Some Germans form anti-Merkel agenda militia

“Reichsbürger” planning to build an army

In the last 12 months, this group, which refuses to recognise Angela Merkel’s government, has grown officially from 10,000 to 15,600 in a single year. As violence continues to spread across the continent, new members are being recruited weekly.


The German Federal Homeland Security Agency (Verfassungsschutz) has indications that the ‘Reichsbürger’ (named after Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich) are armed and dangerous.


Many members of the group have military training, having served their national conscription, a (now suspended) term of compulsory national service in the German state army.

Thanks to Anton for tracking and translating this one. There may be more on this later.


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5 Replies to “Some Germans form anti-Merkel agenda militia”

  1. There may be more on this later.

    God I hope you can find out more about them. I also hope they aren’t true Nazi’s but just patriotic Germans, if they are the latter this is very good if they are true Nazi’s their fight with antifa will buy time for the non socialist Germans to form their own militia.

  2. Vigilantes are the excuse that Obama and the EU have been praying for so they can justify all of their behaviour WRT the invaders and the imposition or new security controls and supposedly laws to suppress “racist” views. A Militia is pointless unless they are prepared to FIGHT with no holds barred. IMHO only civil war will cleanse Germany Sweden or France but it has to be soon. It cannot be vigilantism; it has to be war.

    • They are called a militia and a private army, vigilanties are a police unit. From the words used these people are willing to fight, willing enough that the police don’t want to tackle them. This bodes will for a civil war in the near future.

  3. If they bully legitimate political opponents, then they will end up with militias as their opponents. Better to negotiate with the AfD than to have to worry about neo-Nazi’s and violent people.

    • That should have been the big point all along. A huge yes on that one. And the AfD only exist because they wouldn’t listen to the classical liberals.

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