a fake liberal group but a real leftist-Islamic one.

Now we have this article: from The National Post:

The far right has ‘co-opted’ the issue of free speech, says Omar Mouallem, a board member of press freedom group PEN Canada

The climate for hate speech regulation in Canada appears to be shifting.


Traditional free speech advocates are reconsidering the status quo they helped create, in which hate speech is only a Criminal Code charge that requires political approval, and so is rarely prosecuted. There is even talk of resurrecting the defunct and much maligned ban on internet hate speech, Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


The latest example was a lecture this week by Omar Mouallem, an Edmonton journalist and board member of free expression group PEN Canada, in which he argued online racists have “weaponized” free speech against Muslims, and Canada should consider a new anti-hate law to stop them.


Mouallem told a University of Alberta audience that public discourse is “fatally flawed,” and overrun with hate propagandists who traffic in lies and provocations in order to pose as censorship victims.

I wonder if there are other fake rights groups like Pen?

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  1. New and Approved Free Speech Warriors

    “SHOCK VIDEO=> DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Sits and Applauds as Linda Sarsour Calls America Racist, Hateful Country Founded on Murder”
    By Jim Hoft – February 8, 2018

    “Linda Sarsour Calls America Racist, Fascist Country “Founded on Murder”
    james hoft – February 8, 2018

      • “I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio”

        Her grandson is Transracial. He was born that way.
        You must submit to his pronouns, be fair, as if he were Gay.

  2. Hi, Eeyore and readers of Vladtepesblog,
    UK university bans ‘politically incorrect’ research into gender reassignment reversal
    Psychotherapist and gender specialist James Caspian is challenging Bath Spa University, which is blocking research he wants to conduct on people who regret undergoing gender reassignment. He says it’s an attack on free speech.
    Thank You.

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