A not very encouraging list of videos: Links 1, 2018

1. The left and Islam compete for destruction of the West in all ways at this point.

2. Former US attorney: FBI officials will likely face charges

3. Tommy Robinson in Germany:

4. Bloody Islamic State video:

(Seems to be current and includes footage from actual IS video of women on the line)

5. Clare Lopez tweet:

6. Obama funding terror. Why is that not illegal?

7. Duluth School District Bans Huckleberry Finn and to Kill a Mockingbird (Moral Panic!)

8. BBC attempts the same kind f Ambush on Anne Coulter that Channel4 did on Jordan Peterson. But they must be much more afraid of Anne. They needed two people and constant interruption for the effect of discrediting her.

Anne on the other hand really only needed to say one thing.

It isn’t she, Anne, that is costing the MSM credibility. It is their very provable, agenda driven fabrications against Donald Trump and conservatives, even trivial ones like incorrectly feeding a goldfish in Japan, that is costing them.

They are trying the same tactic the socialists use on people who expose Islam’s actual beliefs and history. Blame the messenger.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Xanthippa, Charles, Richard, and all who sent in materials.

As is nearly always the case, the comments in the Reader’s Links post are outstanding and important and for those familiar with Stratfor as it was before Obama seems to have worked some kind of evil CVE magic on it, the Reader’s Links post is much like it was in the Bush era. Actual news with geopolitical significance as well as decent analysis from multiple sources.

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6 Replies to “A not very encouraging list of videos: Links 1, 2018”

  1. The Swedish Museum piece is really nothing new in a west now undermined in all areas by the leftist disease. I have noticed the changes in such now compared to when I was a child and the pushing of the multicultural plague onto exhibits is blatant in virtually every museum that I have visited in the last 15 years. In my “local” one scores of western artefacts are now rotting in cardboard boxes while the most trivial non-western artefacts are no given pride of place. They are ALREADY rewriting history and in front of us! The left and ISIS are on the same page if not the same book.

  2. 4. IS propaganda video.
    Pretty slick production-wise.
    The burka-clad ‘women’ may or may not be women. Doesn’t matter- actually shows how desperate they are. Aren’t women supposed to be 2nd class?
    Their “tactics” are still rubbish. Butter looking for a hot knife.
    I feel very sorry for the prisoners; 5min, 9+min. I would have thought that the soldiers might have decided not to be captured alive by these animals.

    I still remember that appalling 1990’s/2000’s video of a Chechen attack on a village defended by Russian conscripts. Elements of a platoon were detached from their company, and after beating off multiple attacks from jihadi scum, and running out of ammunition, they were overrun and taken prisoner.
    The troglodytes lay the young conscripts down and interrogated them…
    Probably one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen.
    I deliberately saved it before it disappeared from the net, and if there is no sane political solution, and we have to fight, I will use it to motivate my men.

  3. So amusing to see the BBC defending ‘the probity of the MSM’, we also had it on ‘Hard Talk’ with Roger Stone, who was told he was undermining American institutions, as if the Beeb cared about the US System which they continually disparage. It’s perfectly possibly that Clinton associates are in infanticidal satanic cults, its all the rage. The MSM just can’t cope with the fact that they backed the wrong horse – and a doped one at that.

  4. “Walter Duranty” is exactly the name that we should keep in mind and Ann Coulter was quite right in calling it out. Laurie Penny, Cathy Newman and many other at al-Beeb seem to be following in his footsteps. If you want honest news out of Britain, go to Tommy Robinson.

    BTW:I thought the “HOLLYWOOD” sign behind Laurie was SO apropos.

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