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  1. VICE – This Indonesian School Is Deradicalizing The Children Of Convicted Terrorists

    As the headmaster of an Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, Khairul Ghazali’s biggest challenge is changing his students’ radical views of Islam.

    “Even when we taught them that what their parents did was wrong, they contradicted us,” Ghazali told VICE News. “They said that what their parents did was right, that their parents were killed, tortured. They still defended them.”

    Ghazali is no stranger to extremism, being a former terrorist himself. After he served a six-year jail sentence, he set out to help those children and opened his school in 2015.

    Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, and it’s sent hundreds of fighters to ISIS and Syria – more than any other country in Asia. Ghazali estimates that there are more than 3,000 children of extremists in Indonesia, and he hopes that his school will help to stop the radicalization of the next generation.

    • Thank you for posting this, Martin. This continuing de-emphasis of FGM will become the core of another, future “Notes from NorshRadish”.

      • This is identical to the tripe that we have to endure in England,where fgm is far too “nuanced” for the police to prosecute,probably because they are too busy on twitter hunting for opinions that their masters do not like,but what else does one expect from a privatised police force,where a private company sets the laws and adds paragraphs to them without reference to parliamentary oversight.

  2. Germany: Rival Kurdish, Turkish rallies clash in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt police intervened in protests when hundreds of pro-Kurdish pro-Turkish demonstrators clashed during the rival rallies on Wednesday.

    SOT, Ahmet Grohtas, pro-Turkish demonstrator (German): “We’re here today to act against injustice in the media. In the media in Europe, we often see statements taken from people who claim the Turkish military is leading a war against the Kurds. We want to make clear today that this war is not against the Kurdish people, but against the terror organisations PKK and PYD, YPG and IS. That’s why we’re here today, we see it as our duty to share that with the people – I hope everything remains peaceful and that we can all go home after our demonstration.”

    SOT, Protester (German): “Operation ‘Olive Branch’ is a positive development that will safeguard the EU from a renewed wave of refugees. Contrary to claims of those who wish to denounce and pillory Turkey, this operation is not directed against civilians, innocent people. It is to monitor the PYD’s (Democratic Union Party – Kurdish democratic party in Syria) abuse of civilians in Afrin as human shields. For this reason we’re convinced that Turkish troops will proceed with maximum caution. The Turkish military’s Operation ‘Olive Branch’ has been communicated to allied and neighbouring countries transparently and regularly from the start. The goal of this operation is peace and stability. We demand that the international community supports Operation ‘Olive Branch’ in its fight against terror and that they show solidarity with Turkey and the rural population.”

        • In all of Germany.

          In wherever they bring these tribalist, warmongering, racist, genocidal, hateful buncha’ violent loons.

          Europe, America, Russia … it matters not. Bring them in and watch the sparks fly.

          All that awaits is enough sparks flying about to light up an inferno that cleanses the West of this barbarism.

          • Its coming, in the US it will probably start shortly after the left starts the direct action portion of our Second Civil War. Which as David Greenfield points out is probably going to be in the near future.

  3. Swedish police begin patrolling middle-class suburb on horseback after surge in gangs carrying out street robberies of children
    Mounted police now patrol streets of Nacka, south-east of Stockholm
    Suburb has seen around ten robberies of children eight to 15 in just a few weeks
    Children are robbed at knifepoint and have phones, cash and jackets taken

  4. The federal government announced last week its latest attack on Canada’s investment climate: The Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE). The CORE will be mandated to investigate allegations of human-rights abuses linked to Canadian corporate activity abroad. While critical details on how the ombudsman will operate were absent from the announcement, it is clear that Canadian companies operating abroad were dealt a major blow.

    It just got riskier and more expensive for Canadian companies to do business outside the country. This responsible-business ombudsman’s scope will focus on the mining, oil and gas and garment sectors, with the expectation that it will expand within a year to other business sectors, and replaces the Office of the Extractive Industry CSR Counsellor, which served as a remediation service for complaints against Canadian mining companies.

  5. The internet is all abuzz over what many see as the Satanic opening of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps.
    Taking 17 years to complete (at a cost of 11 billion Euros) and measuring 35 miles, the tunnel is said to be the longest and most expensive tunnel ever built. On hand for the opening were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

    The ceremony was intended to represent various aspects of Swiss culture. But, men in masks, others in costumes made of long brown grass, weird angels descending from the ceiling, even a man in a goat mask that others seem to be worshiping are all said by some to be from the pits of hell.

  6. “Mr Gould — who presented Channel 5’s Major League Baseball show — was there to host a charity auction, the centrepiece of a secretive annual event, the Presidents Club Charity Dinner.

    The gathering’s official purpose is to raise money for worthy causes such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, the world-renowned children’s hospital in London’s Bloomsbury district.”

    This Financial Times ‘journalist’ bravely went ‘undercover’ to an all-male private gathering and caused this:

    “The club announced it would shut down this afternoon, after handing out its remaining funds.”

  7. Katie Hopkins has some guts. Of course, she did go to Sandhurst and serve in the UK military so there is that.
    Here at Vlad’s we have talked frequently about S Africa. If you have a fin or so to throw, send it Katie’s way.

  8. The Obama Government’s Secret Societies
    Exposing the anti-Trump conspiracy within the DOJ.
    January 24, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    A week after the election, groups inside and outside the government, some calling themselves Obama Anonymous, had begun meeting to plan the “resistance” to Trump. Unlike the angry protesters in the streets, this resistance wasn’t a new organization. It consisted of Washington D.C. government lifers.

    At the CFPB, there was a group calling itself Dumbledore’s Army. Within the FBI and the DOJ, there was a nameless “secret society”. Its details are being derived from text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok, a disgraced member of Mueller’s team, and his mistress, Lisa Page, who worked for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Previous Strzok texts had spoken of taking out “insurance” against a Trump win. This was all the more significant since Strzok had investigated Hillary and interviewed Flynn. He was a crucial figure in both the investigations of Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy revealed that the day after Trump won the election, texts between Strzok and Page suggested, “Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.”

    Like the CFPB’s Dumbldore’s Army, the reference may have been meant to make the conspiracy seem more lighthearted, but joking names for secret organizations within the government don’t make their dangerously subversive nature a laughing matter. Meanwhile many of the text messages from Strzok and Page have fallen victim to the same technical glitch that claimed Lois Lerner’s emails, Hillary’s emails and the video where Obama’s State Department spokeswoman admitted lying to the media about Iran.

    • And these buncha stupid shites insist that there are “conspiracies” which persist against 0bama or Hillary (as opposed to those which these supremely anti-American traitors have launched against nearly every last pro-American institution).

      Puhlease! Enduring a constant barrage of patently false accusations and flagrant allegations like these is something that should make every last Trump opponent blush in crimson shame for the ridiculous fabrications they have countenanced without much in the way of whatever meaningful objection.

      How any political party could willingly endure projecting such embarrassingly false claims without some sort of internal rebellion defies all imagination.

      That the Republicans consider themselves immune to this sort of misconduct, even as the Democratic Party engages in such ridiculous malfeasance, shows just how dysfunctional America’s polarized political system has become.

      The USA desperately needs a “de-polarized” electorate which is capable of detaching itself from all previous partisan bonds. Especially those that have, to date, instigated alliances or connections whose end result perpetuates the most harmful sort of, totally useless, parochial mindsets.


    • Thousands of FBI cellphones affected by technical glitch that lost texts between anti-Trump agents.

      Quelle surprise!!!

      As in: “Be still my beating heart!”

      Lucky seven: TREASON

  9. The kids are getting woke!

    Stanford University students are demanding the resignation of a professor linked to Antifa, according to a Tuesday report.

    Students from the campus’s College Republican chapter and Stanford Review newspaper want David Palumbo-Liu, a comparative literature professor at the school, to either resign or distance himself from the Campus Antifascist Network group he founded, reported The College Fix.

  10. What the Left Believes is the Impossibility of Equality
    January 24, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    John Sexton at HotAir quotes from an appearance by Bret Weinstein, the former Evergreen College professor purged by radical leftist students. Weinsten is a liberal who opposed the racist tactics of student activists demanding that white people leave campus. Here he’s asked if the left is eating itself.

    Turning to his experience at Evergreen, Weinstein said, “I recognized that there was a hidden dichotomy between two populations within the left.” He continued, “One of those populations earnestly wishes equality, and there can be some debate over what it is that is being equalized, but virtually everybody on the left would say that they are for equality of opportunity.

    “Then there is another population that does not wish equality of opportunity, what it wishes to do is to turn the tables of oppression. And the problem for us is that when these two populations are intermingled they sound alike until the point that you reach something like equality of opportunity, and we are nowhere near that point. At that point, they would clearly diverge and you would discover that some of the people who had been pursuing some nominal version of equality were really about some radical version of inequity with new people at the head. And I do think that is what we are facing.”

    Weinstein goes on to say that he believes many of the people on the left are unaware that they are part of something which contains these extremist tendencies, which he describes as “unholy and un-American.”

    • One can have “equality” or one can have “freedom” but you can not have both,since in order to have “equality” one must retrict the rights of others,arbitrarily.

  11. Anti-Israel Leftist Mourns “Mutual Lovefest” Between America and Israel
    January 24, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Sometimes watching leftists tear their hair out over President Trump’s moves is worth the ticket. Certainly a lot of Americans feel that way.

    Aaron David Miller is the guy that CNN and your shul (if it doesn’t know any better) invites to discuss Israel. Here are his credentials:

    • They probably don’t call it a “shul”.
      Probably call it “Temple” – like the ruins of the two under the gilded pimple the tards call “al-Aqsa”.

      Miller’s like the important American Reformed Rabbi who opted for making nice with FDR’s gatekeepers rather than making a plea for the lives of millions of coreligionists.

  12. The Party of Saul Alinsky & Its War on Trump
    Everything the Democrats now do or say is guided by Alinsky’s radical teachings.
    January 24, 2018

    When Senator Cory Booker delivered his fuming diatribe last week, blasting the “ignorance and bigotry” of President Trump’s “vile and vulgar” reference to “s***hole countries,” it was merely the latest installment in the interminable series of assaults against Trump by Congressional Democrats and virtually every member of the mainstream news media. From the day Trump was elected, the Left’s principal objective has been to ridicule him variously as a deranged buffoon, a demented menace, a traitorous collaborator with the Kremlin, a congenital racist, a fascist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, and a misogynist. Every day, every hour, brings a new charge.

    Not one iota of this has occurred randomly. Every single fragment of this assault against Trump has been meticulously orchestrated and carried out by the Left with undiluted fidelity to the famous blueprint for political warfare that was first laid out several decades ago by the late Saul Alinsky, who posthumously has re-emerged as the Democratic Party’s guiding intellectual light.

    Known as the godfather of “community organizing” – a term that serves as a euphemism for fomenting public anger, political hatred, and in some cases, violence – Alinsky was a communist fellow-traveler whose monumental importance to the Democrats is underscored by the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama became devoted disciples of his political creed. He laid out a set of basic tactics designed to help radical activists and politicians destroy their enemies while gaining power for themselves.

    • When Senator Cory Booker delivered his fuming diatribe last week, blasting the “ignorance and bigotry” of President Trump’s “vile and vulgar” reference to “s***hole countries…

      There is only one answer to this sort of whiny-@ss Liberal load of rocking-horse manure. As in, Haiti and Nigeria continue to remain this planet’s WORST AND MOST CORRUPT NATIONS WITHOUT THE LEAST FEAR OF BEING SURPASSED IN THEIR ROLE OF “BIGGEST SH!THOLES IN THE WORLD”.

      Please permit me to share with you an example. Most of you are familiar with the “Nigerian Scam”, as in, this world’s most well-known form of an (e.g., advance-fee 419 fraud.

      All of the legitimate, honest business-people in Nigeria have been ruined by their national government’s willingness to help perpetuate this vile criminal behavior.

      In plain language … major Western corporations like IBM, GE, Westinghouse, and other large such economic players will not:

      • Accept an email that contains the word “Nigeria” in its subject line

      • Take in an email that has the word “Nigeria” in its text body

      • Download any email that includes .ng in its originating domain

      Again, imagine how these above restrictions destroy all chances of conducting legitimate business from any site in Nigeria.

      This is a reasonable definition of “sh!thole”. If you have one that is better, please feel free to suggest it.

      Those who accuse Trump or “racism” and all of the other unwarranted smears which he has been tarred with, make it clear that far too many people have ZERO comprehension of what’s involved in this matter.

      Too bad that so many of these squalling Liberal loons have absolutely NO comprehension of what’s involved with respect to (properly) calling whatever country a “sh!thole”.

      To close, please note how so many of these same “squalling Liberal loons” would NEVER, EVER FECKING DREAM OF RELOCATING TO one of these same “sh!tholes” that Trump mentions.

      Just like they will never prove their heartfelt dedication to Multiculturalism or Diversity by moving into a low income neighborhood that they continually piss and moan about as “needing a dedicated demonstration from White demographics” as part of an irrefutable show of solidarity.

      Dear Miss Piggy, if that barf bag’s not yet full, please hand it my way…

  13. Yar har Donkey man, my last laptop died so I have a new one and a new ISP.
    Sorry that I’ve only been able to twatter by phone mate.
    give me a couple of days to get up to speed mate.

      • The thing is, there are too many styles. If I can find a really smart chain I can get which is STRONG I may try and buy a bunch and include them, but then its about length. After a LOT of research, I found a company that makes what is called, a Snake link in stainless steel. Strong as hell, doesn’t tarnish and I never have to take it off at all. They are also less expensive than silver. Make sure its a real stainless one, and not a copper one coated in white metal. Those give you a rash if you shower with it.

  14. Indonesian troops drink blood from dead snakes in demonstration for Mattis

    Elite Indonesian troops drink blood from decapitated snakes during a demonstration for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Jakarta, Indonesia on Jan. 24.

    • Mr. Nyquist is selling PT short in his last paragraph.

      But he makes an important point: “Communism” as a theory is junk – Marx didn’t believe in it, Mao didn’t believe in it. Long tracts of nonsense poor kids like my Russki had to memorize in school. Gibberish.

      He certainly nails it here as a shape-shifting strategy of destruction, an arsenal utilized by a monster whose goal is total control. Or a series of monsters adept at tactics refined by the Devil.

      The Devil can live just as comfortably on the Potomac as in Red Square.

      Calling it ‘communism’ gets confusing when card-carrying commies like Brennan point at Donald T-Jr. as a tool of Moscow.
      Who may also be a tard. Being used by a brother Devil.
      The left eating its own.

    • Qaddafi wasn’t a threat, in fact he was trying to be friendly when Obama and Hillary threw him to the wolves so the MB (ISIS) could take over. I can understand why “Kris “Tanto” Paronto is refusing to say this but I will. Obama wanted the MB to control all of North Africa and Iran to control Iraq and Syria. So far his plans have killed a lot of people but haven’t brought his friends into power the way he wanted.

  15. North Korea sends rare announcement to all Koreans, calls for unification
    Reuters Staff

    2 MIN READ

    SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea sent a rare announcement addressed to “all Koreans at home and abroad” on Thursday, saying they should make a “breakthrough” for unification without the help of other countries, its state media said.

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